By Sweet Shuichi



"You baka! You'll always be a baka!"

Tsuzuki woke up instantly. For a few seconds he had difficulty breathing because the dream he had been having was so intense. "That damn bastard! Is he manipulating my dreams now!" he yelled as he tightly closed his eyes shut and coarsely grasped two handfuls of the silk comforter that was concealing his body. He languidly opened up one eye and then the other as he began to realize that he was not in the gay bar anymore.

"Where am I and what happened?" he asked himself. Tsuzuki took a moment to look around the sunlit room. He was in a grand bedroom that was decorated with three abstract paintings. The bed he was in had silk bedding and was also comfortable as hell. So at least he couldn't complain about that. He yawned and sat up which caused the white comforter to slide down to his hips and uncover his tantalizing bare chest.

"What…the…" he stammered as he lifted up the comforter. "AHHHH! I'm naked!" he cried out sounding like a little boy. That's when it finally hit him. Muraki must have left him at the gay bar completely alone, a little drunk, and in his irresistible puppy form. So maybe some drunken guy, that had an odd animal fetish, took advantage of him. But he was only asleep, wouldn't he remember if something like that happened? And when did he change from a puppy back to being himself? During his sleep perhaps? "Damn!" he shouted in frustration. "Where in the hell are my clothes at?"

"Good morning, Mr. Tsuzuki," said a voice from across the room.

Tsuzuki's head slowly started to turn towards the voice. However, before he could say or see anything, a pile of clothes struck the front of his face. "My clothes. My wonderful clothes!" he exclaimed as he hugged them to his chest.

He was very glad and relieved to have his clothes back. Yet, as soon as he lifted his eyes to the person that threw them, those feelings soon diminished. "Muraki," he spat.

"I wonder, do you enjoy being hit in the face? It would seem that you never do dodge." Muraki was leaning against the cream colored wall by the bedroom door looking quite lively and bewitching. He was wearing a thin silk white robe that was partly opened up at his chest. Tsuzuki just gazed at him then, allowing his mind to process Muraki's appearance. The more he stared the more he realized that the robe complimented his figure a little too much. His platinum blonde hair was also wet so Tsuzuki reasoned that he must have been in the shower or bath.

Unconsciously his eyes started to trail down further but he stopped himself. 'I don't want to see that' he thought quietly. He was going to ask Muraki about the night before but when he looked back at him the robe was opened up a lot more. Therefore, much more of Muraki's pale body was lewdly exposed and Tsuzuki just couldn't handle that. "Hey! You're doing that on purpose," he accused.

Muraki gave him a wicked smirk. "Are you displeased? I thought I was doing you a favor after all. You've been sitting there, silently staring at my body for almost five minutes. Or perhaps you've been waiting for me to come over there," he said as he pointed towards the bed. "As you can obviously see, I just took a shower but if you desire me so badly I'll…"

"Shut up. You explain to me right now what has happened since last night Muraki. Tell me what you did to that boy."

"Nothing at all. You fell asleep so I brought you home with me. Or would you have preferred me to have left you there all alone?" he asked as he adjusted his robe.

Tsuzuki's mind started to create images of what could have happened if he'd stayed. After visualizing the stripper Tuxedo Melvin trying to get him to lick off whipped cream from his small thin body he wasn't sure which was better. 'Why did I choose to go to that particular place in the first place?' he pondered silently for a second. "Stop the bullshit and tell me what you did to that boy," he yelled. Tsuzuki's amethyst eyes burned with fury and he was getting very impatient.

"I already told you, nothing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get dressed," he announced as he started to make his way out of the room.

Tsuzuki couldn't tolerate Muraki's attitude any longer. He knew damn well that Muraki wouldn't have just left the kid alone. He wrapped the bed's sheet around his hips and jumped from the bed. He then pinned the evil doctor roughly against the wall. This shocked the hell out of Muraki.

"Oh my, your anger is just as bad as that…"

"Enough. Stop being evasive and tell me the truth."

"I see. Actually, I had no intention of doing anything to that boy. I was on my way home from a café when I saw you. I was certainly astonished to see you saunter into that place and so I decided to follow you inside. However, I waited a while to see if you were meeting someone there before I approached you. I really wanted to…spend some time with you so I used that boy as a reason to do so," he explained quickly.

Tsuzuki decided to let Muraki go even though he wasn't completely satisfied with the answer. "You're still going to toy with other people's lives so you can have my body," he said despondently. His exquisite amethyst eyes gazed off into space.

"Yes, I'm afraid I am." Muraki slowly lifted up his arm and gently caressed the side of Tsuzuki's face with his hand. "You have the perfect body," he said softly as the other hand traced his collarbone. "Mr. Tsuzuki," he breathed into his left ear. That same hand deviously made its way down Tsuzuki's hot sweaty chest and to the hand that grasped the sheet wrapped around his hips.

Tsuzuki felt the smoothness of Muraki's robe against his chest and the dampness of his fine hair on his flushing cheek. He breathed in the aroma of the shampoo and soap he must have used during his shower. The fragrance resembled the smell of roses but with something else as well. He couldn't quite tell what it was, but he liked it.

Muraki placed his hand on top of Tsuzuki's and said, "One day you will come to me Mr. Tsuzuki." He brought Tsuzuki's face closer to his and stared deeply into his eyes. He saw dismay in those lovely eyes though. He thought he saw a glimpse of passion in them but wasn't sure. He was about to kiss him but noticed Tsuzuki was trembling underneath his touch and he disliked that. Therefore, just as their lips were about to touch, he stopped. "For your sake, I'm willing to wait till that precious moment in time," he declared into his ear. "I may even decide to be tender," he added.

"What are you talking about?" Tsuzuki whispered.

"What I want to do with your perfect body of course," he purred. Tsuzuki pushed Muraki away, as he always does, because he was starting to get aroused. He's not the type that would admit to something like that though.

"My obsession and lust for you hasn't dwindled since that day we encountered each other. Remarkably, it's grown." He confessed with a wink. Tsuzuki's eyes widened. Muraki then walked out of the room and down the long hallway.

"Are you aware of how perverse and abnormal you are? Do you?" he called after him.

Muraki paused without turning around. "Are you aware that it's hypocritical of you to even ask?"


"Well, I'm going now," he said casually.

"Now just wait a second…"

"Feel free to do as you like. You are my guest now after all. My very special guest, Mr. Tsuzuki." Just as Muraki turned around Tsuzuki slammed the door. "How impertinent," he said to himself as he walked down the dimly lit hallway.

While Muraki was molesting Tsuzuki, the Summons Section of the Judgment Bureau was in turmoil. Hisoka just sat beneath the cherry blossom trees all morning. He refused to acknowledge anyone's presence and allowed himself to be buried by the fluttering pink blossoms. No one could figure out why the poor thing was doing it. It just wasn't like him to be so dormant. And while Hisoka sat in solitude everyone else sat at that long brown table discussing Tsuzuki's conduct.

"This is ridiculous! Just what is that slacker thinking?" barked Chief Konoe. "Leaving like he did…"


Watari and him were discussing the crude behaviors of the Gushoshin owls when they noticed Tsuzuki looking very distressed and about to storm out of the office.

"Tsuzuki what's the…" Konoe started to ask.

"Hisoka is so mean!" Tsuzuki complained.

"Oh not this again."

"Honestly, you two act like a bickering couple. Maybe you should seek some marriage counseling," Watari chuckled.


"I was just kidding. Poor kid though. He has been very moody lately." He commented. His owl started to flap its wings, which made it look really lovable.

"Seriously Tsuzuki, you need to stop acting like a child," the chief began. "Just what did you do to him anyway?"

"Nothing," Tsuzuki asserted. His face was flushed and looking rather guilty. Watari and the chief both sighed together.

"Oh Hisoka," exclaimed Watari. Hisoka had entered the office with his hands on his hips.

"Hisoka," echoed Tsuzuki. Hisoka mumbled something and looked away from him.

"I'm sick of working with this baka. I'd rather work with the Gushoshin twins," he admitted.

"Wha?" Tsuzuki shouted. Everyone else just blinked. "Is that true Hisoka?"


"Oh dear…" whispered Watari.

"That's absurd. The owls aren't for that…" shouted Chief Konoe.

Tsuzuki's eyes looked nervously around the office. "Fine. It's obvious to me that you really do hate me Hisoka. I guess it's probably my fault isn't it? I thought that maybe you…never mind. You'll never see me as anything else but some baka. If you want to be partners with them or whomever else then go right ahead because I'm leaving. I just can't stand you calling me a baka dammit. And I won't make you suffer anymore. I won't!" he vowed and ran for the door.

"Tsu…zuki," Hisoka stammered.

"But where are you going to go to?" asked Watari. Tsuzuki just ignored him and ran out the door.

"Don't stay out too long. And you'd better bring me back a souvenir Tsuzuki. Or I'll cut your earnings in half!" the chief called after him.

(End Flashback)

"I thought he was just upset and needed some time to himself. I didn't realize he was actually being serious."

"The both of them have been through so much recently. I doubt that they even meant what they said," reasoned Tatsumi as he corrected his constantly falling glasses on his nose.

"Hmph," replied the chief. "I probably really should cut his pay."

Watari rose from his chair and walked over to the window that overlooked the cherry blossom trees. "The kid is still sitting there completely in a daze and covered by those blossoms. He must not have realized Tsuzuki was being serious either."

Before they could say anything else Wakaba came running inside with her long wavy hair flowing behind her. "Oh! You guys, the owls are doing it again. It's not cute either. And on the photocopy machine," she squealed.

"Just what the hell is going on around here?" Chief Konoe bellowed as he and Watari left to go scold the naughty twin owls.

Wakaba looked towards Tatsumi and then skipped over to the window and peered down at Hisoka who was now nothing more than a pile of cherry blossoms. "Oh Hisoka…" she said sadly before she left the room.

Tatsumi was still seated at the table now all by himself. "Tsuzuki, what are your wishes now?"

Shuichi: I wish Yuki would be nicer to me and buy me some strawberry pocky!

Ryuichi: I wish Shuichi would leave Yuki and be my shiny shiny na no da!

Shuichi: Eh?

Yuki: I demand you two to shut up and go buy me some beer and cigarettes.

Shuichi: *gets puppy eyes* Anything for you, Yuki my love!

Tatsuha: I wish Sakuma-san would (beep) and (beep) me and I could (beep) and (beep) him until we both (beep) like two (beep).

Shuichi: (beep)?

Tatsuha: Yep.

Yuki: Baka, he's 30.

Ryuichi: But my shine reaches everyone na no da!

Shuichi: You are so shiny!

Ryuichi: *hands Yuki a drawing of him shining*

Yuki: *stares at it* Is this your drawing?

Ryuichi: *nods*

Shuichi: Like I don't know where this is going.

Yuki: *hugs it to his chest* It's beautiful! Let's frame it and hang it above my bed.

Shuichi and Tatsuha: O_O

Ryuichi: *talking to Kumagoro* I told them my shine shall reach everyone.