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Ch. 10

Raven was pissed. No, not pissed...infuriated, enraged, or what other words you'd like to use. She had kissed him what more could she do? She was on her way to the H.I.V.E.S. School. Somebody was going to die tonight, and that person had pink hair. Suddenly, a duck that had been flying near her blew up.

"Ok, Raven control you emotions." She said trying to stay as calm as possible.

Finally, after about 10 minutes of flying she reached the school. She flew to the insane little witch's window. She opened it easily and floated in. Raven looked toward Jinx's bed, but she wasn't there.

"Come on Jinx I know you're in here." Raven said while narrowing her eyes.

An insane giggle was heard in a dark corner of the room, near the T.V.

"Jinx? Who is this Jinx? I am the knight who says "NI!" Jinx said while rocking back and forth in the corner.

"Oh no." Raven said looking at the movie case near the T.V.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" laying there. She didn't understand the girl and her obsession with movies. Raven ran over to the crazy girl and grabbed her collar.

"I'm not here for one of your stupid episodes." Raven said in a deadly voice.

Jinx looked at Raven's grip on her shirt and frowned. She raised her chest in a proud manner and stated in a weird, high pitch voice.

"You DARE touch the knight who says "NI."

Raven rolled her eyes and decided to get straight to the point.

"You lied to me BITCH! HOW DO YOU FIX ROBIN?" Raven screamed.

Suddenly, a lamp blew up. Jinx's crazed eyes widened in fear. She only defense she could think of was...screaming "NI NI NI NI!"

Raven slapped her across the face. Jinx's eyes for some reason turned from proud to sadness.

"RET! PLEASE COME BACK I LOVE YOU!" Jinx screamed in a VERY country accent.

'Oh great now she's quoting Gone with the Wind' Raven thought to herself.

Raven proceeded to slap her none stop, but all she got from her was...


I'M MELTING OH WHAT A WORLD! slap I'll be back!slap You're a wizard Harry. slap Life is like a box of chocolates...you never know what your going to get. slap Abu NOOOOOOO! slap I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go. slap Luke I am your father! slap You are a CHILD'S PLAY THING! slap FREEDOM! slap Here's Johnny! slap Watch my head spin slap Under the sea! slap Colors of the wind slap Jeepers Creepers. slap Mirror Mirror on the wall... slap WE ARE THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY...NI!"

'Great now were back to the beginning.' Raven thought angrily.

"Ok Jinx how do I fix Robin for the last time?!" Raven half screamed.

"First you must give me a shrubbery! Then you shall know my secret!" Jinx said while smiling like a maniac.

Raven decided to play her little game. She looked over to a side table on the side of the room and saw scissors. Raven smirked. She picked up the contraption and cut off one of Jinx's pink pig tails. Raven then held it to her face and said.

"Ok here is your shrubbery."

Jinx looked thoughtfully at the pink fuzz ball and stated.

"It is a nice shrubbery but now you must get me...another shrubbery!"

Raven then proceeded to cut the other pig tail off and handed it to her.

"Here is your other shrubbery." Raven said while rolling her eyes.

Jinx clutched her pigtails cough I mean shrubberies to her chest and exclaimed, "Excellent..." (Mr. Burns style) "Now you shall know the sacred secret. MUHHAHAHAAHAH!"

"Ok what is it?"


"What was that?"

Jinx whispers, "He has to eat a...MARSHMALLOW!"

Jinx began to laugh insanely. Holding her hands above her head and rolling on her back like a cockroach. Then suddenly she began to cough as though she was choking.

Raven just thought she was putting on a Pussin Boots act from Shrek 2.

So, she wasn't too worried.

Raven watched the scene until Jinx stopped, but that was the thing...she just stopped. Raven went over and checked her pulse and felt nothing. Jinx had literally gotten the last laugh.

"Crap, there is no way that a marshmallow is the cure. How am I ever going to find the real cure?!" Raven tries to keep her cool. Then she remembers she's in Jinx's room. She began to search the possessed witch's room, and found a...diary.

The first page had a picture of Jinx and a pink...spot. The next page showed the pink spot except this time it looked like a blob.

Raven's POV

I bet Jinx did this in kindergarten. looks at date

LAST WEEK?! What a fool. Under illustration it read, 'The Pink Marshmallow and Me'

What is...I mean, was with this girl and marshmallows?

The next page read 'Today the pink marshmallow said that nobody loved, but I said I loved him and he let me eat him. That was the end of our friendship. Oh well...he tasted good though.

I read through the whole diary, but nothing was said about the cure. So with a heavy heart I left. I took the book with me, but I left the body to decompose.

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