(Hi I do not own anything nothing and nothing it is all owned by J.K Rowling, This is a fic set in the order of the phoenix at Grimmauld Place, main character is Minerva.)

A troubled order sat in the darkened room accompanied by the Weasley children, Hermione and Harry. They had demanded to listen to one meeting and hear it was.

"Minerva." The soft voice of Albus Dumbledore close to whispered her name. "You knew him better then any of us; please we need to know him his weakness please Minerva please."

She looked up at him.

"Please don't make me."

"Minerva we need to know what happened all we now is what the news papers said, we need to know him, Voldemort and Tom Riddle."

She sighed she looked up at him, "Take a seat then this will take a while."

"I went to school with Tom 22 years ago."

(A/n I know it was about 50 but I just can't picture McGonagall that old I see her as about 40's in human form, even if she is older then that as she is a witch and the life span may be different.)

"He was older then me only a few months but still older at first we didn't really know each other our houses did that, but in my 4th year the girls in my house started to look his way he was . hansom. Oh yes very he could have had any girl at his side even the teachers looked at him like that.

He had a lot of charm to much if you asked me, I didn't like him he was slimy and sly. I didn't show any interest my class mates called me crazy said the Scot's are mad that hurt they always said things like that; my accent was strong back then. He came to me I was sitting at a large tree by the lake he came and sat next to me.

I didn't notice at first like all ways I was absorbed into a book, he pulled the book away from me and he just stared at me so innocently yet it hurt. I felt like he was looking straight through me."


The young man stared at her intently, "My god Minerva you're beautiful."

The young girl blushed, "Tom go away I said I'm not interested."

"Minerva all I want you to do is come to the ball with me nothing else just dance one dance with me then you can leave." His eyes those deep green eyes boring into her misty grey one's. "Why can't you just drop it Riddle I'm not interested."

"I can't drop it my dear your to beautiful,"

"I'm not tom please leave me alone." "But you are beautiful the way you walk the way you talk the way you tie your long silky hair up to keep it out of your eyes, your power is beautiful you have so much power."

He brought his hand up to her cheek, she didn't pull back. "So powerful with so much hate, you do have hate Minerva you hate them all don't you, the way your fellow student's mock you the way your teachers look at you like old pervert's you hate them all don't you? You want revenge I will give it to you Minerva. I'm drawn to you your beauty your intelligence an Amigos at the age of 13 no one has every done that I can't let you go with out just one dance."

He had manipulated her like so many others before.

"Ok just one dance."

(End of flash back)

"But one dance turned into another that soon turned into a peck on the cheek by the end of the night we where sharing saliva." She said this as if the thought of kissing him disgusted her in truth it did.

"He was a very eager young man to eager we became an item as you could say, sharing kisses at dawn talking all night, how he loved to talk about his mother, he didn't talk about his father. He wanted to be an author to write books about him self about life about me. He liked to listen to he always listened to me to my problems he always helped he made me feel safe and warm. I fell in love with him and I think he did me. He was. my first I wasn't really interested when he first came up with the idea to maybe try and express our love in other ways then just kisses and tedious touches, but he convinced me he made love to me as he liked to call it, the way he touched me it just. I don't know I think I scared me but it excited me."

The faces on the order caught Minerva's attention as most of them fidgeted in there seats. They where uncomfortable with what they heard.

"Do you want me to stop?"


"Then the time came when we where to leave school it broke me to have us part, but we made a vow to stay in love to be together. I hadn't known that it was Tom that opened the chamber of secrets but somewhere deep inside me I suspected him. He came to me he offered me to be with him always to get my revenge on all those people to make my power not waste it as he said I was doing.

He manipulated me but partly I wanted to join his dark force. I new it was dark I knew he had changed for worse but I couldn't admit it no not my Tom. I joined him I became his queen I saw him commit al those crimes how many people he killed how many screams haunted me dreams. This one little girl she was dragged from her mother in front of me she looked at me as if to say please you can stop this then she was killed.

He got me to kill people as well I didn't want to but I did, the man was blind almost he didn't see me when I cut his throat his blood on my hand's. it scared me but Tom he just kissed me and said he's gone Minerva to a better place my love. Things changed after that Tom, he forgot the words I love you he changed his name Voldemort he ordered me to call him that we did not make love after that it was just sex.

The people the things they said about me it disgusted me, Voldemort's sex slave, his evil queen murderer, and liar. They where right I was those things, I was the death angel as they liked to call me. But I thought to myself is my relationship with Voldemort just sex or does he still love me like I love him. That night when he came back to our room he sat in front of me he started to kiss me senselessly as he began to undress me.

He did that every night every night we had sex, it was always different through when he was in a good mood he treated me so softly, like I was a flower like he did love me like old days but then when he was in a bad mood." She shuddered. "I still have to bruises on my legs and arms he held me too tightly like, I would try and escape him.

So that night I stopped him as he got my top of I asked him if we could talk for awhile instead. He sighed and said ok we talked like old times, like we did at school but then he started to undress me again I told to him stop he just looked at me he put his hand to my face he kissed me he told me how powerful I was and how beautiful then he hit me.

I went sprawling over the bed. That was when it came to me his love for me had gone when he changed his name to Voldemort. Tom disappeared as did the love he had for me. He pinned me down I tried so hard to fight him I really did I hurt him, scratches cuts but then he undressed me again. I begged him to stop I sounded like one of the people he had killed. I was scared he, he . raped me."

Albus's face turned deathly pale. "He what" "He raped me Albus." He suddenly started to shake with anger. "You never told me!" "I haven't told you a lot about my past Albus." "Then tell me now carry on with your story."

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