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One rainy day at the manor Piper was playing with Wyatt when Pheobe came down.

"Man! I hate Rainy days!" Pheobe exclaimed as she sat down next to piper.

"Me too!" said Piper as she put Wyatt in his play pen.

"Is Paige up yet?" asked phoebe.

"No I don't think so, she was up all night working on something I don't really know what she was working on." said Piper as she looked up towards the stairs.

"I'll go get her." said Phoebe as she dashed up the stairs.

Phoebe walked down the hallway to Paige's room and opened the door.

"Paige? Paige? Wake up." said Phoebe as she walked over to her bed.

"mmmm, go away." growled Paige as she turned over to the wall.

"come on its 12:00. your going to sleep your whole day away." said Phoebe as she jerked away the blankets away from Paige.

"Stop It Phoebe! trying to sleep here!" said Paige as she put her head under her pillow.

"Okay that is it! I'm going to go get Piper and let her get you up!" said Phoebe as she turned to go out the door.

"I'm up! I'm up!" said Paige as she jumped up.

"I knew you would get up!" said Phoebe as she laughed a little.

"Ha Ha very funny Phoebe" said Paige as she stood up and stretched.

Phoebe turned around and walked out of the room and back down to the living room smiling.

"What took you so long? Is she up yet?" asked Piper as she watched Phoebe sit back down beside her.

"Yep she is up" said Phoebe smiling.

"Ok... mmm, Why are you smiling?" asked Piper as she eyed her younger sister.

"Oh nothing it is just when I told Paige that if she didn't get up that I would come and get you. She got right up." said Phoebe.

"ha really?" asked Piper smiling.

"yea she did." said Phoebe.

Just then Leo and Chris orbed down.

"what is it? What's wrong?" asked Piper as she stood up.

"We have some news for you." said Leo.

"What is it?" asked Paige as she walked down the stairs.

Chris looked at Leo.

"I should tell them." said Chris. He took a deep breath. Then said " you have a new innocent."

"Who?" asked Phoebe.

"Well, you have a ... Niece." said Leo.

The girls stood there looking at Chris and Leo with their mouths wide open.

"What? That can't be. I was the only person that had a child so far." said Piper as she picked up Wyatt.

" You must have the wrong three." said Paige.

"No, I did not make a mistake." said Leo.

"If it is not any of our kid, Then who is it?" asked Piper.

"Well, ...It is" Leo started then Phoebe cut in.

"Prue" said Phoebe.

"oh my God." said Piper.

"I didn't Know she had a kid?" said Paige.

"I know, But we are going to find out." said Piper as she ran up the stairs with Wyatt in her arms.

They all ran after piper; to find her laying down crystals in a circle.

"Piper What are you" said phoebe when piper said "Shhhhh."

Piper stood up then said " Here my words here my cry spirit from the other side I come to thee I someon thee past now the great divide."

Blue and white sparkles came down through the ceiling. Then there stood Prue.

"Hey Piper... What is it ? its the look." said Prue.

"Ok I am going to ask you straight up. Did you have a Kid?"

"oh ummmm... Yea I did." said Prue finally.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US!" yelled Piper.

" I didn't want anyone to know about her." said Prue.


"Piper calm down" said Leo.


"13 Years" butted in Prue.

"OKAY FOR 13 YEARS! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PRUE!"yelled Piper as she stormed out of the attic in tears.

"Piper stop!" yelled Prue.

"Prue forget about Piper, She is just burning off some steam." said Leo.

'Oh...Okay." said Prue.

"All right back to the Kid." said Paige.

"Yea, What is her name and where is she?" asked Phoebe.

"Well, her name is Samantha June Halliwell and she is at an all school orphanage."

"okay then who is her dad?"asked Paige.

"ummm it is Andy he was her father." said Prue.

Phoebes mouth flew wide open.

'whaaaa... what? Andy? you have to be kidding?"

"no I am not kidding?" said Prue.

"oh my god!" said Phoebe as she covered her mouth.

Just then there was a big boom came from down stairs followed by a yell.

"piper" said Prue.

"bye talk to you later" said Phoebe as Prue flew back through the ceiling.

They ran down the stairs to find piper being thrown across the room and landed on the floor.

"Piper!" said Phoebe as she ran to her side.

"He is after Wyatt" said Piper.

Just then the monster walked through the door.


"Here let me take care of dumbo other there you go get Wyatt." said Phoebe as she got up.

Paige ran over and orbed Piper up to the attic. Piper ran over and picked up Wyatt who was crying.

"shhhh... Mommy is here." said Piper trying to calm him down.

"Yes Mommy is here" said the monster and he walked out of the shadows with Pheobe in his hands.

"give me the child NOW!' he yelled.

"over my dead body!" yelled Piper.

"Fine then I'll just ..." He started chokeing Phoebe.

"stop!" said Piper.

Just then Wyatt blinked and Phoebe orbed and landed right beside Piper.

"here take Wyatt.' said Piper.

"hey Buddy" said Paige.

The monster looked at Paige.

"don't mess with a pissed off Piper!" yelled Paige.

And with that Piper blew up the monster with the flick of her hand, But Before she did he said Ò you better find your niece!" then he blew up.

"that felt better" said Piper as she blew off some stem.

"Ok we better go find our niece." said Pheobe.

"She is at a all school orphange." said Paige.

"Okay Lets Roll." said Piper.

"Oh and Leo can you take Wyatt for me untill we get back?" asked Piper as she Picked up Wyatt and handed him to Leo.

"Yea, I'll do it Piper." said Leo as he grabed Wyatt.

"Thanks" said Piper as she Kissed Wyatt on the head.

"Bye Bye my little superman." said Piper to Wyatt who just smiled.

Paige grab Piper on Pheobe's hands and orbed off.


*At same Time*


Samantha grabbed her shoes and her bookes and ran out the door grabbing a little remote control. She ran down the steps and ran in to a class room.

"sorry Sister Sarah, I'm late again." said Samantha.

"Well, Samantha that is the third time you were late for Bible reading. See me after class." said Sister Sarah.

Samantha turned and walked down the roll and sat in the middle of her friends.

"Hey Sam" said Samantha's friend Lizzy.

"hey" Said Sam

"Hey did you bring it?" asked another one of her friends named Megan.

"Yea I did that is why I am late" said Sam.

"We are going to get in so much trouble." said another friend named Ally.

"I know that is the beauty of it." said Sam.

"When are we going to do it?" asked Lizzy.

'At 9:30." said Sam.

They all looked at the clock it was 9:15.

"Good we only have fifteen minutes." said Megan.

"Hey bobby has been looking at you every sence you came in."said Ally.

Sam looked at a boy with dark brown hair and Blue eyes.

The boy looked away and blushed.

"He is the most hottest guy in School" said Lizzy.

"I think he likes you Sam" said Megan.

"Hey the clock." said Ally.

They all looked up it was 9:29.

"yes are you ready?" asked Sam.

"ready" answered the other girls.

Click it was 9:30. Just then the sprinklers came on and Sam Pulled out the remote control and pushed the red button. Then Honey started leaking out of the ceiling. Then she pushed the Green button and Pillow feathers went every where. Everyone looked like Chickens excepted the four girls who were rolling over in laughter. Then they looked at Sister Sarah.

"Girls!" She yelled.

"uhhh oh" said Ally.

"run" said Sam.

The girls ran out the door and up the staris. Just as they turned the corner they ran in to the head mistress.

"Busted" said Lizzy.

"Ladies in my office NOW!" said the Head Mistress.

The girls walked very slowly in the room. Then the head mistress slamed the door behind them.




"Well, we are here." said Paige.

"What do we do now." said Pheobe.

'We go and get her." said Piper as she opened the gate door and walked up the steps.

Paige and Pheobe followed her inside to find hallways and stairs.

"umm witch way?" asked Paige.

Just then a young girl came out of a class room.

"excuse me but do you know where the office is?" asked Piper.

"Do you mean the Head Mistress Office?" asked the girl.

"Yes Please" said Piper.

" It is down the hall and to your right" she said as she pointed the way.

"Thanks" said Piper.

They walked down the hallway and turned right and there was a door that said Head Mistress.

"okay here it is" said Pheobe.

Piper nocked on the door. Then a old woman the door.

"Yes can I help you?" she asked.

"Yes you can. Can we see the head Mistress?" asked Piper.

"Yes you can this way." she said as she opened the door to let the girls in.

They followed her to a door. She knocked on it, then opened it.

"Head Mistress you have some people to see you." she said.

"Yes bring them in." they heard in the back ground.

They walked in and stood in frount of the Head Mistress.

"sit down Please." she said.

The girls sat down.

"Now what do you three want?" she asked.

"well I am Piper Halliwell and these are my sisters Paige and Pheobe." said Piper.

"Nice to meet you Piper." she said.

"We have come to get our niece." said Piper.

"and who is your niece?" she asked.

"Samantha June Halliwell" said Piper.

"Oh really? do you have any paper work? to prove it I mean?" she said.

"Paper work.?" said Pheobe as she looked at Piper.

"ummm..." said Paige.

"Let me see If I have it in my cabnet." she said as she turned around and opened a cabenet door.

"ahh ha here it is." she said as she pulled out a folder.

Piper blew out some air in felief.

"OK it says here that her mother was Prudence Halliwell. Right?" said the Head Mistress.

"Yes thats right" said Piper.

"And her father was Andy." said the head mistress.

"Yes"said Piper.

"Okay It says here that she had two sisters not three." she said as she looked up for the first time.

"Well thats a long story" said Pheobe.

"well it says that her sisters name are Piper and Pheobe." she said.

Just then a little white light came down and wrote on the paper 'Paige Matthews'.

"What the... It only said two names a minute ago now theres three." said the head mistress as she layed the paper down.

"Well are we or are we not going to get her?" said Piper as she tapped her foot.

"well there is no reason why not I just need you to sign some papers here." she said as she handed Piper a hand full of Papers.

While piper was signing Papers the Head Mistress called for Samantha to come to her office.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Come in" said the Head Mistress.

A young girl walked in with dark brown hair to her shoulders and blue eyes.

"Yes what do you want Head Mistress?" said Samantha.

"Yes Samantha I want you to meet you three Aunts." she said pointing to Piper,Paige and Pheobe.

Samantha looked at them and kepted her head down.

"Hi" she said.

"hi, I know this might be hard for you but we want to take you home." said Piper.

"To a Real home? Oh my God! you have to be Kidding!?" said Samantha as she covered her mouth.

"no we are not" said Phoebe smiling.

"Go get your stuff" said Paige.

Samantha turned around and ran down the hallway to her room.

"Just to let you know she is a little strange and a big trouble maker." she said as she pulled out some files for Piper to sing.

"What do you mean?" asked Pheobe.

"Well when she gets mad stuff falls off the shelves." she said.

piper looked at Pheobe with tears in her eyes.

"Oh thats ok we don't mind" said Paige.

"Yea we don't mind" said Pheobe as she held back a tear.

"OKay?" said the head mistress looking at the sisters weirdly. Then she handed Piper some papers to fill out.

Just as Piper signed the last paper Samantha was in the room with her bags.

"ready?" asked Piper.

"You bet I'm ready" said Samantha."But can I say good Bye to my Friends First?"

"Yes You can" said PIper as she picked up Sam's bags.

Samantha ran out the door and ran in to a room where all her Friends were cleaning up the mess that they made earlyer.

"Guys! Guys!" said Sam as she slid across the floor.

"What is it?" asked Ally who pulled a feather off her head.

"I got a home!" said Sam jumping up and down.

"Duh you allways had a home!" said Lizzy as she rolled her eyes.

"No not this home a REAL home." said Sam

"Shut up!" said Megan as she smiled real big.

"Yea they are here to take me home!" said Sam.

Sam looked at her friends who all put their heads down with taers in their eyes.

"Whats wrong?" asked Sam

"We...We will miss you Sam!" said Ally as she hugged Sam tightly.

"Oh... I'll wirte you I promise!" said Sam as they all grouped huged.

Sam turned around then said "Well better be off."

She looked at her Friends her only Friends and helded back a tear.

"Bye!" said Sam as she ran back down the hallway. She went back in to the room.

Paige shook hands with the head mistress and they went out the door and through the gate.

"Where's your car?" asked Samantha.

"Over here" Said Piper as she opened her car door to put all of sams things in.

Just as Sam got in the car Paige flew over the car an landed on the ground.

"Paige!" Said Pheobe as she jumped out of the car and pulled Paige in.

"Floor it Piper!" said Pheobe.

Piper started the car and floored it all the way home.

"What was that?" asked Sam as she looked at Paige who was rubbing her head.

"Oh just the Wind" said Paige.

"Pretty strong wind" said Sam as she raised a eye brow.

"Yea it was strong" said Pheobe.

"Well we are here." said PIper as she turned off the car.

"Wow!" said Sam as she got out of the car.

Piper grabbed sam bags and walked up to the door and opened it.

"Well home sweet home Sam." said Pheobe as she helped Piper put her bags down.

"I'll take you to your room" said PIper as she started to walk up the stairs.

"okay" said sam as she followed her.

"here it is make your self at home" said piper as she layed down Sam's bags.

"thanks Aunt..."

"Piper" said Piper as she started to walk out of the door.

"well thanks Aunt Piper" said sam as she sat down on the bed.

" your welcome" said Piper as she went bakc down stairs.

"Wow" said sam to her self. " Home Sweet Home"

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