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This takes place before the first book. Its also an A.U

It was a normal day for the people who lived at number four privet drive.

Petunia Dursley awoke, as the morning sun shone on her face.

She completed her early morning routine quickly and efficiently as her husband snored gently, he would awake shortly on his own so she saw no reason to disturb him. She checked on her son Duddly, who grunted loudly as he turned over, causing a smile on her face at his healthiness.

She made a brief stop at the cupboard under the stairs on her way to the kitchen to sharply knock upon its door and unlock it.

"Get Up!" She cried to her least favorite living person.

She continued on to the kitchen to begin the preparation for breakfast for her darling spouse and handsome young son.

A sleepy young boy shuffled his way into the kitchen, pushing his battered glasses up his nose and rubbing at the distinctive lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. He was barely six years old, though he looked younger.

Petunia looked down her nose at her nephew, thinking briefly about how his bright green eyes made it seem as if her deceased sister Lily Potter were looking out from her son Harry's face, mocking her.

Petunia yanked open the doors to the kitchen cupboard, pulling out a hideously green painted and chipped bowl that was Harry's. She pored the dry cereal into the bowl which she placed on the table.

"Eat this!" She snapped as she hurried to the stove, "After you are through I expect all the weeds pulled in the garden."

Harry nodded and ate his cereal quietly.

It was a normal day for young Harry, he had spent most of the morning pulling weeds from the garden, his small hand sore from the work.

His uncle had already left for work and his cousin had yet to leave the cool confines of the house, though he expected that to change soon as his cousins friends had dropped by a few minutes ago.

He went to the door and asked his aunt for a cup of water which was grudgingly given.

His cousin was outside now, Harry could see Duddly's great girth from were he stood, Duddly was looking for something, one of his friends said something and pointed at Harry, Duddly swung around looking at Harry and smiled, a sight that Harry knew meant that the other boy was planning to beat him up like always.

Harry handed the glass back to his scowling aunt who turned away from Harry.

Harry glanced at his approaching cousin and took off running away from Duddly and his gang.

Now at this time everything had gone as normal, but soon that would change, for better or worse the motions have been set, how shall the players react?

Harry ran, his cousin behind him, huffing and puffing. Soon Duddly would catch as Harry was still not quite fast enough to get away fully and once Duddly got tired his gang would take over, but Harry wouldn't give in easily, so he ran.

Something intercepted Harry though as he ran, he moved to dodge the old man and his dog but ended up tripping and falling into the road and in the path of an approaching car.

Now there is a type of ripple all around, as the paths to different futures approached, Harry would not have any time to move himself, and already one could here the screech as the lady in the car put on the brakes, Harry's fate rested in the old man who stood right across from Harry. Two definite futures could be seen, the two clearest, in one, the man reacts with barely a thought, quickly snatching Harry from the path of the car and causing his day to continue, with Harry being a bit shaken with a few scratches to his name, the day would go on as would his life as he lived out the next eleven years with the Dursley, received his Hogwarts letters, this memory, this day fading away.

The second fate, th one in which the man hesitates a moment to long, by the time he moves to save Harry, it is already to late, the impact is occurring, Harry is thrown back as the car him, causing his head to sharply hit the asphalt.

That second fate which is now taking place, as the man moves, the lady's car stops, and Harry Potter, The boy who lived, lies still in the road.

The lady screams at the sight of the child she had hit, the man moves toward the boy, he doesn't dare move him, so he shouts for someone to call an ambulance.

Duddly and his gang stand gaping at the spectacle in the road, as people gather, one of the neighbors has called the ambulance, the steadily approaching sirens breaking over the area, though the ambulance was still far away.

"Is there anyone here who knows this boy? Where he lives?" the old man asks.

Duddly slowly steps forward, somewhat unwilling to acknowledge being related to Harry but knowing that this was most serious and that if he did not there was a small chance he would get in trouble for this.

"I know him, he's my cousin."

"Can you get his or your own parents please? Quickly now." The old man stated, his face firm.

Duddly nodded and made his way home, glad to be away from the sight.

The Ambulance arrived as Duddly and Petunia made their way to where the accident took place, the ambulance workers were loading Harry into the back when they made it to the scene.

Petunia made it known that she was Harry's aunt, so they had her and Duddly ride with them.

As they drove to the hospital the workers asked many questions about Harry.

Petunia was very glad once they were at the hospital.