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Chapter 2

Kai`s POV

I close my eyes peacefully,

You snuggle close.

I hold you tight.

You hold me.

I drift to sleep, content,

I float over fields of roses,

All of them blue.

Like your eyes.


I feel a storm brewing.

The clouds come over deep grey,

like my eyes.

The roses blueness,

the skies grey,

blend in perfect harmony.

I watch with interest as the colours swirl together.



Then they unite,

as one.

I smile.

I feel something move against my bare flesh.

In the real world.

Not here, in dreamland.

I open my eyes to see Tyson in his own Dream.

Mine was better.

He twisted around,

I hold him tight,

Looking at his closed lids.

His eye lids flutter,

There are his baby blues that I love so much.

He focuses on me.


A beautiful, heavenly smile.

I return the smile.

We are entwined,


In love.


That was the end...

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