The Night

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Bobby looked up at the clock above his head. The hands and numbers wavered as his eyes focused and unfocused. Sweat tricked down his back as he recalled the strenuous hours before. The fan circled lazily above him, pushing the already hot air around the small apartment. He wiped his forehead and lay back, groaning slightly. He looked over and saw Alex, who was just dozing off.

He wondered how the hell she had so much energy. A woman should not have that much energy and only need to rest her eyes. He was sure as soon as she had finished her doze, she'd be back wanting to continue.

His eyes wavered some more as he stared at the contents of the parcel she had brought. His mind churned as he thought some more about the case he had taken on. His eyes were drawn back to the clock. Only five minutes had passed since he'd looked up before. It felt like five hours. But hey, there was just another hour till 6 o'clock, and then he'd be free. Alex shifted restlessly and woke up properly. She looked at him with bleary eyes and saw he was ready to go again.

"I have to of nature..." she said. Bobby pointed down the hall to the WC and she gratefully escaped.

She thought about her actions over the past few hours. She had not been expecting Bobby to take all this so seriously. She groaned, thinking of Bobby's inexhaustible energy. Once he had found out what she had wanted to do, he had grabbed her and set her down on the couch and said they'd do it right there and then. She'd been surprised, she had not expected him to be so...eager.

Bobby watched her come back and sit on the couch. She stared at the contents of the parcel picked up something.

"Have you discovered the secret yet?" she asked.


Alex groaned and lay back again, "Call me when you are ready to begin again," she said, "I'm going to doze some more."

Bobby let her sleep, knowing she'd need to recover her strength for later. The minutes ticked by, and suddenly, in his mind, the case came into focus. He grinned as he roared, "GOT IT!"

Alex jerked awake and said, "What? Where? When?"

Bobby triumphantly grabbed a small brown envelope, but Alex stopped him, saying, "No buster, spill the beans!"

"Ok, I know who did it, where and with what!"

Alex glared at him, "Tell me!"

Bobby crowed, "It was Col. Mustard in the Conservatory with the Revolver!" He checked the cards in the envelope and crowed again, "See! I was right! He did kill him!"

Alex flopped back against the sofa, her eyes glittered as she glared at him, "Am I to believe it has taken you the past 12 hours to come to that conclusion? And what story have you got for me?"

"Well...the Colonel was angry that Mr. Boddy had closed down the RSL Club. So he was delighted when he received an invitation to Mr. Boddy's house. He picked up his service revolver and lured Mr. Boddy into Conservatory and..." he stopped at the incredulous expression in Alex's eyes, "Well, it could be true..."

"Did you know we have been playing this one round for over 12 hours! It takes you a good 20 minutes to make a move!"

"I was being thorough," he sulked.

"Was it being thorough which asked me if Miss Scarlet killed Mr. Boddy because he wouldn't give her child support? Only YOU would think up that sort of idea! And how you grilled me on if Mr. Boddy cut Prof. Plum's funding for his latest experiment! And Mrs. White's beef because she was sick of being a maid!" she got up and paced around till she was behind him then she stared at the back of his head. "Bobby?"

"Hmmm?" he murmured absently, he was more chuffed in the fact he had solved the most difficult case he had had to date, but he turned around to face her.

"Please do me one favour."


She leaned in close and watched his eyes flit over her face nervously, "Remind me to never to play Cluedo with you...late at night...again!"

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