~~Still Dreaming of You~~

~Alright, this is a Rikku/Tidus fanfiction, so if you don't like it, get lost. ^_^ This has some minor Yuna bashing, and from Rikku's POV. After the adventure of FFX. So please, review and enjoy!~

~~Still Dreaming of You: Chapter 1: Understanding Rikku:~~

I'm watched the rain beat down on the windowpane, leaning on the windowsill, mind anywhere but in my room. Sighing, my mind turns to one subject I don't want to bring up, not even in the privacy of my brain: The Pilgrimage.

It's been almost 2 years since he left. Almost two years since Yuna stopped being a summoner, almost two years since the Calm. Wow, much has happened since then.

Wakka and Lulu getting married, Yuna taking care of Spira, Kimahri returning to the mountains, Auron returning to the Farplane at last.

And little, hyperactive Rikku?

Still the same.

Still emotional, Still hyper, Still cheery, Still air-headed, And still childish.

That pretty much sums me up, right?


No one saw behind the mask of optimism, no one saw behind my fake bouncing of joy.

Except one person, whom I am sure I'll never meet again.


He's the only person outside my family who knew that I wasn't all I seemed.

Tidus knew that I wasn't just a blonde, bouncy, Al Bhed airhead by the name of Rikku.

I was very much the opposite of that.

Sure, I'm blonde, and I'm Al Bhed, but not bouncy and cheery all the time.

Oh no.

I just hid my fears and concerns under the mask.

And I'm no airhead.

I'm just not what everyone expects out of a blonde young lady.

So I let them think that. I let them think that I was just an idiot girl with a big heart.

Oh, how wrong they were.

But Tidus understood. He realized that I wasn't what I seemed.

And he respected that.

And he let me continue with my play of happiness.

I don't know why he let me continue.

I don't know why he understood.

Yet he did.

That was cool of him.

Really cool of him.

Maybe he realized that without the mask, he'd be the only one to bring hope to the group.

But then again, maybe not.

Who knows?

Actually, what I want to know is why I'm still thinking of him now.

Well, maybe not just me.

Yuna has too, it's written all over her face.

How predictable.

Leading girl falls in love with leading boy.

Leading boy seems to like her back.

Then leading boy disappears, and leading girl is pathetically waiting for him to return, which he won't.

Wait, how did the fact that Yuna misses Tidus turn into a love tragedy?

Is this trying to tell me something?


Not likely.

Oh, the baffling puzzles of the human mind.

Anyway, that brings me back to Yuna.

She is my cousin, and I love her dearly due to her naïve innocence and faith in her friends. And I know she was in love with Tidus.

Oh yes.

VERY much in love.

Or is she?

Sure, her and Tidus made a cute couple that everyone is jealous of. Perfect unity and happiness galore.

Nothing's perfect though.

Look at it this way. Yuna is a tad naïve and doesn't have much experience outside of summoning and the like. What if her affections for Tidus are only a crush?

What if she finds someone else before, if ever, Tidus comes back?

Or, worse yet, what if she forgets about him completely?

Or, at its worst, what if Tidus comes back, hooks up with Yuna again and Yuna finds someone else?

Yuna wouldn't know how to let Tidus down. She's WAY too nice for that.

And Tidus isn't hopeless. He'd eventually figure it out and she would have to let him go.

Tidus couldn't take that.

He had his father be a nasty jerk to him before, lived through the twists and turns of a reality that isn't even his.

And, finally returning to this world and still confused about himself and reality, he gets dumped by Yuna. Then disaster would reign on him, and he'll become a bitter man that lives alone in the woods.

Or I could just be over-reacting.


Wait, why am I so concerned about him in the first place?

Maybe I feel sorry for him.

Perhaps so. Perhaps so.

Maybe its because he understood me the best.

But there are other things I don't understand.

Like why he waited for me at the Thunder Plains.

Or why he even bothered talking to me and seeing if I'm alright before he flirted with Yuna.

Or why he bought me into battle and gave me enhancements and protections including potions first. Unless I wasn't injured, that is.



Oh well. I'll never know now.

"RIKKU! Rinno ib! Dra aheha ec tufh ykyeh! E haat ramb!"

I jump up, slipping on my fake mask for the walk down to the engine room.

"E's lusehk!"

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- Translations:-

"RIKKU! Rinno ib! Dra aheha ec tufh ykyeh! E haat ramb!" ~Rikku! Hurry up! The engine is down again! I need help!"

"E's lusehk!" ~I'm coming!