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The four girls quickly jumped up at the sound of the voice. They turned around to see a Warlock throw and engery ball at pheobe.

"HA" said Pheobe as she ducked.

"PAIGE!" yelled Piper.

Blue and white sparkles came through the celling and there stood Paige still in her P.j.s and a tooth brush in her mouth.

"I'm trying to brush my Teeeee..." said Paige as she dove from an engery ball.

"Sam get down!" Yelled Piper.

Sam ducked.

"Okay thats it" said Piper as she stood up.

Piper flicked her hands at the warlock but nothin happened.

"Oh crap" said Piper as she froze an engery ball in place.

sam ran out of the room. She ran into another warlock.

"Ah!" said Sam as she through her arm up. The warlock flew across the room and hit the wall.

Piper ran into the room and grabbed sam's hand.

"Come on we have to get Wyatt" Said Piper as she pushed sam in frount of her as they went up the , a nother warlock blinked in right in frount of them.

"Da*n it! Is it get the Charmed ones day or something!" said Piper as they stopped.

The warlock quickly through a engery ball at them and hit Sam right in the chest.

Piper and Sam flew back off the stairs and landed on the floor. Piper slowly sat up to see Sam helpless on the floor knocked out. Piper crawled over and shook her.

"Sam! Sam! wake Up!" said Piper as she shook her.

Quickly three demons jumped on Piper binding her hands and feet with ropes, But luckly she mananged to blow up one demon as she was thrown to the wall. Pheobe and Paige done the same and thrown beside her.

The Warlock that came eariler walked in to the room and looked at the three girls on the floor. Then to Sam and Smiled.

He walked over and Picked up the helpless Sam and handed her to the warlock nexted to him.

"If you hurt her I will hunt you down and kill you" said Piper Angerly.

"Oh really" said the warlock as he walked up to Piper.

He pointed at on of the Demons nexted to him. The Demon shimmered out and reappeared with wyatt in his hands.

Piper gasped. The warlock stilled looked at her and smiled.

"Momma! Momma!" cryed Wyatt.

"If you hurt him you will pay" said Piper looking at the warlock in the eyes.

The warlock got closer to piper and slapped her, he grabbed her face to make her look him strate in the eyes.

"Thanks" He said as he let go and turned away.

By this time Piper was so pissed off she could kill all of them at once.

Piper fixed her hands in the ropes and quickly blew them up then the ropes on her feet. She jumped up and Dove at the Warlock, but he shimmered out with Both wyatt And sam. Piper Layed on the floor in defeat.

"Leo!" yelled Piper as she Cried.

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