Summary: Yugi, the target of the bullies, has a crush on the most popular boy in his school – Yami. Yugi never thought to have a chance with his love. But things never go the way we think.

It's an AU fic, so there won't be millennium items. It's also shounen-ai (boyxboy story). Don't like don't read. You are warned.

So I have to do the disclaimer: I DON'T OWN YU-GI-OH! I wish I would, but I never will. So now on with the story.

'…' thinking
"…" talking
… interruption by Sansi
… song

by Sansi
Chapter 1: In my dreams

A little boy, who looked like 10 years old, even if he was 16, was sitting in the bushes.
He has tri colour hair with blonde bolts in it. Most of his hair was black and the spikes were red. The teen, called Yugi has soft, innocent, amethyst eyes. But they held fear in it. The young teen was unusual short for his age so he got always picked up by the bullies. So when there was lunch, he always hides behind trees and bushes. (Now it is lunch .)

Suddenly he heard the cracking of twigs. He held his breath and closed his eyes, hoping beyond hope that whoever was there won't see him. He didn't dare to breath. After a few moments he slowly let his breath, which he was holding out and opened one eye and then the second too. But when he saw who was there the breath was again caught in his throat.

Yami, the most popular guy in his school, and the one who dominated his dreams, was here, alone. Just a few steps away from the young teen, who's feet were mush at the moment. He was just lucky that he was already sitting. 'Be the tree … You're just alone with your crush. You mustn't panic … you mustn't … ahhh Who I am kidding!'
The older and a few inches taller teen didn't seem to notice that he has company.

Yami went to a large old tree and leaned himself against it. Yugi was awed by the sight.

Once more Yugi has to state that his crush was beyond beautiful, he was gorgeous. But even this word couldn't describe him, Yugi thought.

But then Yugi reminded the rumours he had heard about the older teen. Yami was really dangerous and he didn't like people, except his friends, and everyone in their right mind stand away from him. Yami didn't wear the school uniform. Instead of it he wore black leather pants, which cling to him oh so nicely like a second in Yugi's opinion. They really didn't leave anything to the imagination. He also has a tight navy blue sleeveless shirt with buckles. His slender arms were bare and with the tight shirt you can see the muscular built of the handsome young man. (drools). The neck buckle and the chains around his waist completed the outfit. Yami was looking really mysterious and extreme dangerous.

He heard the rumours, but he didn't want to believe them. They couldn't be true. But then again, why did he care. He was just little, pathetic Yugi. He has no friends and nobody, except the bullies were interested in him. Why would Yami want to be with him when he could have every girl (and also a few guys)?

But Yugi knew it is to late, he found himself falling even more. He was caught in Yami's web and god help, he didn't want to be saved.

He would do everything just to be with him. Yugi couldn't stop himself from thinking about his secret love. 'At least I can pretend … in my dreams. After all it is really strange, that he looks exactly like me. Except that he has more blond in his hair and his exotic and alluring red eyes … There goes my brain again. Just looking in his eyes or hearing his deep rich voices and my brain shuts down … Just great! … I never will be able to speak to him … I would humiliate myself in front of the love of my life!'

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