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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville entered the Room of Requirement at 7:00pm sharp, just as the parchment from Professor Dumbledore required. They looked around the room in awe at its transformation since last they visited.

The room was little changed. The cushions on the floor were still there, as well as the library of books on Dark Arts Defence, and the various dark detectors.

However, there was an enchanted blackboard at the head of this purpose-furnished classroom. At the door as they entered, there was a small table. There were no enchanted candles in the room at all. Rather, the light was provided by what appeared to be standard muggle table-lamps, and a muggle chandelier in the centre of the ceiling. At the head of the classroom were seven wing-back chairs, six facing the seventh, which was on a dais and faced the door. That chair was occupied by Robin Hood!

Or, rather, the man was dressed like Robin Hood was always portrayed in their childhood books. The man, who now stood, was six feet tall, and appeared to weigh not quite two-hundred pounds. His hair was a strange reddish-blond colour, and was of medium length. The man wore what would appear at first to be "Lincoln-Green" shorts, a tunic of the same material, and a matching "woodsman" cap, which he wore indoors. The cap had a strange feather centred on its front, but was otherwise unremarkable. The man wore knee-high suede boots in a natural dark tan leather. He was clean-shaven, and appeared to be no older than nineteen, or perhaps younger still.

A fairy hovered over the man's head. She was the size of a small hawk. She wore gossamer robes, had dragon-fly wings on her back between her shoulder blades, and glowed with a yellow light. Save for her having talons instead of feet, she too could be said to be young, and ravishingly beautiful as well.

The man said, "Come in. Take your seats." He motioned to each in turn so that Hermione sat to the professor's far right, Ron sat to her right, Harry sat to his right and closest to the professor, then Ginny, Neville, and Luna taking the last chair.

The man sat facing them and spoke. "As Professor Dumbledore said in your notices, you are assigned 'Advanced and Remedial Magic' classes in here, and I am your instructor. Tonight's class will be at least partly an orientation. At the end of tonight's class, you will be given one opportunity to withdraw without sanction. But I strongly urge you not to do this.

"Voldemort is on the prowl again despite the efforts of many. You will soon learn of my powers, and when you do may wonder why I don't take care of him myself. I'll tell you—I can't. Only Harry Potter can finally kill Voldemort." Harry blushed and squirmed nervously in his chair as their as of yet unnamed professor stated this bluntly.

"The five of you are his closest friends. You have all fought Voldemort at his side at least once. You may well be at Harry's side when he finally kills or fails to kill Voldemort for all time. The knowledge I give you in these classes may very well make the difference between success and failure!

"I should now introduce myself to you. My name, in the modern way of speaking, is Link Arlisson. I am the Duke of Hyrule. And my fairy's name," he added gesturing upward, "is Navi. She speaks when she has a mind to, if she thinks her audience worthy."

As Link introduced himself, Hermione gasped, "The Duke of Hyrule! I thought that Hyrule had nothing to do with British wizards!"

He answered, "Generally, we have very little to do. But we Hyrulians are as much British as the six of you."

"The Ministry of Magic have no authority in my land. We have far more wizards and wizardesses per capita than any other part of the world. Partly because of this, our entire land is protected by the Wizarding Secrecy act. We are signatory to no treaties beyond the treaty of Caen, where we joined the rest of what is now the U.K. We consider ourselves bound by no treaties beyond that one either, though we obey most of them most scrupulously.

"But as I was saying. I was born on the twenty-first day of March in the Year of Our Lord four hundred and thirty nine. I have lived continuously from that point to now. I am probably the most powerful wizard alive. My job is to teach you some of my knowledge, particularly that concerning the 'unforgivable curses.' I'm the ultimate expert in these curses, for I invented them all."

Stunned and absolute silence met Professor Arlisson's revelation. He continued. "I will teach you how magic itself works, at least as much as it's understood. I will teach you to perform the 'forbidden curses' properly, not the sloppy way Voldemort's so-called Death-Eaters do them. I will teach you the true reason for the curses, and what is missing from them as they are currently done.

"But before I say one more word, I must require some things from you. Firstly, what you learn here must not be shared with anyone. Even not knowing, you can tell that what I'll teach is indeed some of the most dangerous knowledge on the face of the earth. Second, you must not perform what I teach you outside of this classroom until it is truly needed to defeat Voldemort. I will give you ample and valid practice to ensure that you are indeed ready when the time comes.

"But most importantly of all—you must trust me that I hold your lives, safety, and comfort above my own, and above everything else. And, you must place that same trust in each other! If you continue to receive instruction from me, you will each practice all the unforgivable curses on each other! If you lose trust in me, or in each other, you will die! However, if I receive that trust from you, and you receive that trust from each other, you are almost guaranteed to live your natural span of years with nothing worse than the occasional nightmare, if indeed you even suffer that! Well, what say you?"

Only Harry answered. "What does Professor Dumbledore say?" he asked.

Link answered, "He trusts me so much that he set up the Room of Requirement for us. He trusts me so much that he came to me to have me teach you. He trust me so much that he deliberately recanted harsh words he spoke to me at the end of the Second World War, forbidding me to interfere in wizarding affairs in the rest of Britain, despite believing those words were still right! He trusts me so much that he is even forcing himself to be my friend again, even knowing how brutal my justice can be. He trusts me, Harry."

"Just like Snape…" Harry retorted, almost sneering the name of his hated potions professor, and unusual ally in the Order of the Phoenix.

Link answered, "You may address me as 'Professor.' And he trusts me even more than… Professor Severus Snape." The Hyrulian almost gagged on the name.

Harry asked, "You don't like him, either?"

Link sighed, "Bloody hell! He's a good man, now, but he gives me the creeps! And, my sense of smell is much more acute than any of yours will ever be. He reeks, especially his hair!"

They all laughed. Ron answered, "That's good enough for me, Professor!" Everyone else laughed and nodded in agreement.

After a moment's silence, Link said, "I won't consider your word binding until after this lesson. The lesson starts here and now, and will at first be frightening beyond anything you've ever experienced. You have my word, and Professor Dumbledore's as well, that you will leave here tonight alive and in perfect health."

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Neville all looked at each other in stunned confusion. Their silence was broken by Link's next words. "Avada Kedavra!"

The six students saw the briefest flash of green light, and found themselves in a void, neither light nor dark. Ron started to panic first, exclaiming, "The bloody git killed us! We're dead!"

Harry replied, "But we can't be dead! We're still speaking to each other. Can we?" The girls started to sob, and Neville was visibly shaking, as much in rage as in fear.

They heard their answer. A loud booming voice, which was obviously Professor Arlisson's, answered, "You're not dead. Yet, you're not alive right now, either; a temporary thing, I assure you.

"As I said, you had to trust me, and this is why. You will practice the complete Cycle of Breaching Death's Door, on each other! But firstly, you must experience it for yourselves. Concentrate with your minds, and I will help you. Look through my eyes."

They did so, and experienced the first of many shocks they would receive over the next few months. They looked upon their own dead bodies! Link said, "Looks can be deceiving, and in this case, they're supposed to be.

"You heard me correctly when I said, 'Avada Kedavra.' This is what you've falsely been taught is the 'killing curse.' And, as Voldemort and his followers use it, it is. But that's not the real purpose.

"If I were to continue this, you would notice any number of things not happen to your bodies, that would happen to the bodies of the dead. That is the second part of the spell—preserving the body.

"The third part of the spell is to place the soul back inside the body. You are wonderful guests, but didn't expect to spend the night in my body, so back you go! Restorus."

They were all instantly back in their own bodies, feeling as good as they ever had, if not better. Link said, "That is the Cycle of Breaching Death's door. The word for the second part of the spell is 'Preservus.'

"In the sixteenth century, I had occasion to lead a band of my best soldiers to the realm of the dead to conduct a raid; I can tell you more details some other time if you're truly interested. I'm in an almost unique circumstance. I can only be killed by a truly evil person, and even then only with a sword, and only after certain other circumstances are met. Thus, I not only know where breaches exist betwixt the realms of the living and the dead, but I can traverse them at will.

"However, I had no way of bringing others with me, and could not prevail alone. I developed the Cycle of Breaching Death's Door to overcome this.

"'Avada Kedavra' withdraws the soul from the body. If cast with a wand, the soul is drawn into the wand. If cast without a wand, as Harry and Neville will do, the souls are drawn inside the soul of the person casting the spell.

"'Preservus' prevents the body from falling into death with the soul entirely removed. Dementors can 'consume' the soul, but the soul, meaning the you in you, can only be destroyed by God. When a dementor consumes a soul, it is like any one of us consuming a meal. The soul passes through what passes for a dementor's body, and is expelled, going on to the realm of the dead, or remaining behind as a ghost like our good friend Mimsy-Porpington did after his botched execution in London. Dementors cannot withdraw the entire soul though. The tailings left behind in the body keep the body from dying. Avada Kedavra is much more thorough, because it had to be.

"For the bodies had to pass through one of the gateways between the living and the dead without being permanently made dead. With no trace of soul in them, the bodies pass unharmed by the gate. 'Preservus' keeps the bodies from actually dying, by absolutely stopping all activity the moment it's successfully cast.

"'Restorus' places the soul back in the body, and starts the body back again. After all, I had to have the soldiers fighting at my side. I also had to get them home again. Thus, the Cycle of Breaching Death's Door. It was used properly only that once. I performed the cycle twice; once to get my force past the gate to the battle, and once again to return us home.

"'Avada Kedavra' was stolen from my writings a few centuries ago, and has been used as you see it. A horrible waste of brilliant magic…

"But anyway, before our classes have ended, you will be able to perform the complete cycle of spells. More importantly, you will be able to do so without others being aware. But, back to the beginning.

"The basic Theory of Casting Spells is quite simple. The magic power resides within you. The wand is an instrument to focus your will to perform the magical manipulation required. The incantation allows your conscious mind to manipulate your magical power to perform the task you desire. Standard incantations are used merely to allow magic to be taught. If you have the presence of mind, you can shout 'scrambled eggs and kippers!' to levitate a feather, or a safe, rather than 'wingardium leviosa' as is commonly taught here, and at other magical schools, such as Beaubattons, Durmstrang, Salem Institute, or New Bern Academy.

"Knowing this, therefore, one can conclude that with sufficient presence of mind, one can cast any spell with full force, without uttering a single word. And, one can also conclude, with sufficient presence of mind and magical power, that one can focus their magical powers without benefit of a wand.

"Harry, Neville, the two of you already possess sufficient power and presence of mind to do both; and in your case, Harry, you are already doing it with simple spells. Hermione, you will have a harder time, and you, Ron, will have a harder time still. In fact, out of the six of you, I can only guarantee that Harry and Neville will ever be able to perform all the tasks I will teach you. It's not that the two of you are weak, Ron and Hermione, but that Harry and Neville are so strong.

"Neville; your strength is hidden by your lack of confidence, and the fear you harbour because of what your parents suffered. If you will let me, I will remove that. Harry, your strength can not be contained. If you let me, I will help you focus the growth of your strength; that you may indeed become a wizard that even you would admire."

Professor Arlisson paused to let his students collect their thoughts. All four of them needed the break, especially Neville.

Link spoke again. "All of you will learn the cycle, with and without wands. Harry and Neville must also learn without wands for this reason. You will use the cycle to prevent Voldemort from killing your fellows, by casting the first and second spells before he can cast the first. This also gives another advantage. With the souls of your friends within you, and with you, you also gain advantage of all their magical force and power, added in full to your own. You will be able to cast any spell with greater vigour, particularly defensive spells, such as the counter-curses to all the 'unforgivable curses,' and you will even be able to cast these counter-curses upon others.

"For example, normally only the wizard who is victim to the Imperious or Cruciatus curse may free themselves. However, with the souls of several in harmony, a wizard can in fact cast the counter-curses in favour of their fellow. Powerful stuff it is, and needful as well.

"My final two points tonight concern the other two unforgivable curses. Firstly, Neville, which curse is more destructive, Cruciatus or Imperious?"

Ron, Hermione, and Harry looked at Neville, fully expecting the deer-in-the-headlights look and stammered silence Neville gave to Professor Snape. They were shocked to see Neville calmly and coldly answer, "Cruciatus, of course, Professor. Since you know so much of me, then surely you know the fate of my parents?"

Link answered, "I do, Neville. I understand they are improving?"

Neville's jaw dropped almost to the floor! He tried to answer, but was only able to nod assent.

Link said, "I can guarantee no results. But I wouldn't be surprised if they joined you whole in mind and spirit, as well as in body come Christmastime.

"As for which of the two is worse, let me tell you their history. Suppose you were a King of a prosperous nation in the mid seventh century. Suppose also that you were about to be attacked by a neighbouring kingdom, one who in fact had marshalled a larger army on your very border than you could hope to mobilize in time to prevent massive slaughter of your subjects. Suppose also that you also had tremendous magical power, and just a touch of ingenuity. You lead your army to ground overlooking your opponent.

"You could charge down the hill, take your adversary by surprise, and kill him, at great cost to your own men. Or, you could cast a spell taking over the minds of many of your adversaries, and cause them to kill each other. After doing that, your own men could kill off the rest at their leisure. Which is what I in fact did against the Irish in 682. The invention and first use of the Imperious Curse.

"Let us carry forward in time from that point fifty years. Again, an army threatens your border. But you decide that you don't want to kill them, and certainly not where they are arrayed. Once again, you use a little ingenuity and a little magic for good measure. You cast a spell on your adversaries, that they are felled by unbearable pain, such that they can barely keep living, until your own soldiers disarm and bind the lot of them! Once imprisoned, you ransom them off and cause their king to be overthrown in favour of one who will no longer try to attack, and who moreover likes to engage in commerce far more than warfare. This commenced a peace betwixt myself and the Irish that lasted almost to 1066!

"That was the first use of the Cruciatus curse. Pain worse than death, to ultimately preserve life.

"This is the end of tonight's lesson. Sometime tonight, you will decide, if you haven't already, whether or not you will return. If you return, it will be hard work indeed. Yet, you will be rewarded for your work beyond measure. You will defeat Voldemort. You will likely live your natural span of years. And, your chances of working as Aurors will be greatly enhanced!

"As you file out of our classroom, you will pick up the handouts that have materialized on the table by the door. If you decide to stay, you will hand-copy the notes, and do the homework assignment I've written for you in them. The homework is due at our next class, if you continue to join me. If you quit, the handouts will vanish.

"Do not leave your handouts abroad. The knowledge contained in them is deadly. But it is also protected. Only those who continue in this course will be able to read them, or your copies, or your homework assignments. Not even Voldemort, let alone his followers, have so much as a chance, even if they find them. But, just the same, don't leave them out."

The young Griffindors and Luna filed out of the classroom, each taking a handout as the left. Harry remained behind, though. He looked at Professor Arlisson and asked, "Professor, can the spells be cast through a gate between this world and the next?"

Link answered, "With sufficient presence of mind, Harry, yes. I'm familiar with the circumstances of your godfather's passing. I looked at that particular gate to no avail. However, you may have different luck. Just the same, I would warn you that attempting to bring him back would be dangerous at best; seeing you have a responsibility to Britain to kill Voldemort, risking your life unnecessarily would be most irresponsible, and would hazard too many people unnecessarily.

"I will also answer a question you haven't asked yet, but will. Could you save your parents? The answer is, yes. You could take a time-turner, travel back to that night in Godric Hollow, cast the spells so that Voldemort was unaware, and once he was destroyed by your one-year-old form, bring them back to life.

"But that would be far more dangerous than rescuing Sirius Black! You have no way of knowing, and neither do I, what would happen then. Tampering with the flow of time is indeed the most dangerous game of all! The few times I've been involved with time travel, things turned out all right, but it was indeed God's blessing, and blind stupid good luck, not anything I did!

"I am obliged to teach you what I will; without the knowledge I give, Voldemort's chances of winning greatly improve. He killed ten of my subjects just two weeks ago; this now makes his progress my concern. I am also obliged though to tell you of the harm that could come to pass if you misuse what I teach you, no matter what your motivations. But in the end, I cannot hold your hand, nor can I watch you non-stop. You will decide to do what you decide to do. I can only warn you of the risks of certain tempting courses of action. And I know the temptation far more than you may give me credit for.

"I was raised an orphan. My father and mother were murdered when I was an infant. By strange and fortunate happenstance, my father was restored to live in my eleventh year, as the calendar reads. He lived for many years thereafter. Though all that time I was his King, and he was my vassal, he was also my father, and I his son. This brought us both great joy beyond imagining. I can't forbid you from desiring that joy; nor can I rightly forbid your attempt to gain it. I can only warn of the negligible chance of success, and the myriad dangers of the attempt."

Navi hovered down from the ceiling and said, "It's a tough spot, Harry. But we're both sure you'll do what's right." Her voice was high and soft, like the tinkling of bells, as is typical of fairies.

Harry excused himself quickly, and left the room, catching up with his friends, who had waited for him.

"What did he want?" Ron asked.

Harry paused in thought a moment. He would have answered Sirius instantly, or his father. And, he knew he would have to share his thoughts with Ron and Hermione before too long. But he wasn't ready yet. He answered, "I had a couple of questions. He answered them."

Ron knew he was being ignored, but also sensed why. He answered, "Alright, Harry. Just tell me when you can."

They returned to their respective houses and went to bed. Sleep came slowly for Harry. For, he had placed in his hand that very evening not only a way to rescue Sirius, but his mom and dad as well! Yet, he was also told not to try the two things he wanted to do above all else in the world. His mind spun rapidly as he debated with himself on whether to risk the safety of the world to rescue three wizards loved by himself above all others. Would he in fact doom everyone in the whole world? Or, could he perhaps enlist his rescued parents and godfather again in their quest (for all three had died fighting Voldemort, and would naturally fight him again) to guarantee success? Sleep came to Harry's confused mind after several hours.

Back in the Room of Requirement, Link sat in quiet contemplation for over an hour, when he suddenly had an idea. As Navi flitted nervously overhead, Link took his ocarina, the kidney-shaped recorder that all Kokiri carried from childhood to death, and played one long calling note. His note was answered by his closest adviser apart from Navi, who apparated through the wards on the strength of Link's note to stand before him.

This Hyrulian man was the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of the Duke of the Realm of Hyrule. The man asked, "You called, Your Grace?"

Link replied, "Yes, Austen. Do you remember what was done with the bodies of Harry Potter's parents?"

"Yes, Your Grace. They were buried in St. Edward the Confessor's Church graveyard just outside of Godric's Hollow."

Navi exclaimed, "You don't mean to do this, do you"

Link looked up and answered with his voice, "Perhaps it's what the flow of time requires, Navi. You sense Harry's powers; you know it can be done, and perhaps already was."

Link looked at his Lord Keeper and said, "Austen, this errand is classified 'Triforce Top-Secret NOFORN.' You are to find out how long after the deaths of Lilly and James Potter it was before their bodies were last seen by anyone. You are to exhume their coffins and tell me precisely what those coffins contain. You are to give me both answers prior to 07:00 hours GMT. The Chancellor and Prime Minister of Hyrule are only cleared to know that you are running an errand, not what it is. I will have them briefed, as well as the Domestic and Foreign Security Committees of Parliament at a later time. Westminster and MOM aren't cleared at all."

The Lord-Keeper answered, "Of course, Your Grace. Would you pipe me out now?"

Link nodded, played the ocarina note again, and Austen apparated away.

Navi asked silently, "You're going to bring them back?"

Link answered in his mind, "No, Navi. Harry will."