Shinigami-Sama1: Okay people nothing to see nothing to see. *Shoos people away from Van's dumbstruck expression, as he is scorched black (compliments from me) *

Hitomi: I can't believe you fried him!

Shinigami-Sama1: Well he shouldn't have been digging through my backpack! *Huffs * that dumb ass!

Hitomi: Hey! It's not his fault he found those pictures! *Holds van to her * my poor Van.

Van: *bursts out laughing * She has picture of . . .Mhrfh *mouth was covered by Shinigami-sama1 *

Hitomi: What?. . . Pictures of what?

Shinigami-sama1: nothing on with the disclaimer!

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AI Shiteru Hitomi!
By; Shinigami-Sama1

Chapter five

Hitomi grabbed her trench coat and slipped on her shoes, it was about 10:05 a.m and she was going to be late to pick up whomever it was visiting her. The snow on the sidewalk was slippery; she cursed as she almost fell twice.

The walk to the train station was uneventful and the trip there was quiet and fast. Hitomi's heart was beating rapidly, she knew it was gonna be an eventful day, but she didn't know who it was who was arriving.

Getting off at the Osaka Station, she flagged a taxi once she saw one. She quickly got on and told the driver "To the Osaka American Naval Station/Base port 16, Please"

"Yes ma'm." The driver took off, and the cars around them seemed slow. Tall buildings blurred into the background, as the taxi sped up. Time was slowing down for her.

Ano. . . ame ga suki~~~~~~~

Van waited patiently on port 16 with Tsuki, some soldiers passed by asked Tsuki something, then left looking at him with weird awe struck expressions on their faces.

"Where is she?" Van asked, Tsuki had told him it was 12:25 p.m and he was getting tired of waiting. "Look, you must have patience, may be she forgot or maybe she's stuck in traffic jam, I don't know? But you have to wait or we can leave you in safe hands." Tsuki looked at his watch again, Damn girls always have to be fashionably late.

"Well if she forgot, what will we do? Tsuki, I wanna find Hitomi and. . " Van trailed off as a couple of American Girls walked in short skirts, V shaped shirts and high heels. "Wow"

"Hu?" Tsuki turned and gapped at the ladies as they flirted from faraway with Van and he began to walk towards them. "He's a ladies man?"

Jigoro wa Baan? Hai~~~~~

Hitomi ran all the way to port 16, from where the driver left her, asking soldiers along the way to direct her. The sun was shining and this winter day in Japan didn't look bad at all.

Baan no Baka~~~

"Hey Ladies." Van said, as he kissed each of the girls right hands. "Looking lovely today."

"Uh. It's very nice. Do you speak English?" one of the girls asked in Japanese.

"Iie Gomen nasai." Van shrugged as the girls muttered then waved good-bye to him. Van quickly walked over to Tsuki a little sulky.

"I thought you were waiting for your girlfriend? Hmmm." Tsuki scolded Van as a couple of people who could understand Japanese, gathered around listening to the words Tsuki said to Van.

"We were mentally dating even though we were faraway; I just wished to see her because I missed not because uh. . . I loved her." Van finished lying his ass off. Some people just smiled and others 'ohhed' when Van said that.

"Yeah right, I'll believe that when I see it." Tsuki smiled giving Van an Ego-istic bet like challenge.

"Well it seems she's not here, lets go." Van said not wanting to start an argument and make a scene, he'll regret later; he has a 'Kingly' image to uphold.


Hitomi ran until she heard a familiar voice saying "..Let's go." She nearly collapsed but regained her composure and walked to where the crowed was at.


That sound alone broke through Van's depression and small argument between him and Tsuki. Stopping him in his tracks. He began to slowly turn around hopping he heard right.

"Van what is it? Did. . . oh." Tsuki turned around and looked at what Van was staring at. A girl, no more like a young Lady, standing 5 feet away, with mid waist honey-brown hair and sparkling emerald eyes and the fairest skin ever seen.

Hitomi stood for five seconds looking at Van as shock left her system "Van!" she screamed and ran to where he stood with another guy/soldier.

Van caught Hitomi and swung her around and around, then he stopped and stared at her. She looked as though she was a goddess of light radiating love. "Hitomi!"

Caught up in the moment of reunion both grabbed each other and kissed. In the background people clapped and cheered, Tsuki smiled and joined in the cheering crowd around the couple.

Van and Hitomi pulled away and looked longingly into each others eyes. Hitomi took two steps back and slapped Van.


To be continued . . .

Shinigami-Sama1: I decided to put a cliffhanger because I wanted to. Okay people review and I'll put up the rest. I believe this is the major best funny part, I love it my friends found it funny okay so later people.


Ano. . . Ame ga suki~~~ means 'Well. . . I like Candy.' Ano means 'well' as in 'well I'm leaving' or 'well. . be back soon' and ame means 'candy'. And ga suki like I explained in the earlier chapter means 'I Like' Suki being 'like' and ga the adjoining particle.

Jigoro wa Baan? Hai~~~ this literally means (to al the fans that worship and love Van) "Van is a gigolo? Yeah/yes". Jigoro-gigolo, wa- a particle meaning 'is' and Hai- means yes or yeah.

Baan no Baka~~~~ This means 'Van is an Idiot' no is another particle meaning something possessive like ' _no Baka' meaning '_ is an Idiot'

Baka~~~~ means 'idiot'