The kidnap

Phoebe walked trough the parking lot of the library. She hurried to make it home fast. Once again she has fallen asleep on the library and she knew her sisters would probably be worried since it was pretty late. .No demons had shown up in the last few weeks and now the girls were getting a chance to live a somewhat called "normal life" away from all the magical stuff. Piper was with Leo, Prue was with Jack and Phoebe was once again the fifth wheel. She hadn't found her prince charm yet. She walked over to Prue's car when she suddenly got pulled over from a dark alley near the parking lot. She struggled to fight the cold hands holding her tightly while all of her books fell to the floor. He pulled her from behind blindfolding her with one hand leading her to and old house in an abandoned building. She screamed trough the hands of her captor He opened the front door (more like he touched it and it fell . . .), and throw phoebe to the floor. Phoebe didn't stop moving and fighting against him 'till he got tired and started beating her for like seamed like an eternity for phoebe Halliwell. She fight back, using her martial arts moves. She tried to kick him but he was stronger than her, maybe too strong. His power didn't seem human at all, 'he must be a demon of some kind' Phoebe thought. He got tired of fighting and decided it was time to use his powers. He threw a light ball to her. She had hurt her knee and couldn't get up; before she could react the light ball hit her, throwing her against the wall. She was bleeding badly and the pain was almost unbearable. He looked at her with a satisfaction look on his face and laughed evilly. She just stared him with a cold look of pure hate.

"Ok, enough of this crap" He yelled suddenly on the edge of his temper.

"W . . . wha . . . what do you wa . . . want?" she managed to say between her constant complains for the pain in her knee.

"What do I want? Well to kill the charmed ones of course "he said. "I don't only want to kill you, I want to you all suffer"

"Why?" she asked scared. She was vulnerable and she knew it. He could make her suffer all he wanted right then and she knew she was not gonna be able to fight back due to her condition.

"Because centuries ago your family killed my father and send him to hell forcing him to eternal pain" he said angry at the thought.

"My sisters are going to find me before you get to do anything to me!" she said yelled weakly trying to scare him.

"That's what YOU think but I made sure they won't find us. See, I cast a spell on this so called house so neither your sisters nor your withelighter can track you "he laughed.

Phoebe just stared at him in horror.

". . . and now we are going to have some fun" he said walking over to were she was. He started to ripped off her clothes and then raped her. She tried to fight back, she really did but he was laying on top of her making extra preesion on her ribs and stomach were he had kicked her earlier during their fight. She knew she has a broken rib and that she probably needed medical attention. He started touching her everywhere almost like an animal. His hands were cold against her body and every touch made her flich, but he liked it. He liked the fact that he was touching her against her will. He started taunting her with kisses in her neck wich made her want to puke. She tried to kick him but for a moment she forgot that her knee was injured. The minute she moved her knee she cried in pain. She then realize that it wasn't worth to fight. Whatever he was gonna do to her she wasn't gonna be able to fight it because of her condition. He was going to rape her whether she fight it or not and there was nothing she could do about it. Her thoughts focused on her sisters. Where were they now when she needed them the most ?