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Chapter 1 Of Time and Travel

Hitomi read me my cards

Hitomi I need to know if I'll find my true love

Please Hitomi read me my fortune

"Hey Hitomi are you alright?" A girl with red hair and red eyes asked her friend; the golden brown girl with sorrowful emerald eyes kept walking.

"Yes, just, fine, Yukari. So how's Amano?" Hitomi asked.

Both were walking home from school the sun was high and the sky clear. Spring blossoms were blooming; spring always meant new beginnings.

"Fine, but you know you can't avoid the possibility that you are going to tell me about your problem." Yukari said. "So tell me know or I'll be mistrusted forever!" She acted as if she were stabbed and staggered.

"Okay, okay. I'll tell you. But you must promise to believe me and not tell anyone okay?" Hitomi said looking towards the alleys and back road streets.

"Kay I promise, but can't I tell Amano?" Yukari asked, knowing she'd have to tell Amano in her next letter.

"Okay he may know, but make him promise too." Hitomi walked along the streets casually.

"Okay so begin, what happened when that guy and you left in that pillar of light?" Yukari leaned forward.

Cars beeped, the wind blew, and two girls walked over to one of their houses.


Lord Van you must pick a bride

Your Majesty, there are many beautiful women out in Gaia, choose one

Lord Van Please you need an heir

Your majesty many women would like to marry the hero of Gaia

Van walked along the newly rebuilt castle, the rest of the city was still under construction; most of Fanelia's people returned to the city again.

Van reached his "King's chamber" and nodded to the guards, as they opened his chamber's doors.

He quietly went to the balcony overlooking a pond filled with water lilies and fish; a small fountain with a dragon laying behind the serest of the Mystic Moon, the heroine of the Great Gaian War. He had created this garden over a time of five years; living as a king without a queen was kind of difficult, all his advisors trying to hook him up time after time.

"Hitomi." Van quietly said to himself. Night was setting in and the twin moons could be seen. He took out the necklace she had given him the day she left. The pink pendant began to glow a soft red "Hitomi?"

Van quickly grabbed his sword and a pouch of gold and silver coins. He stood on the balcony as a column of light came down and carried him away.


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