The talk

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Prue and Piper had decided not to talk about "It" until after breakfast. Of course, that left them with absolutely no other topic to discuss over breakfast.

Their lives had been the same for weeks now, besides of everything that just happened with Phoebe, they had nothing new in their lives.P3 was one of the coolest clubs in San Francisco and Prue was starting to be very well known between the photographers in the city and the magazines.

Piper's thoughts were concentrated on Phoebe. She kept wondering if there was anything she could have done to keep her from this nightmare, but there wasn't. The most she could do was talk to her and support her every step of the way to recuperation. Of course, she also knew that she couldn't help Phoebe unless she wanted to be helped.

Prue's thoughts were mainly on Ikarias. What had he done to her baby sister? 'Could he .her?' she thought. Prue pushed that horrible thought out of her head. 'He couldn't he?' she wondered in horror. If he had then she was gonna have to support Phoebe more than ever 'cause this could tear her apart. If he hadn't then Prue really didn't know what else could torment her sister like that.

Both sisters glared to the stairs when they heard someone coming down. It was Phoebe, no less, in her casual clothe for a Saturday morning coming for breakfast.

She looked quite normal, a little too happy, but normal anyway. After least night's conversation they had expected her to be a bit more depressed or she wasn't.

After their usual morning conversation and breakfast, the Halliwells walked to the sunroom where they agreed to discuss Phoebe's situation once and for all.

Phoebe sat on the couch facing her sisters that were sitting on another couch in front of her. Her hands were shacking and she was sweating like she never had before. She totally panicked in front of her sisters.

Piper, seeing her sister's distress, took Phoebe's hand on her own and squeezed it strongly trying to give her any support she could at that moment.

"Whenever you're ready Pheebs" said Piper lovingly.

"Take your time sweetie" added Prue. Both Piper and Prue knew that if they pushed her with questions and all she may never come to them again.

"Ok" Phoebe managed to say trying to get her ideas in order. "I just.I don't know where to start" she said helpless.

"How about the library?" suggested Piper.

Phoebe then started to tell them her side of the story. She told them about how he took her to that horrible place and how he hit her every time she cried or said something. The way he had yelled at her and the awful things he had made her believe.

Standing up not to face her sisters, Phoebe walked to the window with teary eyes. 'I can do this.' she encouraged herself. Piper and Prue also stood up in concerned for their sister. They didn't know what to expect, what was she gonna say next? They had enough with what they had heard already.

She finally found her voice and started telling them of how he ripped off her clothes, how he brutally beat her when she tried to get away from him. Then she told them of how he raped her. The way he pulled her legs apart and laughed of her screams of pain. The way he touched her everywhere while she sobbed.

This statement pushed Prue and Piper to the edge. The bastard had raped her little sister.

The manor kept silent for a minute and the only thing heard where the sobs of the youngest. Piper had tears streaming down her face already but her face was emotionless. She was too horrified like to react mentally but he was still crying. She could picture her sister's face while he tormented her.

Prue's eyes were full of tears. She felt like to throw up, like if someone had just punched her on the stomach. She could clearly see Ikarias face on her mind; laughing with his evil smile. She couldn't believe someone would touch her sister like that, her baby sister no less. How can someone do that to a person? Especially Phoebe who was so loving and sweet. Phoebe had the biggest heart Prue had never seen and he had taken full advantage of her. She wished she could of exchange places with Phoebe when he was doing that to her. She wished she had been there to kick his ass so bad; to send him to hell 100 times and more. He deserved to be punished, to suffer like Phoebe was now.

After a couple of seconds that no one said anything Phoebe fell to the floor sobbing.' I knew it, they're so disappointed of me' she thought in anguish. She tried to content herself but she couldn't anymore. All the memories and the pain came back to her. She fell to the floor wishing her life was over right then, wishing she had never told them.

Prue seeing her sister's knees give up, immediately ran to her with tears streaming down her face finally.

"Phoebe.I'm so, so sorry!" Prue cried holding Phoebe on her lap. " I wish you would of told us sooner" she said.

Piper finally reacted and joined her sisters on the floor crying. All three of them cried with Phoebe.

"I know, it just hurt so damn much I.I thought I couldn't take it" said Phoebe crying like she first had.

"Ohw Phoebe! I wish there was something we could do." said Piper trying to think in something else to say to her.

"There's nothing to do, he ruined my life and there's nothing anyone can do about it" Phoebe cried.

"Phoebe listen to me, you're gonna get your life back I promise you, ok? I promise" Prue said kissing her sister's head.

Phoebe wanted to believe Prue but she couldn't, she knew things weren't going to be the same anymore, and she felt like things were only gonna get worse.