by Sansi
Chapter 9: Dance of fate

'What to wear … what to wear!' Yugi cried mentally in frustration. His bed and the floor were covered with his clothes, but he couldn't find anything for the dance. (I'm sure ALL the girls out there know what I mean. I have a lot and I mean A LOT of clothes and I never know what to wear! to the boys: DON'T LAUGH IT'S TRUE!)

The small teen looked at the clock and his amethyst eyes widened in shock! It's already 7:30 PM and Yami will show up in a half an hour.

He rushed to the bathroom with his clothes and took a quick shower. 'Hm … I wonder where Grandpa is? I haven't seen him all day …' Yugi thought, but he couldn't waste more time thinking about it. He chose to wear his black baggy jeans and his favourite shirt, which matched his eyes perfectly. The youth styled his hair and fastened his belt around his waist. Yugi thought about wearing the neck belt, but then decided … that well … it probably could get in the way … when they'll dance … a slow song ... and he'll lie his head on his partners shoulder … (O.O Yugi! Bad boy! ) He checked himself a last time in the mirror and found that he chose well. 'Hope Yami'll like it as well …' (You guys are so lucky that you don't use make-up and so on or you won't be that fast … )


The doorbell rang. Yugi raced out of the bathroom and down the stairs to answer the door. As expected it was Yugi's 'date' standing there in an awesome outfit. Yami wore black-leather pants that underline every perfect curve of his legs and the crimson shirt showed a well-built chest.

Yugi was just glad that he was able to held his mouth shut when his brain stopped working completely.

"Hey Yugi, are you ready?" Yami greeted the younger boy.
"Hi! Yes, I'm ready. Just give me a second to get my jacket" Yugi told him and left. 'Not that I'll need one. He looks so hot that I'm sure the blush in my face will keep me from freezing …' Yugi thought silently, hoping to get rid of the red colour in his face.

They went to Yami's dark-blue sport car, which looked like Yami spent a lot of time and money on it (I can't describe the things in English and my dictionary isn't a help too UU. sorry. Let's just say the car is HOT)

Yami opened the door for Yugi who thanked him gratefully, a light tinge of red on his cheeks.
"I think you look very cute in that shirt, Yugi" Yami told the teen, which resulted in 10 different shades of red on Yugi's face.

It didn't took them long to arrive at school, all the while chattering about this and that. Yami helped Yugi out of the car and took his hand to lead the way. Yami went straight to the bowls with the punch, caressing Yugi's knuckles. Yugi noticed this happily 'Yami is holding my hand. YAMI is holding MY HAND. I need to STAY CALM or I won't survive this night …'

The small tri-coloured teen took a sip of the drink the other teen offered him, noticing the alcohol in it 'I wonder if the teachers know this …' Watching the couples dancing, he abstinently drunk more of it and felt the influence of the alcohol, which brought colour to his cheeks. 'Wow' was the only thought he had when the room began to spin slightly. 'Whoa Yugi … I think this was enough punch for you. Won't get you sick on your 'date''. The youth knew that it wasn't officially a date, but this didn't mean he couldn't enjoy it, right?

He was so focused on the dancing couples that he didn't notice that Yami talked to him until the taller teen stand in front of him and blocked his sight.
"Everything alright, Yugi?" Yami asked concerned, noticing the glazed look of the shorter.
"Yes, I'm fine. I'm sorry, what have you asked me?"
"I wanted to know if you'd like to dance."

This sentence caught Yugi's attention, observing the fact that a slow song started. He nodded uncertain, feeling slightly panicked. He dreamed of dancing a romantic song with Yami, but now when the moment came he was nervous and afraid to ruin it.

Yami reassured him with a smile, seeing the uneasiness off the boy. He took the boy's hand and squeezed it to soothe him more. The taller of the two lead them to the dance floor, caressing Yugi's hand to settle the teen's nerves.

Yami took Yugi's right hand in his left one and settled his free one on Yugi's waist. They slightly began to move to the rhythm.

Yami was bothered by the fact that Yugi kept looking at his neck instead of looking him in the eyes. He withdrew the hand from the smaller one's waist and lifted his chin up. Yami frowned when he noticed the fear and nervousness in the amethyst eyes, not knowing the reason for these emotions.

Instead of asking the other teen what bothered him, he wrapped both of his hands around Yugi's waist and pulled him in an embrace. Yugi's eyes were huge by the time, not expecting such an act. Very slowly he put his hands around Yami's neck to complete the embrace. Yugi let his thoughts drift away and focused on the feel of his love and the music.

Yugi felt extremely strange. The spicy smell of Yami tickled his nostrils and with the warm body against his, he felt light-headed … and complete. His heart was racing and Yugi felt butterflies in his stomach. Nothing existed in the room for them as they glided together.

Both baded in the comfort the other offered. Yami pulled the boy closer, enjoying the feeling of the other teen in his arms. He seemed to fit perfectly in his arms. Yami thought about how cute the smaller youth was. Never in his life has he met a person like him. Yugi was so adorable and was seeking for protection which Yami offered willingly. He just seemed so fragile and innocent.

Yugi smiled to himself. The song expressed exactly his feeling for Yami.
This was the first time he felt really protected and loved. He lost himself in the arms of his love, deciding to cherish this moment as long as possible.

Yugi layed his head on Yami's shoulder and closing his eyes in bliss, hoping the other didn't mind. In response, Yami tightened his grip and pulled him closer so he could ret his head on the others.

When the song ended Yami and Yugi looked at each other, a smile on both their faces. Yugi couldn't be happier, except the funny feeling in his stomach. He wasn't sure why he felt this way, but he hasn't a chance to find out as Yami began to lean down. Yugi's heart was beating so fast, he was afraid it'd explode. Before Yugi could feel Yami's lips, his feet refused to hold his weight any longer. Yugi felt sick and fought the urge to throw up.

Luckily, Yami caught him.
"Yugi, what's wrong? Are you alright!" Yami asked slightly panicked.
"No, I think there was too much alcohol in the drink" he answered, feeling guilty for ruining the moment.

Realization hit Yami and he smacked his head mentally. Of course this was too much alcohol for someone who never drunk before.
He picked Yugi up and decided to bring the smaller teen home. Yugi was disappointed and apologized every minute to Yami. Yami shacked his head every time and said it wasn't Yugi's fault and he should stop apologizing.

Yami was looking for Yugi's grandfather when they arrived at the Game Shop. But all he found was a note, which said that he'd be away for the next three days.

As there was no way that Yami would leave Yugi all alone under these conditions he was determined to stay. Yugi protested at first as he didn't want to be a burden, but in his weak state he hasn't much energy to discuss things with Yami.

Yami tucked the smaller teen in his bed and rested at the other one in the room, taking care of the younger youth the whole night.

A few hours later Yugi woke up, feeling much better. He noticed Yami sleeping peacefully on the bed. Yugi crawled out of the bed and walked to his friend, observing the figure. The sharp crimson eyes were hidden behind soft eyelids and the moon was shining at the sleeping form.

Yugi kneeled down beside the bed and began to caress Yami's check with the back of his hand. He berated himself for destroying the moment at the dance. 'Would he have kissed me, or was it just my imagination?'

All his thoughts focused on these soft lips 'How would it be?' Yugi wondered. Before thinking about this any longer he gave in his impulses and softly touched Yami's lips with his own. Feeling the lips of his secret love against his, he couldn't even think about pulling away. Instead he deepened it. Yugi loved the feel he received from this simple touch.

Yugi was brought back to reality when he felt a response and he immediately pulled away, face bright red. 'I kissed him … HOW CAN I BE THAT STUPID' Yugi shouted at himself, not noticing that Yami kissed him back.

Yami opened his eyes and faced a very flustered boy. He couldn't believe Yugi actually kissed him, but also couldn't deny the fact that he enjoyed it.

"Yugi …" Yami began, but what now. Hundred of thoughts ran through his head, but only one word came out of his mouth. "Why?"

'What could I possible tell him? I can't say 'I love you' … but … I can't lie to him …' Yugi bit his lip in nervousness. He hadn't planned this at all, but now there was no turning back.

"… because I like you" he whispered breathlessly. Yami opened his mouth to respond when Yugi spoke again "No, that's not true …" Yami's face fell. How could he have expected the young boy feel something else than friendship towards him …

" … I love you" Yugi told him. Yami broke in a genius smile. Yugi kept looking on the floor, berating himself for being so direct. Now he'll lose his only chance of love and happiness forever. Yami surely will be disguised and didn't want to see him ever again. Tears were forming in his eyes when he thought about this possibility.

Instead Yugi was pulled in a warm embrace. "… I care a lot for you Yugi, but…" 'Here is the rejection' Yugi thought " … I think it more than that … I love you too" Yami finished. Yugi stiffened in shock. Yugi looked at Yami to see if it was true. The smile he received chased all doubts away and he broke out in a genius smile himself.

The short teen wanted to jump in Yami's arms, but was stopped. Hurt shortly flashed in Yugi's eyes, but was replaced by happiness as Yami leaned down and gave him a soft chaste kiss. When they broke apart Yugi pounced Yami and they landed on the bed with a soft 'thump', Yugi laying fully on Yami. Yugi decided he liked the position and layed his head on Yami's chest and listened to his heartbeat. The other teen chuckled and put his hands around his love to hold him, not that Yugi wanted to be somewhere else. Both fell asleep in each other's embrace and enjoyed the feeling of completeness and joy …
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