This is just something I wrote because I had a bit of writers block coming on. It helped me get back on track.

Hope you like it.

Happy New Year !

Hob x

The Dream

I try to reach you, but invisible hands hold me back.

Your falling away,

Into the abyss.

My voice catches in my throat,

I attempt to shout.


No sound.

As you disappear, the hands release me.

I`m tumbling forward to the edge of the dish.

Where you were spinning last.

My opponent grins wickedly at me.

Haunting my every nerve.

I crawl closer to the edge.

Leaning forward I see nothing.

My Blade.

Is gone.

Tears slide down my face.

I am empty.


I move over the edge.

Drawn to the darkness that has taken you from me.

Still I hear nothing.

I feel myself tip forwards.

Too far.

I`m falling.

Down, down, down.

Without you I am nothing.

I will hit the end soon.

But no.

I`m still falling.

Then I stop.

I`m floating.


Bright lights fill the blackness.

Then I see you.

You hold me.

We`re together.



I close my eyes in relief.

Holding you closer.

Your soft.


I can hear again now.

The sound of steady breathing.

I open my eyes.

Looking back at me are the most beautiful eyes I`ve ever seen.

Kai`s eyes.

I`m holding him.

And he me.