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Slade watched his monitors in tense, heavy silence. Dozens of videos played before him, each one filled with different actions and locations, but having the same ending: his defeat. Years, he thought. It has been nearly a decade and I still cannot defeat Robin and his little friends. Only now the group was not so little anymore, and that made trying to break them apart all the more difficult. The useful option of toying with their fragile teenage minds was no longer an option. They were more grounded, more certain. Slade knew their strength came from ability to work as one mechanism with one another. A mechanism seamlessly oiled and fueled by their leader Robin.

It was hard for Slade to remember Robin was now a 24 year old man. Robin was past the point of mentoring, but Slade knew if he could get Robin to realize his great potential for real power then the two of them would be unstoppable. The problem resided with the impenetrable moral code the Boy Wonder had. Every man has the potential for darkness, and yet Slade could not find the weakness that opened up Robin's full potential. Every man has that side…even you; Slade thought as he gracefully entered a code causing the monitors to zoom in on Robin. What is it…or who is it?

At that exact moment a small detail caught his eye in one of the lower monitors. The monitor showed a battle from three years prior. He had attempted to catch the Teen Titans by surprise during a press conference. What was I thinking…using a self detonating robot disguised as a reporter? Have I really gotten that desperate? Slade quickly refocused and rewound the video to the part the robot exploded. The other titans took immediate cover and then quickly went into offensive mode, but Robin did not. Robin's first reaction was to cover Raven's body with his own in what appeared to be an attempt to protect her. The woman has force fields, why would he feel the need to do that? During Slade's past viewings of this battle he had always assumed Robin was trying to merely get into the force field as soon as possible. But, he thought. That wasn't the case was it, Robin?

Slade slowed the video and it could not be denied. Robin flung himself in front of Raven before she even had a chance to have the force field fully engaged. Slade's mouth slightly twitched upward. He did not want to jump to conclusions. No, he had to make certain this was a pattern.

It was.

Slade's slight twitched changed into a full and unnerving grin. Almost every battle within the last few years carried a sign proving Slade's new theory true. Interestingly enough, it was not Robin's grand actions of putting himself in harm's way or his quick stares and worried looks. No, it was his quick, almost awkward, physical retraction afterwards. Robin did these things, often, but would then immediately pull away a comforting touch or look the moment it was noticed by someone. It almost looked painful for him. Slade knew the exact cause.

The once Boy Wonder was dying to ravish this young woman, but he wouldn't allow himself to and he did everything he possibly could to keep himself from making it obvious. Slade was annoyed with himself. How did he manage to miss this important detail? All that time and money wasted trying to figure out the guy's weakness and it turns out to be blue balls.

Blue. Balls.

Now the question was how to use this information to his advantage. How could he use Robin's self denial as an avenue to convince him to join his side? Slade pondered and then pondered some more. He knew there had to be some way to destroy Robin's self control; thus awakening Robin's unsavory side. Perhaps then Robin would finally realize his other suppressed inner desires and let go of that self righteous moral code of his.

But how?

Jinx, he smiled.

To say Jinx was not doing well was an understatement. Throughout the years and after countless defeats, her frustration and severe sweets addiction had caused her mind to break in a few places. She was both greatly feared and secretly laughed at by her fellow criminals. People never knew which Jinx was going to arrive: the calculated witch or the nonsense sputtering loon? It was hard to guess, but Slade did not care. He needed her specialized hex making skills. The last he had heard of her she was released from the mental institution after trying to violently rob yet another candy store. The only reason she was not put into jail was because the Teen Titans knew it would be safer to have her locked up in a padded room, but lucky for Slade, the woman was a master escape artist. Robin had made a press comment stating they were looking for her.

Slade found her information in the data base and sent her a message:


I heard from a pesky, little bird that you escaped from the hospital. Congratulations.

I request an audience with you. I have a business proposal I wish to make.


Almost immediately after he sent the message an alarm went off indicating someone was at the entrance. How…oh never mind, he shrugged as he entered the code that would allow her to come in. Jinx entered swiftly, yet composed. She was her normal self today; a fact Slade was grateful for. It would make negotiating much easier.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Jinx tilted her head to the side, expression unchanging.

"Yes, I am in need of your…skills" Slade took note of her strange expressions. He needed to make this meeting quick. Her expression was a large indicator that she was teetering.

Jinx rolled her eyes, "Slade, you and your strange obsession with Robin is border line homoerotic…"

Slade scoffed, "Don't be absurd…"

"Oh so this isn't about the Boy Wonder?"

"Oh course it is. How else are we suppose to accomplish our plans with them in the way? Robin belongs with me. We would be unstoppable, if he would simply give into the darker side of himself…" Slade suddenly realized how painfully homoerotic his statement sounded.

"Okay, so what is your grand plan this time?"

Her sass was beginning to wear his patience thin, but he needed her.

"Have you ever noticed how Robin reacts around Raven?"

"You mean the fact he desperately wants to jump her bones? The only person who hasn't noticed that is Raven. It is quite amusing actually."

Slade had forgotten Jinx had developed the ability to sense emotions. He did his best to cover his embarrassment.

"Yes, exactly, and I want you to create a hex that will take away Robin's self restraint and denial of his true nature…to show him that he belongs on our side. His being out of control will cause him to hate himself and question whether or not he really is the good man he tries so very hard to be. Who will he be when his body and mind no longer care about the consequences of his actions?" Slade passionately stated.

Jinx's pink eyes lit up and it was obvious this job sounded fun to her. Slade didn't want to lose her interested so he continued, "…in exchange for your assistance I will provide you will enough money and resources to do whatever your plans require and…"

"I want a lifetime supply of candy, my own secret lair, and a confession that you find Robin to be pretty." Jinx interrupted.

"What? No…"

"Do you want the hex or not?"

"Fine. Yes, Robin is a pretty man and if I was a woman I would totally go for it." Slade was infuriated at such a silly demand, but he needed that hex. After years of having no great ideas he really needed this, and at the end of the day, no one could deny that Robin was annoyingly sexy. Damn him. Damn him to hell.

"We have a deal then." Jinx said as she disappeared into a cloud of pink smoke.

Jinx was excited. It had been awhile since anything good was on the tv and honestly she found it amusing that Slade was so desperate to "bring Robin to the Dark Side" that he thinks something this ridiculous would work. She would make the hex, but she would do it her way. Not only was she going to take away any ability of self restraint or denial, she would add elements to the hex that only she would know about. Why? It was fucking hilarious and she was bored that evening. Why else?

She wanted to create and enjoy drama, not conquer the world.

Heavy panting and the distinct sounds of bodies slamming together could be heard throughout the T Tower. Robin and Raven had been at it for over an hour. They were hot, sweaty, and exhausted. It was amazing that they managed to do this almost every day.

Raven and Robin had been sparring partners for years now. Usually sparring was a fun and rewarding way to release stress and improve skills, but Robin never left their weekly exercises feeling relieved. If anything, these sessions left him in more physical pain than he cared to admit, but he could not bring himself to put an end to their ritual. He told himself it was because he didn't want to hinder her training, but in he knew that was a lie, and truth was a problem.

This problem had been going on for years and he would give anything to make it go away; to look at her with only a platonic respect and admiration. He could not risk having a romantic partner, not in this line of work. It would put his team and city in jeopardy if he allowed himself to give in to such a large distraction, but, sadly, no matter how hard he tried he could not make his extreme desire go away. So he settled for a pretend fight followed by a painfully cold shower to take the forever lingering edge off.

Why can't I shut it off….


Without warning, a small blast went towards Robin's feet causing him to stumble.

"Raven! You know the rules. No force fields or manipulating energy when we are sparring!" She let out a rare, taunting giggle causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end. "You weren't paying attention and it isn't my fault you are clumsy." She challenged.

Robin immediately lunged forward determined to remind her of who she was saying that to. Their hands, arms, and legs continuously collided in a furious rhythm written through years of practice. Robin grabbed her right arm twisting her body into his, putting her in a strong hold, but he quickly released her once he felt her ass press firmly against his groin. Damn it, Robin, he winced. Raven took advantage of her new found freedom and step into his body. Robin faltered at the instant contact of her chest, and Raven, never one to miss an opportunity, immediately went in for a kick to the stomach. Robin seamlessly grabbed the underside of her thigh and pulled up, causing her to make a desperate attempt to find her footing. To her surprise he reached for her wrists and gracefully swiped her feet causing her to fall backwards onto the padded floor. Robin had pinned her. He had won, but he sure as hell did not feel like a victor. Her body and skin brushing up again his had greatly lessened his concentration during the fight. It got worse with every training session and he worried the cold showers were no longer going to work.

The room was now silent minus the heavy breathing coming from the floor. Robin remained on top of her; his hands still gripping her wrists as he absent mindlessly burrowed his face into her neck. To an outsider, their position would look a tad bit compromising, but to Robin it was a balanced mixture of heaven and hell. He seemed to lose himself in her smell and how her body pressed into his…he couldn't think straight. Slowly, he looked up from her neck and smirked, "Got ya".

Raven frowned, no pouted, and it was killing him. His eyes involuntarily traveled down to her full mouth. He felt his lower half twitch and his hips seemed to rolled forward on their own. The sound of hitched breath brought the moment of personal tension to an end. Almost immediately, Robin jumped up and offered his hand to help her stand. Too close, he thought. Far too close.

"That was a great session today, Raven. See you in a bit, I am off to shower." Robin said over his shoulder while he briskly walked out of the training room. He needed that shower, and he needed it bad.

Raven rolled her eyes and brushed herself off. He was so strange sometimes. One second he was playful and the next he was all business, even cold at times. She refused to admit it, but his hitched breathes and winced reactions hurt her, surely he didn't find her to be that untouchable. Her confused look quickly turned into a sigh and she flinched. Robin had done a number on her today. She was definitely going to have bruises tomorrow.

The two of them were the only ones at the T Tower for the next few days. Starfire's sister, Blackfire, was getting married on their home planet, and Starfire did not want to miss the wedding, Cyborg and Beast Boy randomly decided they wanted to go with her. Probably to try to find some hot alien to hookup with, she shook her head. The city had been quiet for about three months and Robin saw no harm in them going, and, honestly, it gave Raven some much needed peace and quiet. She loved her friends, but they could be quite exhausting at times.

Robin and Raven's friendship had greatly grown within the last five or six years, and although they never said it out loud, they were each other's best friends. Friends, she mentally emphasized. A fact her fellow Titans had a hard time grasping. They constantly winked or went out of their way to try to hook them up with one another. Even Starfire, despite her old history with Robin, joyfully exclaimed her excitement for Robin and Raven to be alone in the Tower together. Raven just shook her head. She did not understand where they got such crazy ideas into their heads. Robin was too focused on the team to be able to process a romantic or even a sexual thought. Even if he did, it wouldn't be about her. She was a friend and teammate; nothing more. Despite this she could not help but blush when she looked down at her already bruising wrists, and she hated herself for it.

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! ATTENTION: There has been a disturbance on 3rd and Broadway. The criminal named Jinx has been sighted and is currently destroying public property. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "

Raven sighed at the announcement, but that sigh quickly turned into a withheld snicker as Robin appeared wearing not just his uniform, but soaking wet hair and a very annoyed expression. How that man managed to put on a spandex suite with damp skin was beyond her.

"Argh! Jinx knows we have been looking for her, why would she show up in such a public area right after she escaped?!" Robin quickly exclaimed, obviously frustrated. Why is he so upset? Usually he is happy about a criminal making a huge mistake…" she raised her eyebrow, "Because she is crazy?"

"Good point. Let's go."

To say Robin was pissed was an understatement. Not only did his cold shower fail to make his throbbing erection go away, but his second, more shameful, option was interrupted right as he was about to find some release. Damn pink haired idiot. Isn't 3rd and Broadway a candy store? If she interrupted me for a candy store robbery, again, I swear I will kill her, Robin thought as he followed Raven on his motorcycle.

Once they finally arrived it became apparent that Jinx was indeed robbing a candy store. Robin was going to have a brain aneurism. The bitch is going to die. No question. Robin immediately flipped off of his motorcycle, ignored the "show off" look on Raven's face, and ran towards the chaotic scene. He did not have to run too far before Jinx pink puffed before him.

"My, my…someone looks on edge today. Feeling a bit heated, bird boy? Having an extra hard day?" Jinx laughed.

Robin had always hated Jinx's ability to feel others' emotions and was suddenly grateful Raven allowed them their privacy by not reading their feelings and thoughts. That would be a disaster, Robin winced.

"Come on Jinx. A candy store? Haven't you rotted out your brain enough with that trash?" Raven bluntly stated.

Oh no that bitch didn't. She did NOT just insult my product of choice, Jinx glared at the fellow magic caster. She was going to enjoy casting this curse far more than she had previously imagined, but she knew the faster she did it the better.

"I don't have time to deal with the two of you," and in that exact moment Jinx raised her hand towards a fast approaching Robin. She smiled, wide eyed at Raven and mouthed "You're welcome" as she fired what appeared to be one of her infamous balls of energy, but the color and size was off. Instead of her usual pink, fluff balls of light this one was a black sphere the size of a tennis ball illuminating what seemed to be a red aura. Raven wasn't sure, however, because the blast collided with Robin almost as soon as it had left Jinx's hand, knocking the spandex wearing hero out.

Then she was gone. As soon as the blast hit Robin, Jinx disappeared into a thick pink puff of smoke. Her giggles still present in the dust filled air.

"Robin!" Raven yelled as she ran towards his unmoving body. Killing wasn't really Jinx's style. The nut was more into torment and sweets. Raven knew that, but it was difficult to not let the worst case scenario run through her head. Once she reached him and saw that he was breathing her sick feeling eased a bit. The man looked as though he was sleeping. Well, that is one way to create an escape route, Raven rested her hands on her hips, shaking her head. Just put the leader to sleep in a dramatic fashion.

Raven decided it was best to call it a night. Jinx did not seem to be interested in anything other than her candy and that was fine by her. She just wanted to get home and finally have her shower. Although she was curious as to why Jinx smiled and appeared to mouth the words, "You're welcome…". That made no sense, but Jinx rarely ever did. All that power and the girl chose to rob candy stores. Time to get this guy home, Raven rubbed her temples, he just HAD to bring his motorcycle. She was beat.

Back at the T Tower, Raven put Robin to bed. This turned out to be more difficult than she had hoped. His suit was still stuck to his skin due to his getting into it right after a shower. Did you not use a towel at all, Robin? Raven huffed as she tried to pull his suit away from his torso. Frustrated, she pulled him up by his neck in an attempt to get more leverage. This tactic was working, the suit was finally starting to slip off, but she had failed to notice the placement of Robin's face. It wasn't until she felt him nuzzling into her chest that she realized how intimately she was holding him. She blushed and froze. Robin whimpered as he turned his face further into her breasts.

"mine…" Robin breathed.

Raven suddenly felt very warm. Her eyes involuntarily closed as her breath hitched from Robin's sudden grip on her thighs, his thumbs barely grazing the leg seams of her leotard. This sudden sensation brought her mind back and with slight hesitation, she loosened her grip on Robin's neck and lowered him back down to the bed. His suit was half way down his body now and there was no reason to keep holding him up. Robin's asleep and is probably cold from the damp uniform and cold air. He is naturally going to seek heat. Get a hold of yourself. Raven bit her lip. She hated how on edge her body was at that moment; hated the flutter that continued to assault her lower abdomen, but most of all she hated how damn sexy he looked in that moment. Glistening chest, messy hair, his face finally free of his ever present mask, the man was tempting to say the least. He always was. Damn it, Raven. Stop. Her body made it painfully clear that it was not going to calm down. She had to get out of there.

She quickly removed his legs from the article of clothing doing her best to ignore the obviously hardened item they had previously concealed. Thank goodness for compression shorts. He's asleep…all men have them while they are sleeping, right? Right. After getting him under the covers she briskly walked out and proceeded to run into her room and habitually locked the door. Letting out a heavy sigh, she suddenly missed having his face nuzzling up against her breasts and she almost regretted not letting his thumbs explore her thighs further, but she quickly shoved that thought aside and took a cold shower. After her shower she decided to put on her favorite satin robe and head to the kitchen for some tea. She was thirsty and could really use the pick me up. I will have my relaxing evening, damn it. She thought with determination, but she was wrong. Her evening would be certainly not be relaxing because a certain person was beginning to stir and he, too, was thirsty. Very thirsty.

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