Title: The Open Road

Author: Kaitlyn

Summary: "I got some beer and the highway's free, and I got you and, baby, you got me."

Rating: PG

(In my mind, this story is set somewhere around Season 6. I guess it can be set anywhere you'd like, in your own mind. After all, I'll never know :-) Chandler and Monica have already been dating and have moved in together. Ross and Rachel never broke up, and it's approaching their 4 year anniversary. Also, the gang never too that trip to Montauk.)

"Okay, we've got 'Notting Hill and 'When Harry Met Sally'. Take your pick." Rachel stood before Ross, who was seated on the couch, in the living room of Monica and Chandler's apartment. He stretched his arms out over the top of the sofa and took in a deep breath, weighing over the respective pros and cons of either a night filled with Hugh Grant's more-than-slightly-annoying English accent or...Billy Crystal.

"Well, enormous and wonderful as the selection is..." She smiled and cocked an eyebrow at him before throwing "When Harry Met Sally" in his direction, causing it to hit him square in the chest. He stifled a groan and set it on the coffee table.

"Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts it is, then..." he quipped. She walked back towards the couch from the television, but before she could sit down, he playfully grabbed her leg, bringing her down and nestling her cozily with his arm around her at his side. She placed her legs across his lap and he pulled the soft brown afghan over them. It was Friday night, and that could only mean one thing- movie night.

Chandler and Monica went out every Friday, and since their apartment was considerably larger than Ross and Rachel's, they stole it away for that one night, each week. Rachel always picked the movie, though, so it was inevitably some cheesy romantic comedy that she had probably already seen about 10 times. He didn't mind, though. Along with the usual "chick flick" came the expected love scene, which always managed to lead to activities entirely separate from watching the movie. He placed a lingering kiss along her hairline and thoughtlessly rubbed her thigh underneath the blanket.

"Rach?" She was already enthralled in the movie, but she managed a detached "huh" at the sound of her name.

"What do you think about getting away for our anniversary this year?" The question caused her to tear her eyes away from the screen and look up at him.

"What do you mean? Get away to where?"

"I don't know. Wherever. It doesn't matter. I just thought that since, you know, we've always just had a nice dinner and a movie for our anniversary, we could do something special this year." This earned him an excited smile. She scooted back a little so she could look at him, face-to-face. She eagerly grabbed his hand.

"Really? Like, a weekend getaway?" The possibilities were endless: Rome, Paris, Italy, Barbados. She knew all of those places were entirely too expensive for them to afford, though, and there was somewhere she really WOULD like to visit that wouldn't cost hardly anything. She hadn't been to the beach house in Montauk that her parents owned since she was a little girl. It was such a beautiful beachfront condo, and a perfect place to spend an anniversary.

"Ross, what about Montauk? I know that's not the MOST romantic place, but my parents had this beach house there when I was little. They still share join-custody of it, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind us staying there for a weekend!" Plus, she knew the inexpensive factor would definitely not hurt the appeal.

"Yeah, that sounds great!"

"What would be great?" They whirled around to see Chandler and Monica walk in the front door. It was already 11:00 pm. They must have started the movie a lot later than they thought. Monica tossed a set of car keys on the counter and began to remove her coat.

"Guys? What would be great?" she repeated. Rachel answered, animatedly.

"Ross and I decided to go up to my childhood beach house in Montauk next weekend!" Chandler and Monica's faces lit up with equal excitement.

"Really? That's great! A trip to the beach would be awesome," Chandler stated. Ross and Rachel's faces dropped, realizing his obvious mistake.

"Yeah, yeah, I remember that house, Rach! Remember when you took me with you for spring break! Aw, that was so much fun! I'll call Phoebe and Joey! Road trip!" Monica hurried off to the bedroom to use the phone, and Chandler went into the bathroom, leaving a very confused Ross and Rachel sitting alone on the couch.

"How- how did that just happen?" Rachel mused.

"I have no idea. Montauk, here we come."

(Note: This is probably going to be my lightest of piece so far. That last one TOTALLY drained me. I thought a chance to rewrite the Montauk trip from a different angle with an arguably more mature Friends gang would be fun. I hope I do it justice. Review!)