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Welcome Home Dad!

* "Daddy?" called a five-year-old girl while running around the fog
filled shrine. "Daddy!?" as she ran, her calls became more frantic.
"Please, Daddy!"
Suddenly, she found herself high in the Goshinboku Tree, looking down
on her dad and a bunch of strange men. Who are those men in black? (^,^
good movie) she thought to herself.
"Gentlemen. What can I do for you?" her father asked the men in black
(tee hee).
"Just your pretty, little daughter, my lord," said the man directly in
front of her dad, though he sneered that last part.
"Yeah, Lord Naraku has taken quite an interest in her," sneered the
guy to her dad's left.
"Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news but." her dad said while
shrugging his shoulders. Then, suddenly, his polite and cheerful act
disappeared and her father became the fierce Taioyoukai that he was. His
eyes flashed dangerously as he said," No one, and I mean NO ONE, is
taking MY baby girl ANY were."
"Well, that's to bad," said the man on the right of her dad. (There
are only three guys) All three pulled out guns and fired. That's when the
little girl started screaming.* That's how Kagome woke up.
She shot up out of her sleeping bag screaming at the top of her lungs.
Tears rolled down her face and she was drenched in sweat. She covered her
mouth in an attempt to stop screaming, but it didn't work. (never does-.-

InuYasha and the others gathered around her with worried looks on
their faces. Sango, Shippo and Kirara tried to comfort the hysteric girl.
After an hour or two, their comforting words and jesters started to calm
"Lady Kagome? Are you alright?" asked Miroku after he deemed that
Kagome was ready to talk.
"Yeah Kagome. What's with the crying and nearly blowing out my
eardrums?" (give you one guess) said InuYasha, with concern hidden in his
harsh tone.
"I-its th-tha-that dream again," replied Kagome in a shaky voice. "It,
it happened a lot when I was little. But now, it only comes a few months
before my birthday. I don't know why it's happening now though."
"Do you want to talk about it mommy?" asked Shippo.
"It's almost dawn, so were not going to get any more sleep anyway,"
said Sango. "It might help you feel better."
"Yeah, sure, ok," said Kagome as she took a shaky breath. "It all
started happening around three, maybe four months before my sixth
birthday. We had just moved into Grandpa's shrine, even though dad wanted
to get our own place we didn't have the money yet. We were all really
happy though.
But then, one night, some scary men in black (what?) came to the
shrine. Mom was asleep at the time so she doesn't know what happened.
Daddy told me to go hide. So I went outside and hid in the branches of
the Goshinboku. It was spring, so there was enough leaves to cover me,
but not enough to block my own line of sight.
Well, the men (alright, I'll stop) started talking to my dad about
me. The said, "Lord Naraku would like to see your daughter" or something
along those lines. Naturally, my dad said no. But when they wouldn't take
no for answer, daddy had to show his demon attributes."
At this, Kagome's friends gasped, but she was determined to continue.
"The bad men were demons too. They knew about my dad and came prepared.
They fired some type of .weapon at him and I passed out from the
effects. That's the last time I ever saw my dad. Everyone thinks my dads
dead, but he's not! I know he's not! He's out there, somewhere, saving
his strength, getting ready to come home." As she finished, a single tear
rolled down her cheek, but if you looked in her eyes, you could see hope
and determination shining through. "I'll hind him! I'll find my dad and
I'll bring him home!"

"Whoa, whoa, hold up!" yelled InuYasha. "Did you say that Naraku is
responsible for yer old mans disappearance?"
Kagome looked at him, "Yeah, so?"
"And that yer old mans a demon?" he asked.
"Yeah, my mom and dad are the lord and lady of the Eastern Lands.

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