Shinigami-Sama1: Okay that was just wrong. looks at Hitomi whom was holding a can of saving cream.

Hitomi: eyes burning Hey it wasn't my fault that he found those things in that demented backpack. Besides I had to save him from you trying to shave his legs.

Shinigami-Sama1: Hey I was doing you a favor. Besides his legs are smoother now. gleams evilly to an unconscious Van He looks good with smooth nice and shaved legs.

Hitomi: Yeah you are probably right. touches Van's legs Hmm. . . Smooth.

Shinigami-Sama1: yup. Later people.

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AI Shiteru Hitomi!
By; Shinigami-Sama1

Chapter six

Everyone stopped cheering and stared at Van's red cheek and Hitomi's right hand. "Oh Snap!" Someone in the crowd commented. "OOOhhhh" Tsuki stood wide eyed, looking at the couple that had just kissed and one got slapped.

"Van Salazar de Fanel, do you have any dignity? Coming to Earth after three years of not talking to each other. Three years after we broke up our connection. What do you have to say for yourself?" Hitomi looked pissed off, no one was gonna save Van from her wrath. "I. . . . I. . . "Van stuttered a little surprised and taken back by Hitomi's attitude.

He expected the kiss and liked it very much, but the slap. Sure he was the one to break the connection. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry. Oh you're sorry? Van what have you been doing the past three years? Hu, I had to move on and not dwell in the past. I had to abandon hope for us, just so you could return and wish to continue the relationship? Well I do welcome you to the Mystic Moon but you are going back later, understood?" Hitomi said.

"Yes I understand but Hitomi can't we talk about this?" Van looked like a sad puppy, but this puppy wasn't gonna get any pity from Hitomi right now. "Later, lets go." Turning around she glared at the people around her making them clear away through, so she and Van could get through.

Van walked over to Tsuki where he had left his military bag filled with his things. "Hey Tsuki I'm sorry about what you saw, she's temperamental. Well I'll be seeing you around, later." Van began to walk away but Tsuki held him back.

"Here my cell phone, incase you need to talk, oh and watch out she acts dangerous. Well bye, oh but what were you guys talking about?" Tsuki asked as he handed Van a slip of paper containing his phone number. He had seen them kiss, slap and then speak a different language that they only understood.

"Oh she was just arguing with me." Van pocketed the paper and walked over to Hitomi, "Bye." Van waved at Tsuki till he couldn't see him from the cab's window. The sun began to go down slowly as they drove away to Hitomi's home.

Ai Shiteru

Hitomi opened the door to her house and led Van in. she was pissed off, but still she couldn't help but look at his form. He had grown, from a boy to a man in five years. His hair was about the same, his eyes had the same arrogant look, but what changed more was his body. Even through the shirt she could still make out his pectoral muscles, the biceps and all those tight muscles in his belly area that made his all hot and sexy.

Van just waited patiently as Hitomi looked him over. Sure he had changed but damn could she stare for a long time. "Are you done yet?" Van asked with a handsome grin as he saw her adorable blush. "Hu?" Hitomi looked startled out of her fantasy and began to blush a cherry cheek look.

Van smiled it was his turn to check her out, while she blushed and fidgeted. Her chest bust had grown, he nodded in approval, and she looked more feminine. She seemed to keep in good shape along with those long white creamy legs that seemed to have just gotten longer or her skirt shorter. Nice. Her body had gone from a developing teen to a beautifully sculpted and shaped woman with many to offer.

"Uh do you want anything?" Hitomi looked at Van as he recovered from checking her out.

"We need to talk." Van said, he wanted to tell her everything till she understood and accepted him again. And by hell he wanted to be accepted. Stepping forward slightly and nearing her so she might see him better and might consider herself in good fortune to have seen him and have him here with her.

"Look I understand perfectly, well that what we had was just. . .'puppy love' I know someday we'll both find a person to spend the rest of our lives with." Hitomi said, walking into the kitchen. "Do you want something to eat? Van." Hitomi frustrated started to cut up some strawberries. She liked strawberries to calm her down especially during a cold winter day.

"Uh, what can you make? Oh and what you said isn't true you don't understand. I. . I" Van was racking his brain for the right words. As a king he didn't have this much trouble talking but with Hitomi it was all a new level.

"How about some . . Yakisoba, onigidi, and some tea. Sounds good to you?" Hitomi ignored the last comment on purpose. All along she hoped he'd say that and she'll be reassured he was her only soul mate and no other would be his but her.

"Yeah good. Hitomi. . I know I was the one who broke contract first and that I'm really sorry, I didn't know how much I loved. . .I mean liked out conversations and arguments. I'd like to know if we can connect out minds again." Van turned to look out of the window at the street below and everyone outside in the slight snowy day. He turned around and saw a hand flying towards his face.


Hitomi lowered her hand and put the plate of food she made on the counter and ran towards her room. Van touched the throbbing cheek that Hitomi had just slapped for the second time this day. He turned and looked to the door where she had disappeared in. he now understood why they say 'love hurts' because he just got slapped when he said something wrong. The food grew cold on the counter of the kitchen. A white rose on the table lost one white petal and the snow outside the house began to gain force with the wind.

Natsu Ume

Hitomi woke up with a start, she dried her tears and looked up at her clock it read 3:15a.m., not at all happy she got up and walked out of her bedroom. On the sofa face-down was Van sleeping peacefully. She dropped two blankets on him and went to turn on the heater for him. Turning towards the kitchen she saw the uneaten food she had made for Van. Looking towards the window she saw snow falling like feathers. Walking back to her room she stopped when she was about to lock the door. Deciding to leave it unlock incase he was not mad he might like to speak to her in the morning.

Baan wa ichiban

Van woke up to light in his eyes, converting his eyes he rolled to his left and fell to the floor. After disentangling himself from the blankets that had appeared out of nowhere, he walked to what he thought was the bathroom, but it was Hitomi's room looking around he saw the bed was made and everything was well organized. By the pillow was a note, some clothes and a towel. Picking up the note it read:


I left you some clothes and a towel. Take a shower! Oh and there are some rice balls and other good things to eat in the fridge. I left you some money on the counter in an envelope. Go out if you're hungry and don't like what you see in the fridge. I had to go to work if you were wondering where I was. I'll see you at 4:30p.m. Don't BREAK ANYTHING!


"Well. . . She has to work and I am bored. Time to see the Mystic Moon." Van ran into the bathroom and closed the door.

Baka Baan-Sama

Hitomi was typing furiously on the laptop in the office. She had left Van food, clothing and money; her thoughts were hoping he doesn't do anything bad. Checking the time she closed the program she was working on and took off to the cafeteria down on floor two. There weren't that many people there and she took a seat and ordered a Latte with cream.

Taking a sip of her Latte she almost chocked on it. On the café television was the news, and it looked like a very familiar guy was about to jump off a very familiar building with two kids from the sixth floor that she knew. Paying for her Latte, she ran out the building signaled a cab.

Getting in she told the driver "7105 Mizu Avenue." It was a thirty minute drive from her work to where the building in flames was located. When they got there she paid 875¥ to the driver.

Trying to get to the center of the attention was difficult. There were many police officers, ambulance, two fire department trucks and a weird one that said Sunkime Research and Development Lab. "Sumimasen, Sumimasen, Sumimasen." Hitomi walked through the crowd of people, when she got in front, an officer blocked her way.

"Sorry miss you can't pass." The officer looked at her, pushing her a little bit backwards.

All over the floor where white feathers, some with blood, others burnt and some very ashy. Looking around Hitomi didn't see van anywhere. "Excuse me Sir. But a friend of mine was here, I saw him on the news. I just want to know if he's okay." Hitomi pleaded with the officer still looking for Van.

"Well okay, but keep out of the way miss." The officer lifted the yellow ' don't cross' tape and let her into the off limited area.

"Arigato." Walking towards the ambulance she saw the two little kids from the sixth floor being attended to. When they saw her, they waved and called her over.

"Hitomi! Hitomi!"

"Hey you tow, what happened?" Hitomi patted their reddish brown heads, both were boys and twins. They were Yukari's and Amano's kids, Yukari and Amano had married a couple years back and had made Hitomi their kids Godmother.

"Well me and Kyo were paling in the living room. The Babysitter was cooking us lunch. The Kyo grabbed a newspaper from the table and went to the kitchen. The Babysitter had gone to the bathroom, which was when Kyo lit up the Newspaper and threw it on the sofa. Then everything was burning, when a guy came into the door." One of the two twins looked at his brother for more of the story.

"Yeah he was so cool." Kyo said, turning back to Hitomi. "He ran in, as the Babysitter ran out screaming to call the Fire Department. The wind blew some of the flames towards the door and then that caught on fire, and we were trapped." Kyo finished with excitement. "Then he jumped out the window and he flew!" both kids, Ryo and Kyo, said very excited with admiration on their faces.

"Where did he go?" Hitomi asked, a guy that flies, definitively Van.

"Oh. He's . . . . . By that truck with the weird name on it." Ryo said pointing to the lab truck.

"Thank's I'll be back." Hitomi walked calmly to the Research and Development Lab truck.

There were many police officers guarding the truck and some people dressed in white coats with note pads and other things. A man got off the truck and began to shout at the white coat people. "Why in seven hells does he talk in a language we don't understand. By God! We found something very important and no one can understand . . . . Him. Yes miss may we help you?"

One of the four men that were standing out side said. "Uh sorry to bother you, but I lost a friend and the kids told me he was over here. Have you seen him?" Hitomi looked past the men to where the truck was parked.

"Sorry miss, but this isn't an ambulance go away." The guy that came out of the truck said an evil malicious glint in his eyes.

"But. . . "Hitomi decided to go to where the kids were at. 'There's a slight chance I might reach him mentally.' Hitomi concentrated, didn't notice the police and the people in the white coats were staring at her.

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