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Hermione entered the common room to see a troubled red head trying to write a position essay on polyjuice potions.

"Oh Ron please it can't be that hard. We only spent two months brewing polyjuice in second year."

"I know. I was just thinking how great a chocolate from would taste right now…"

Hermione , utterly disgusted, stormed out of the room without responding and muttering under her breath "boys!".

Later that night, the trio Hermione, Ron and Harry, made their way to the Great Hall. Usually a wide variety of foods were spread across the tables, but

today they were empty.

"Dumbledore must be making a speech." Harry guessed.

He ended up being right. When everyone had entered the Great Hall, he began to speak:

"I am sure many of you are wondering why I am keeping your dinner from you and I have a reason," he said with a smile forming on his face. "This year, as

during the triwizards tournament two years ago….'. His smile vanished, thinking of the events that had happened during the tournament. "We hare having a

ball." He continued as everyone cheered and a few people moaned. "This years ball will be the week before Christmas. The boys are required to wear dress

robes and the girls are to wear a formal dress. You may ask people from other wizardry schools to come if you would like."

This comforted Hermione since no one would ask her from Hogwarts (she assumed). She could ask Krum.

"Hmmm…. I wonder who Ron is going with?" Hermione thought.

"Wait! Why do I care?" Hermione accidentally thought aloud.

"Hermione are you ok?"

"Oh, uh, yeah Ginny. I'm fine". She laughed a fake laugh. Still trying to remember when she started to care whom he went out with.

She shook it off and started talking with Ginny again.

"So Ginny. I wonder if Dean will ask you to go to the ball?"

Ginny grinned and her cheeks turned slightly pink.

"Maybe." She replied quietly.

"NO he wont! Unless he wants to get pummeled." Ron said a bit to loud, turning heads.

"Oh Ron. Get over it. Your sister is in fifth year now and she can take care of herself." Hermione shot back.

Ron gave her a death glare, and went back to eating.