*(9/15/2015) PLEASE READ: I wrote this story when I was 13 years old, and have decided to revise it due to the terrifying amount of poor grammar and unorganized story development. Some of the story will change from the original and I hope you guys will trust me when I say that it will be for the better.

I have noticed a number of stories mimicking this plot (Jinx puts a curse on Robin that causes him to behave in a darker (yet sexier) manner.) I am extremely flattered by this and must say the other versions I have read on here are MUCH better than this one.

Due to my busy work schedule I will not be able to finish this quickly, but I promise I will fully revise this and then I will tackle my uncompleted story "Opposite Day". I will make a note in the beginning of each chapter indicating whether or not it has been revised yet.

Most importantly: Please note the rating has changed from Teen to Mature. I am no longer a shy 13 year old. This story will contain more intense sexual scenes than before, and will certainly not have the innocent tone they once had.

Thank you for reading this obnoxiously long note and for giving me a chance to make this story better.

I fully recommend waiting for the new revised chapters before you finish the story. The revised chapters are going to have a much different direction than the original. I don't want anyone to get confused.

Summary: After a decade of struggling with Robin and his group of super humans, Slade hires Jinx to create a curse which will hinder Robin's greatest skill: extreme physical control and self denial. After years of suppressed desires, how will Robin behave once his wants can no longer be hidden, and how will Raven handle being alone in the T Tower with him?