No, I'm not working for the production staff in sacnoth, Ergo, I'm not the legal owner of the characters in shadow hearts… Here bashing fans, is the next installment of the exciting tale of…

The great escape: Run for your asses!

Now, how did they get into that mess again...oh yeah...


It was after Yuri ran out of the funeral home and sat on a wall spitting out the incriminating salvia. He cursed all but Alice for this cruel charade.

Halley walked out after him holding an unusual object in his hands smiling. It was a camcorder that Roger a obtained whilst time traveling.

"Hahaha! I've got it all here on tape!" Halley said down Margarete's portable phone.

Yuri realized what the young psychic was on about.

"Oi, gimme that!" Yuri yelled standing up. Halley ran off as fast as he could with Yuri in tow. Eventually Halley lost the harmonixer by hiding in the shadows of an alleyway. "Oh, Halley..."

Halley looked at Meiuan dressed in a woman's outfit. He looked kinda like this, O.o

"I've got something better than money for that footage." he said smirking.

"Yeah, and what's that?" Halley replied.

Meiuan showed him...

In America...


Edward looked up confused, "What the hell?"

In the future:

Halley tilted his head to the sound, "Yup, I can remember that one alright…"

Back to the dynamic duo..

Halley ran and ran until he bumped into Yuri.

"You..." Yuri growled before Halley screamed, "Ohgodyougottahelpme!"



"Ohh, well in that case, MEIUAN!"


"Ooooooh, double the fuuuun!" Meiuan yelled, running up towards the two males and trying to glomp them.

"Oh, god, no, RUN!" Yuri yelled as he and Halley tore down the streets.

Yuri and Halley pumped their legs as hard as they could. The wanderer was in pursuit of them and they were afraid.


"I am!"

"Not fast enough!"

"Fuck you Hyuga!"

"Same to you Plunkett!"

The hid in the trash cans. Mieuan passed by. When the coast was clear Halley and Yuri went their own ways.


Yuri looked back to see Halley bound towards him. "What?"

"He's coming! Meiuan is following meeh!"

"Oooh where are you little cutie bear?"

Halley cringed causing Yuri to snicker.

"OOOOOOH my kwaii ikkle demon!"

Yuri winced and began to run away, followed by Halley, followed by Meiuan.

"Stay away from me!"

Both Yuri and Halley ran into a church where Alice was praying. They hid under a pew praying also, only instead of world peace, they prayed for a miracle...

End of part two!

What could possibly go wrong for the dynamic duo now? Oh, I should say that I got the idea from a great fic in the bloody roar section called stalked by L. insomniac woods. It had me nearly pissing myself in laughter. By the way this is Kitty typing, if I put my name at the end of the first author's note it would have screwed up my mojo…