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The tour taught Harry a lot about the Academy, but also raised questions as well. The Academy was huge, with four large student towers and an even larger central tower where everything else was. The grounds were large, with well tended gardens and walkways. It was not so much like a school, more like a palace. Favian had chuckled when Harry had said that.

"The academy was once a stronghold and training grounds for the armies of the ancient elves. It's large for that reason."

Harry though the Academy was beautiful, bordered on one side by tall mountains that look like jagged pieces of rainbows stuck in the earth and reaching up to catch the clouds that it had come from, to the woods whose branches rang like many different bells when the wind breezed through it. There was a rushing river that cut through the mountains and vanished into the forest, Harry wondered if the water was safe to drink, its color being a deep dark red.

Walking with Favian was different than walking with Agate or Einar, Agate always talked, gesturing wildly to make some unknown point or to express her emotions. With Einar, Harry always felt hesitant, unsure of what to say and do around him. Einar always acted as if everything was a huge joke. But with Favian, it was calmer, he only spoke when he had something important to say. One of the interesting things about Favian, at least to Harry, was that he was younger than he appeared to be. When they had first met Harry had thought him to be around Agate's age, but in truth he was recently turned ten, not twelve like Agate.

Harry found his classes, and the beings teaching them, very interesting. His first class every morning was the all-in-one class, as it was commonly called by its students. It was taught by a tall and clumsy man called mr. Whipsly, who looked as if he was closely related to a scarecrow, as in that old movie his cousin had watched once on the telly. mr. Whipsy smiled often, a bright and open grin, often cracking jokes and telling tales to help him teach. Einar shared the class with him, and absolutely adored the teacher. Harry liked the teacher a lot as well, finding him vastly different than his old teacher at his old school. The class taught reading, writing, maths and the basic rules and laws of the school and surrounding area. The teachers also explained the dangers that existed in the area and gave instructions on what to do if encountering them.

The next class, the second and last class he and Einar shared was a history class. It was taught by three small beings who all spoke at the same time, they had grayish green skin and no hair, long arms and legs with slender fingers. Their eyes, two very large orbs that nearly took up there whole face, were faceted, like the jewels in the pretty earrings his aunt wore to important events. There voices were chiming as they spoke of this world, called Aroshol, and the people who had come here from Harry's world, that the called Gaia. They said once that they were a people that lived in the nearby woods.

Harry had lunch after that in the cafeteria next to the tower he lived in, and an hour free that he usually spent in the library, exploring the shelves with its many books and scrolls and even chiseled tablets and complicated tapestries that hung from the walls. Miss Mikay, the librarian, was a very jittery and small lady with spiky blue hair. She smelled heavily of peppermint and hugged everyone that came to check out books.

His next class wasn't like any other class he had ever been in. The teacher was a huge woman, Raiga, a giant who said she came from the mountains of Gaia, he voice was slow and gentle as she spoke. She lead her class outside, under the largest tree on the grounds, a tree so large that even when standing on her tip toes and reaching straight up Raiga couldn't touch the lowest of the branches. She had the class sit and led them through many breathing excersizes and into meditation.

After that there was a class taught by a short man with leaves growing out of his head and skin like bark who said the closest translation of his name was 'son of mighty gray oak', so everyone just called him Gray-Oak. He taught them about the plants in the gardens, which ones could be eaten and which to be careful around.

After that was free time until dinner, which everyone ate in the great dining hall near the front of the building. As a new and young student Harry only had a light class schedule, Agate had explained, next year there would be more classes added onto his schedule. Every student had a journal that they had to record their dreams and any odd visions or feelings they had had.

Harry recorded all of his dreams, which lately had been clearer and odder than before. There were more odd things in his dreams as well, people that he could have sworn he knew, animals that he had never seen before and odd symbols and places that felt oddly alive to him.

Every day before dinner he would join Favian on his daily walks of the grounds. Harry often wondered if this was what it was like to have an older brother, but was hesitant to say anything, afraid of upsetting or insulting Favian. He would notice sometimes that Favian would look at him oddly, Harry wondered at those looks but did not ask, not really sure if he really wished to know.

Time flew for Harry, the days passing quickly and unnoticed by him so that night as Harry was reading a book of Arosholin fables, he was very surprised to hear Einar, who had been reading a letter, ask him, "what will you be doing over Christmas break?"

Harry blinked, startled, loosing his place in the book, "Christmas break? I guess... nothing really."

Einar looked startled at this, "nothing? You aren't going to spend it with your family?"

Harry though about spending Christmas with the Dursleys, locked in his cupboard as the opened their gifts, Duddley taunting him with his gifts and with Christmas dinner, of which he would be lucky enough to get the scraps of as his aunt and uncle smiled smugly at him and told him that he should be grateful to them for what little he got. "No, I'll be here, doing nothing really."

He closed his book and turned out the light, ending the conversation and leaving Einar to gaze after him with concern.


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