Paige was astounded. She sat down on an armchair and Prue sat down too. "What are you doing down here?" Paige asked Prue with interest as she stood up. "I'll go get Piper and Phoebe. They've missed you so much." Prue stood up and said quickly, "No! That's exactly what we can't do! Sit down. I'll tell you why I'm down here." Paige sat back down, as did Prue, and she began to listen to her story. "The reason I'm down here is that when Shax tried to kill me, he alerted Abacranon. Shax and Abracanon, and now you, are the only ones who know I'm not dead, apart from the Elders of course." Paige interrupted with, "But why are you down here? Wouldn't the demons be able to sense you?" Prue shook her head. "The Elders put a very powerful protection charm on the tunnels. I can't be sensed down here, otherwise Leo would have sensed me. I've had no company, except for the occasional Elder orbing down to visit." Paige looked puzzled when she replied, "But, why can't I tell Piper and Phoebe that you're here?" "The Elders didn't want to put them through losing me again. If I leave, Abracanon will be able to sense me and he will kill me. Even opening the trapdoor means I can be sensed." Paige looked horrified. "But I left the door open!" Prue, too looked horrified. "Run! We have to shut it!" They sprinted for the trapdoor just to find an elderly man climbing down the staircase. "Well, hello Prue. I've come to finish what Shax began." Prue blew him into the alley with a flick of her hand. Together Paige and Prue pulled the trapdoor closed. Prue looked scared now. "He knows where I am now. We have to alert the elders. Elder! Elder! Any Elder!" A group of Elders orbed in with grave faces. "Ah, Paige, I see you have met your sister. Prue, you are in grave danger. Abacanon knows where you are and will try to kill you." Prue nodded and said ,"Is there anywhere I can go to be safe?" "No, you won't be completely anywhere. But, we've concluded that the Manor would be the safest place right now. You'll have the Power Of Four." Paige looked puzzled and said, "The Power Of Four? What's that?" "It's even stronger than the Power Of Three. We didn't want to introduce it before, because Prue could have been killed. You see, Paige, Prue has been summoning upper level demons and vanquishing them on her own, along with a little help from a demon that turned good. However, he recently tried to tell a group of upper level demons that Prue was alive, and we had to get rid of him." Prue felt her heart soar when They said she could go home. She had been wanting to see Piper and Phoebe for so long. She had watched them in her head through a spell the Elders had cast, but she wanted to see them, and hear them, and hug them. Piper had been devastated when she thought Prue was dead. Prue had been so lonely without them, and she couldn't wait to see them again. "When do we leave? Now?" Prue said excitedly jumping up, ready to go.

Leo frowned as a strange sensation came over him, one he hadn't felt in a long time. Piper put her arms around him and asked him what was wrong. "I just sensed Prue." Piper gasped and asked him, "What does that mean?" Leo frowned and replied, "Well, the only explanation would be that, well, Prue's alive." Piper looked dazed and she fell to the ground.

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