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Chapter 1; I Can't Let Go of You, Because I Don't Want to Forget.

"Dory?" Bubbles called, sounding very worried, "Dory?" much like the rest of tank gang, who had gathered together to comfort the depressed blue tang. Days had past by like the dull waves continuously moving in and out along the sea shore. Dory had been wasting herself away as she kept on staring out into the open waters emotionlessly, and muttering random words no one really understood.

"Sweety, you need to eat something." Peach asked her softly, but Dory didn't move from her spot between two soft corals. She hadn't eaten much, swam to anywhere else, except away from the sponge cliff. She hadn't even shown much of a response to anybody, no matter what they tried.

"Just do it," Bloat begged as he held out the food to her, "for us?" while Gurgle swam up next to him.

"For Marlin?" Gurgle added, hoping it would make her feel better, but it only shoved Dory's face buried under the sand. Bloat lightly smacked Gurgle in the face, eying sarcastically "Nice going, Gurgle," at the royal gamma.

"Well, I didn't mean to-!"
"Yeah, well, be more car-

"I am!"

"No, you're not!"

"Am too!"

"Are not!"

Bloat and Gurgle were shooting offended glares at each other, while Dory slowly swam away from her spot and just floated there for couple of seconds. Gill shot an annoyed impression asking, "Guys, just drop it for now," and Bloat and Gurgle immediately stopped arguing.

"Hey Dory?" Bubbles tried again to get her attention. Still, she wasn't responding.

Gill noticed how her sleepy eyes were still filled with that blank stare, a depressed and saddened gaze that was robed from emotions. Dory was in a horrible shape. Her eyes were swollen red with tears and mouth slightly dropped open for breathing. She seemed like she had aged more than 10 years. It almost felt creepy seeing her, as if she was an undead zombie.

Dory couldn't be blamed. After tearing away her most precious treasure, Dory had become like a ghost that lingered on the ocean floor. She was there with the gang in the Great Barrier Reef, but her mind wondered off someplace else she could never remember.

"Doooooooooooooory?" Deb called out to her, waving her fin in front of her. "Please try to smile?" and frowned at how she also couldn't cheer her up either.

"Oh hi!" She happily blurted out suddenly, "I'm Dory!"

"Wha—?!" her sudden outburst nearly scared the tank gang white.

"Can I help you?" All of the sudden, she began swimming around in circles, like she was her normal playful self, but—"Oh, I mean to say that-"

"Dory!" Gill quickly swam up to her in panic. "Dory, get a hold of yourself!" gently shaking her some sense of reality.

"Yes, I'm a natural blue-" She uttered and smiled weakly, looking past Gill and again into the open waters with that eerie blank stare, as she kept on rambling like she was broken machine.

"Oh my goodness…." Peach could only watch in horror.

"The sea monkey stole my money…." She had lost it.

"Dory!" Gill shook her once more. "Can you hear me?! Come on', snap out of it!"

"Hey. Who are you?" She loosely swirled around in Gill's grasp, looking at every member of the tank gang. "And you, and you? Who might you be, eh?" she laughed.

"It's us! The tank gang, " but she just laughed innocently.

"Oh. how nice….," she sweetly replied. It was horrible! Insane! Dory had gone insane! In a sense she was her normal self again, but that wasn't true. This was not what's happening! Dory had lost every touch of reality! She couldn't tell friend from friend, not even fish from sharks!

The day after, Dory swam out into the open water, dancing around singing her preppy song, while a mako shark nearly swallowed her up for dinner!

But it became worse…

The days following that, "You know, I speak Whale." Dory started talking to herself, "No! No! You don't! You're insane!" she shook her head to herself as she acted out another fish, "I have to get out!" Dory forcefully swam against a coral. "I have to find my son!"

"Goodness! What are you doing?!" Gurgle begged. "Please stop!" He, Bloat, Jacques, and Bubbles struggled to keep Dory from hurting herself, but it seemed like she wasn't going to stop ramming into that coral.

From afar, Gill was sure that Dory was behaving like she was two different people. If you were able to split what Dory was doing into the behavior of two individuals, you could tell that one was her usual self and the other was that of an easily annoyed, yet kind charm. Deb had this feeling that Dory was desperately trying to replace someone; a person who wasn't by her side. What she just acted out seemed like a lost memory among her own little memories of a certain clownfish.

The tank gang hadn't left her side. They couldn't just leave her! They knew Dory was in a serious trauma. She was beyond sane reasoning from all the shock.

At times, Dory began seeing hallucinations, because she would just scream and point toward the open waters at something she believed to be seeing. She was simply going insane! Sure she was somewhat acting like her usual self, but everybody knew what was happening to her.

Dory couldn't handle Marlin's death…

She just couldn't. She was too weak and innocent to face the truth. Every time she talked, her eyes seemed so distance as if she was looking at something she believed was there, but wasn't.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she shrieked, "Barracuda!" Everyone except Peach and Gill spun around frightened in the direction Dory pointed.

"Listen!" Gill was barely able to keep himself from panicking, while Bubbles, Deb, Bloat and Gurgle desperately tried to hold Dory still. "I need you to listen to me—to us!" She was trembling like she was about to lose the last strand of sanity.

But it only seemed natural, even ironic. Here they have a blue tang by the name of Dory. She suffered from short memory and yet she was a happy character. But she remembered how she had survived an attack by two ferocious barracudas at the cost of her friend's life. "Gone….." So how was it even possible that she wasn't going to die mentally?! "IT WAS MY FAULT!" How could Dory survive with all the guilt she carried?!

Gill noticed how she was breathing frantically. "Calm down." No matter how many times he tried to tell Dory that whatever she was seeing-whatever that was happening to her right now-that it was all just in her mind, it didn't stop the madness that was eating her away.

"There! She's doing it again!" Gurgle quickly hid behind Bloat, afraid that Dory's insanity would possess her.

"I don't want to forget….." she whimpered. Dory seemed like she was going to die from all the grief. "I don't—"

"There's nothing! IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND!"

"NO!" Dory just violently shoved Gill and rest away from her and immediately dashed off.

They shouted simultaneously for her to come back, but she had already disappeared into the dark.

Dory was alive out there somewhere, but no matter where she was; she was dead on the inside. The tank gang was at a lost. "What are we going to do?" Peach asked hopelessly. Gill suddenly felt anger rising in him.

"I hope you're happy now...!" Gill snapped at the waters, "I hope you're happy about what you have done to her, Marlin!"

"Gill? Are you okay? "

"All you have ever done was hurt everybody!" he yelled out in fury. "First, Nemo-" he spun to the side in disgust and pain, "and now Dory! You think you can just run away by getting yourself killed?!"

("What will you do now?" a scratchy voice echoed.)

"Gill! You can't think like thi—" the rest of the gang barely managed to keep Gill from going berserk.

"Go ahead and bite the seaweed!" Gill exclaimed furiously.

("…" he remained silent while he took in Gill's rage.)

The situation was clear as crystal. Every fish was affected by his death. But Dory couldn't let go of him…..or maybe she didn't want to forget…

("What will you do now after you've realized she's miserable because of you?" the voice asked again. At first, no words replied.

(He sighed helplessly, "I-I don't know…" He was filled with remorse worse than before as he watched the crying Dory vanish into the depths of the sea. "I-I really don't know…")

("Are you—are you really just going to leave her like this?" a younger voice pleaded. He turned toward his son, "She's your friend, dad!")

("You don't want to leave her, do you?")

Despite all the agony Dory had to carry, maybe she didn't want to forget Marlin…

("There's no way I will be able to rest in peace," he shook his head, "knowing how much I had hurt Dory," he admitted, pouring out his guilt)

("There's nothing you can do.")

("But-What's going to happen to Dory? What will—")

("She's going to leave the reef in the next 24 hours." He knew very well the voice didn't mean that Dory was going to move to some place else in the ocean. He feared the worse for her, and he was right. Dory was going to lose herself completely by the tomorrow night. "And even if she might see you again," that last remark struck him with terror, "she wouldn't be the same fish after death,")

("But why?")

("Because she would live death as a ghost with no speck of memory, and the trauma she had experienced when she was alive."

("What does that mean, dad?" his son asked curious but frightened. "What's going to happen to Dory?")

(He knew what awaited her. Dory was going to become a lost soul with no memories or emotions. "I can't-I can't just leave Dory like this!)"

("I already said that there's nothing you can do.")

("I'm won't let Dory-!")

("You're gone!" the voice spat at his face. "You're dead, Marlin." He uttered slowly enough to make the words sink into his brain. "You can't do anything for her anymore…")

(It completely paralyzed Marlin, freezing him right before he was going to convince himself that there must've been a way he could save Dory. There has to be! There has to be something he could do to prevent her cruel fate from making its turn! )

("She doesn't deserve this!" He yelled out in defense, "Dory's just an innocent fish!" But the Grim Reaper's aggravated silence was enough to shove the truth against Marlin's futile attempt to stop Dory's life from ticking away. "Nothing….there's nothing I can do, huh?" Marlin wondered with suspicion while Nemo tightly held onto him for comfort. 'I'll find a way, Dory. Just….just wait for me….')

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