« How's it going? » Patricia Halliwell asked her mother when she entered the attic. Penelope looked at her daughter. "Finally, I thought you were never coming. Demon's don't wait, you know." Patty sighed, when she was with her mother she felt like a little girl again. "I have children to take care of." Penny laughed as she gave her daughter a bottle with a potion. "I know, and you're doing great dear. Now, let's summon this demon, shall we." Patty rolled her eyes, as if it was something to look forward too! "Black and evil to the bottom, come to us, us who summon." Penelope frowned. "That was the best you could come up with? It sounds like something Phoebe could've written!" A demon appeared in the middle of the attic looking quite confused. "Mother!" Patty yelled. Penny was just fast enough to duck as the demon threw his fire ball at her, and it crashed on the wall where it left a scorch mark.

"Sorry!" Penny yelled, as she signalled at her daughter to throw the potion. "You'll pay for that witch!" The demon said, just before he was hit by a second potion which made him go up in flames. "It worked, didn't it?" "You were lucky." Penelope Halliwell was not someone who easily admitted her wrong. Her daughter knew this and luckily wasn't as stubborn as her mother.

"So, what are your plans for tonight?" Penny asked her daughter. "I think I'm just going to relax, since the girls will be with their fathers." Penny grunted at this fact, her ex-son's in law were not her best friends, especially not Victor, but it was mutual. "Mother, they love their dads a lot and I'm not going to prevent them from seeing them." "Victor's going to try and get them on his side again, I just know it." "He hasn't done such thing, and you know it, so drop it. I'm going to work." And so she left Penny in the attic as she left.

"Sophie!" Penny called her whitelighter, and the woman orbed in. She was more Penny's friend than her whitelighter, but not like her daughter, who had made the mistake of falling in love with her own. Penelope was happy now that Sophie was a woman. "What seems to be the problem?" Sophie asked, judging by her friend's look something was wrong. "Nothing important. I just noticed that the girls are using their powers for stupid causes. They'll be consumed by personal gain if they keep it up!" Sophie sighed; Penny always had a way of overreacting. "They're kids, and as long as you guys take care they don't do anything stupid. And Leo will take care of them." Penny nodded, Leo was the girl's whitelighter and she had always trusted him. He was a nice guy, and he took care of the girls as if they were his daughters. "Anyway, if you're really worried, you should call him, not me." "You're right." Penny answered. Sophie heard a jingle. "I have to go. Take care of yourself, will you?" She said, before she orbed away. Again Penny was left alone. She went to kitchen. Cooking might help her think of something else…