Ossu minna! I wanna say gomen for not getting any chapters for my stories out but I am answering a fanfic challenge that SSJTitania has issued. It is to write an Logan/Usagi fanfic and I am going to answer it in this fanfic. This is based after the fight with Magneto in the X-Men live movie. Usagi is 25 and Logan is 28. Enjoy!

Killer Angel

Part 1

By Lacrea Moonlight

She winced in pain. She was only eight and they had been very rough on her. They had beaten her till she had used her power on them to make them stop. She looked at her guardian/mentor. He was about 29 years old. He was always telling her to never give up. She was to be one of his best.

"The first thing you must do is block your emotions. If you show emotions, your enemy will take that as a sign of weakness. You must hide what you feel!" he shouted as he attacked. She finally understood and blocked his attack and showed no emotion as she hit him with her best shot. He smiled.

"You finally understand..." he whispered.

17 years later...

She smiled as she hid in the shadows. This wasn't a happy smile. This was a cold, evil smile that she had been using since she was eight years old. She was proud of who she worked for. He was the only person, besides the others that worked for him, that truly cared about her. He had made sure that she was educated, treated well, and trained to take care of herself. Now, all she had to do was kill a certain man and then she would complete her mission. She felt her heart quicken at the thought of killing. It somehow amused her. And it excited her to no ends. She loved the feel of power as her favorite weapon was plunged into her intended's flesh and their life's blood poured out like so much wine (AN:I know. I am being a little sick but this is what Usagi is thinking!^_~)

"Is the perimeter secure?" a passing guard asked.

"Yes sir. There is no unauthorized personnel on the grounds at this time," the other guard responded. She smiled the cold smile again. They were completely clueless, weren't they? She ran to the next shadow and entered the building with one of her 'talents' and slipped into her intended's room unnoticed. He was sleeping. And snoring loudly. She quickly pulled out her favorite weapon: a dagger with at wavy blade and had intricate designs on both the blade and the handle. The designs were mostly crescent moons and stars and phases of the moon. She then did what she had come to do...

Logan smoked his cigar and waited for his next opponent. He had gotten a job at a bar similar to the one he had been fired from when he had met Rouge. He pushed these thoughts aside as another 'victim' stepped into the cage. The man was tall and muscular. He was probably another dickhead that thought just because he had won a couple of bar fights that he could beat him. The man rushed at him and banged his head against the side of the cage. His head was banged against it at least four times when he was thrown to the other side of the cage. The man kicked him hard in the stomach. Then he kicked him hard in the groin (AN: sorry guys! I KNOW that you really didn't want to read that!). That was what REALLY pissed him off. Logan stood up and punched the guy hard in the gut. The man crumpled to the ground in pain. He then punched him in the face and the man went unconscious. The 'ringmaster' announced that he was the winner *again* and then announced that was all for the rest of the night. The small crowd groaned and 'booed'.

Logan walked out of the cage and went to the bartender. The bartender was young, about 22. He was getting a drink for a young woman at the moment. She was sitting at the bar and looked like she was about 22 as well. The bartender smiled in a flirtatious way and she smirked. But this smirk was not warm and flirty like one would expect. This was a cold smirk that said "If you only knew."

"So, what are you doing Friday night?" the bartender asked.

"Sorry. I don't date guys that are three years younger than me," the woman replied. He seemed surprised and a little upset but he said nothing more. Then a guy in jeans and a leather jacket came up behind her and grabbed her butt.

"Then I am more you age, right sweet thing?" he said as he squeezed her rump.

"Are you suggesting what I *think* you are?" she asked with an amused voice.

"Hell yeah!" he replied. She sighed and then turned around. She punched him in the nose and immediately it began to bleed. She then kicked him in the groin (AN: I know, I know! No more kicks to the groin! But I just had to give this effect!) and dumped her beer all over him.

"Why don't you just keep your dick in your pants where it belongs for now, okay?" she replied in the most innocent voice and pushed him over. He had been leaning on the bar for support. She smirked. The woman looked at Logan. She had long blond hair that seemed to shine in the dim light and it reached to her knees since it was in a braid. She also had the bluest eyes he had ever seen. She raised an eyebrow.

"Do you want some of this too?" she said in a tough manor. Logan looked at the man that was now trying to regain balance and maybe his pride.

"No," Logan answered, "I'm not really interested in having more than my feelings hurt."

She smiled and stepped over the man and sat in the stool next to Logan.

"I'm Usagi. What's your name?" she stated as she ordered a beer. Logan ordered a beer for himself and took a swig before answering her.

"Logan. So what brings you to this part of Canada?" he answered.

"My job. I was running an errand for my boss. It's confidential," she said mysteriously. Logan smiled slightly. He liked Usagi already.

* * * *

DUN DUMMMMMM! All right! Chapter one is DONE! This is going to be a KILLER story (no pun intended) and I know you will be DIEING for the next part (this pun *is* intended). I hope you like this part! Gotta go! Bye!