By Sweet Shuichi

Note: There is a lime towards the end but nothing explicit so I think it can be rated R. So I will post it here but if people get offended I'll put it on the website.

Tatsumi and Wakaba quickly walked across the ground below the midnight star filled sky. Tatsumi's tired eyes were focused on the path leading towards the cherry blossom tree Hisoka was underneath and he distracted Wakaba's. She found herself stealing many glances of his perfect profile.

'He looks very attractive right now,' she thought as she smiled. 'His hair looks so soft and his blue eyes are sparkling enough to make even the stars envious.' For a moment she stared at him longingly, without blinking, and then she walked closer next to him.

Tatsumi was unaware of Wakaba's stares and pushed his glasses up his nose. 'Hisoka, why are you distancing yourself from us like this?' he wondered as he quickened his walking pace.

Wakaba tried to keep up with him but she stumbled and fell to the ground roughly on her knees. 'Ow…my left knee.' She looked down at her long light yellow skirt and was glad that she chose to wear it since it helped protect her. Tatsumi turned around and called out her name. 'Oh how embarrassing,' she thought as she saw him walking towards her.

"Are you okay Wakaba?" he finally asked as he helped her up.

"Oh I'm fine. Sorry about that," she said softly as she blushed a little.

"It's okay," he replied as he let go of her and smiled.

'I love that look the most.' She turned around and lifted up her head to gaze at the moon. Her eyes widened a bit when she saw how magnificent it looked. "Wow! The moon is so big and gorgeous tonight." The cool night breeze played with her hair and caused it to blow out in front of her face. She turned to face him as she tucked the strands of hair behind her ear and ignored the slight pain from her knee.

Tatsumi looked at her with a bit of both confusion and annoyance on his face. The moon was the least of his concern. Why should they be possessed by it when they had to help Hisoka?

"It's almost like I could just reach out my arm and touch it with my fingers," she whispered. 'I could do the same to you if I chose to.'

'Why is she still talking about the moon?' He looked up and noticed it was different than usual. 'It's closer and much brighter,' he thought.

"You can't help but be enchanted right Tatsumi?" she asked with a small chuckle.

He thought for a moment and replied, "I believe the moon has that extraordinary power over us all." He turned to face her. "Well, we need to get to Hisoka so we'll have to put the moon on hold for a while right?"

Side by side they started to walk across the carpet of cherry blossoms underneath their feet.

Tsuzuki pushed back his empty plate and sighed contently. He had just finished their desert (Yes, Muraki was kind enough to give him his ^_^) and was now more than full. He stretched out his legs and could still taste the sweetness of the tempura cheesecake on his tongue. Much to his surprise, the entire meal had been absolutely delicious and Muraki had acted almost…normal. Then again, Muraki didn't say much of anything since they arrived at the restaurant and sat down in their private eating room.

Muraki precisely folded his napkin and set it down on the table. He had waited patiently for Tsuzuki to finish his food and was sure that he would start questioning him at any moment. Throughout their meal he had carefully thought about how he should word his answers. He couldn't have Tsuzuki getting suspicious now could he?

However, that's not all he did. He took pleasure in watching Tsuzuki devour his food because it had been oddly interesting and entertaining. Muraki found that while he ate selectively and chose to consume each type of food one by one, Tsuzuki literally attacked his and mixed the variety of foods together. He also noted that Tsuzuki made irresistible light moaning sounds in his throat when he was extremely pleased with the taste.

`Tsuzuki, I'm quite certain that you could easily seduce all of humanity.' He took one last sip of his wine and their waiter came and took away their dishes.

Tsuzuki sat forward and his violet eyes settled on Muraki's steel grey eyes. "Muraki, than…thanks for…the food," he self-consciously stammered. `I'm grateful. But even so…' Embarrassed, he then turned his head to the window that overlooked the tranquil garden outside.

`Look at me.' Muraki stretched his arm across the square table and placed his hand on top of Tsuzuki's.

He made a small gasp and his eyes widened with surprise. `His hand is warm and not as cold as before. Is it because of the wine?' He immediately attempted to pull back but Muraki quickly grasped his hand.

"I've enjoyed eating with you Mr. Tsuzuki."

"Just what are you trying to get at?"

He grinned and slowly replied with a low tone, "That's just like you Mr. Tsuzuki." Slowly he lifted his hand off from Tsuzuki's and gently his fingertips intentionally lingered on the soft skin of Tsuzuki's hand. "Expecting ulterior motives behind anything I do or say."

Tsuzuki drew back his hand and held it with his other hand as though Muraki had wounded it. "Damn right!" he shouted rather loudly so that his voice seemed to echo.

"Tell me, why is that?"

"What?" Tsuzuki's eyes peered down at his hands for a second. "Because you just did it!" he retorted.

"And just what did I do?" He asked sounding very surprised.

"You know what you did."

"Oh?" He touched the left side of his face with his index finger. Tsuzuki nodded. "Hmm…do you want me to do it again?" he teased.

Tsuzuki fell over to the side. "No!" he shouted from the floor.

Muraki pushed himself away from the table and stood up. He walked over to Tsuzuki and knelt down beside him. "Why, Mr. Tsuzuki?"

`Must look at garden…must look at garden,' he told himself as he stared outside.

Muraki smirked and used his fingers to play with Tsuzuki's hair. "Your hair is so soft," he murmured.

Tsuzuki practically jumped up and sat in the corner of the room. "You promised me that you wouldn't do such perverted things!" he said accusingly as he pointed at Muraki.

"Yes I did. Well, as far as I'm concerned, I didn't do such things. Or did I? Why not tell me what it is that I did?" He faintly smiled.

"You touched my hand and my hair with your filthy hands. Twice!"

"And that's `perverted'?" He got up again and was about to walk over to him when Tsuzuki lifted up his hand signaling for him to stop.


"I understand. Well, as long as you acknowledge what I did and don't forget."


"I'll refrain from doing anything further that is `perverted'." He paused. "For tonight anyway."

"Honestly?" His eyes lit up. `Wait a sec, he just promised me that earlier.'

"Yes, now we should be going. I'm sure the restaurant wants its money and that you're eager to ask your questions right?" he asked as he put on his trench coat not really anticipating an answer.

Muraki paid the bill (X_x has seen the bill) and they walked outside into the fresh comforting air outside.

"Where would you like to go?" Tsuzuki looked confused. "To talk I mean."

"I don't care."

"Of course…" Muraki whispered.

In no time at all the both of them ended up back at Muraki's home. For the first time since he had been there Tsuzuki paused and really looked at the house. He noticed it was big but certainly not as big as he expected Muraki's house to be. The dark sky also made it appear a dark gray color when it was really a brilliant shade of white.

`Is the darkness trying to conceal something from me?' Tsuzuki trembled slightly from the sudden strong breeze and crossed his arms. Without thinking, he took a step forward towards the front of the house.

Muraki looked at him out of the corner of his sinister eye. "Mr. Tsuzuki?"

`The wind is even blowing colder.' He took another step but was stopped by Muraki's hand on his shoulder.

"Mr. Tsuzuki, lets talk outside."


"What is it?" Tsuzuki said nothing and seemed in a trance. `Oh how I want to take you right now Mr. Tsuzuki. However, that would ruin my plans.' Muraki lifted up his hand and brushed away the bangs hiding Tsuzuki's attractive eyes. "You seem cold."

"I'm fine," he answered. Tsuzuki took a step back from him. His heart raced and the many hairs on his arms stood up. `His touch is unbearable.'

"Please follow me then," he insisted and started walking towards the back of the house.

Tsuzuki silently agreed and followed closely by him. He acted like Muraki just completely messed up his hair and his fingers combed his bangs until they reached the backyard.

Muraki led him to more private area next to a small pond where there was a white table with two matching chairs waiting for them. All of this was surrounded by a spectacular garden of luxuriant roses.

Muraki offered one of the chairs to Tsuzuki and said, "I'll be right back Mr. Tsuzuki. There are a few things I need to take care of before we begin our discussion. So if you'll excuse me…" Tsuzuki nodded and Muraki walked back towards the house. His body eventually disappeared from view.

Tsuzuki leaned back in the chair and listened to the soothing acoustical sounds created by various insects and the night breeze. `Sometimes, it's hard to believe he's such an insane bastard,' he thought as he stretched his arms above his head. He then turned his head and looked intently at the dew that percolated the passionate red roses. One rose in particular caught his attention. The silk petals were all unfolded and the dew reflected the light from the moon. `Roses…Hisoka had said something about them. Hisoka…' His eyes stared at the rose but his thoughts drifted off into the past.


"Hey Hisoka!" yelled Tsuzuki as he entered the small dim lit room. "Hi…so…ka!"

Hisoka was resting on a red sofa. "What is it Tsuzuki?" he mumbled in a daze as he rubbed his eyes.

"Come on."

He stood up and eyed Tsuzuki warily. "Why?"

"Don't be like that!" he chuckled and possessively grabbed Hisoka's small delicate hand.

"Hey!" he protested but it was too late. Tsuzuki ran and took Hisoka with him.

Together they noisily ran through the almost endless hallways. Tsuzuki's cheerful laughter echoed throughout the enormous building and Hisoka's complaints about being treated like a kid were ignored.

"Tsuzuki slow down!" Tatsumi harshly shouted at them after they passed by his office.

Tsuzuki didn't care and in time they came to the main entrance doors. He shoved one of the heavy doors open and they both escaped out into the darkness. A moment later the door loudly slammed behind them and startled Hisoka.

Tsuzuki tightened his hold on Hisoka's hand. "Don't worry, just a little further."

"Whatever," he said more to himself. Tsuzuki silently led him into the cherry blossom garden and then suddenly stopped. "Tsuzuki?"

Tsuzuki glanced up at the night sky which was clear and dominated by a vast amount of twinkling stars. He then turned around and faced Hisoka's puzzled face. "Say Hisoka, would you mind joining me for some tea?"

Hisoka blinked and finally saw the cups of prepared tea on the table next to them. He also noticed his hand was still being grasped by Tsuzuki's and his face turned red.

Tsuzuki innocently smiled and released his hand. "Well?"

"Baka! You made such a commotion by bringing me out here so…"

"You can't possibly refuse right?" he finished for him with a wink.

"Something like that I guess," he commented as they sat down. A sigh escaped from his lips and he reached out for the tiny pink bowl of sugar in the middle of the table.

"Oh, you don't have to do that." He paused to take a sip of his tea. "I already put some sugar in yours."

"You're kidding…" he said softly as he lifted his cup and inhaled the sugar intensified fumes of the tea. He blinked twice.

A look of disappointment crossed Tsuzuki's face. "What's wrong Hisoka?" He knew Hisoka wasn't crazy for sugar but he only put in half of what he personally usually has.

He took in a small breath and then brought the cup to his lips. Quickly he took a small sip and his eyebrow twitched. "Nothing…but why do this for me?"

Tsuzuki's eyes watched the fluttering pink blossoms. He reached up, trying to catch one in his hand. "Because, you're my partner," he answered seriously.

Hisoka set his cup down. "What sort of an answer is that?"

"An honest one," he stated as he examined the tiny blossom that fell in his hand. "It's just that you've been so melancholy lately Hisoka. I thought maybe we should talk."

"What do you want me to say?" he asked annoyed.

"I suppose anything that you would like to say." His fingers released their hold and the free blossom drifted towards Hisoka. It chose to fall into his cup.

His eyes fixed on it. "You never discuss anything with me! How can you sit here and expect me to?" he cried never looking up from his cup. "So just stop it. Stop treating me like a…toy."

Tsuzuki's violet eyes widened. "I…" he began and the wind started to blow so hard that it looked like it was snowing. But, instead of being snow, it was cherry blossoms.

"After all this time…," his voice choked. "You still can't place your trust in me."

Tsuzuki saw the glistening tears that begged to be released from Hisoka's green eyes. He pushed back his chair and stood up.

"Something is wrong here. Partners shouldn't have secrets from one another Tsuzuki," he admitted when Tsuzuki walked over to him. "Why can't you just open your eyes and see how much everyone cares for you?" The shiny tears started to creep down his face.

He moved Hisoka's chair and knelt down in front of him. The cherry blossoms fluttered in the sudden gentle wind. A few of them became trapped in the shiny strands of Hisoka's light hair. His warm fingers went underneath Hisoka's chin and lifted his face so that they looked deep into each other's dismal eyes. As he stared into those big beautiful green eyes he felt a part of himself stir. "Hisoka, you look so cute right now," he whispered gently.

"Baka, why say something like that now?" he asked with questioning eyes. Tsuzuki answered him by leaning forward and pressing his lips against his burning cheek. "Tsu..." he started to say.

But Tsuzuki wouldn't allow him to finish. "You said no secrets right?" he asked.

Briefly they stared at each other in silence. Neither one knowing what to say because Tsuzuki was toying with the intangible barrier that had been between them since the initial day they met in Nagasaki.

Tsusuki finally rested his hand on Hisoka's small shoulder and brought his face closer to his. The other hand lovingly caressed Hisoka's hair. Gently he removed one blossom and whispered, "Which is softer?" Hisoka glanced up and Tsuzuki lightly brushed his lips with the surface of the blossom. "This blossom or my lips?" he breathed as he leaned his head to the side and closed his eyes.

"Tsu…Tsu…wha…" he struggled with the words he wanted to say. How could he speak a single word when the strong emotions emanating from the depths of Tsuzuki's heart and soul flowed into him?

Their lips touched for the first time and for Tsuzuki it seemed like they had kissed one another several times in the past. He used his tongue to part Hisoka's warm lips and firmly grasped his shoulder. He believed Hisoka would vanish if he didn't.

The sensual contact caused Hisoka's body to tighten underneath his hand. The sweet sensation of Tsuzuki's tongue exploring his mouth was driving him mad but wasn't it…wrong? The touches he knew so well-the warm hugs that had comforted him, the light kisses placed on his cheek that had cleansed the tears from his eyes, and the hands that had protected him so many times-were different. They were no longer innocent; they were lustful. Yet something within himself wouldn't allow him to pull away. He continued to relish the faintly sweet taste of Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki wondered if he should stop but then his partner's tongue began to explore his own mouth. His fingers pressed into the thin layer of flesh as they both savored the intense kiss. The kiss lasted for long moments before Tsuzuki reluctantly pushed away so they could breathe. He still wanted to taste more.

Hisoka's bottom lip trembled slightly as Tsuzuki released the buttons on his sea green shirt one by one. He then placed wet kisses down Hisoka's slender neck while teasingly moving the cherry blossom up and down his bare chest. Tsuzuki's lips grazed his collarbone before he brought them up to his ear. "Not sure of the answer yet?" he murmured. Tsuzuki's hand left his shoulder to wander down his back and then rested on Hisoka's hip. There was no answer and as a result he bit down gently on his earlobe.

Hisoka moaned and his body shivered. He was slowly losing himself in Tsuzuki's caresses. But at the same time he also perceived the faint presence of darkness percolating his body which sent unpleasant chills up his spine.

Tsuzuki swiftly wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him down onto his lap. He wanted so badly to feel him and make him experience what he was feeling. Yes, every single one of those mixed emotions that he kept hidden for so long. He needed to touch every inch of his body and entice his senses.

Hisoka's shirt slid down one shoulder giving him access to more of his body. His warm lips touched the skin as he held him closer. His hand roamed the silky skin of Hisoka's chest as the other tugged at the rest of his shirt. It fell behind them and he rained wet kisses down his chest and abdomen. His fingers found the button on his jeans, undid it, and fumbled with the zipper for a minute.

Hisoka arched his back as Tsuzuki slightly tugged his jeans down and his tongue lightly traced his navel. He gasped when he felt him licking and then darting in and out of the small area. He found the sensation to be strangely erotic. His face flushed then when he realized the full extent of what was happening. It finally occurred to him that Tsuzuki probably wanted to…

Tsuzuki hungrily ran his tongue back up his stomach leaving a wet trail of saliva behind. He stopped at his chest and brought his mouth down on one of his hardened nipples. The simple act elicited a muffled whimper from Hisoka. He sucked and gently licked the dark nub while he brought up his hand to the other. His fingertip brushed across it and gave it a quick pinch as his tongue flicked the other.

Hisoka clawed the back of Tsuzuki's white shirt not knowing how much more his body could handle. Tsuzuki started planting kisses up his neck as Hisoka whispered his name once and then again a little louder. Tsuzuki lifted his face to meet his but said nothing. Instead, he passionately claimed Hisoka's mouth with his.

The kiss was much harder than the first and dizzying. Tsuzuki's powerful emotions were rapidly overwhelming Hisoka's small body. As their tongues entwined his mind was clouded with a vivid image of Tsuzuki being consumed by never ending blackness. He shouted Tsuzuki's name in his mind but it had no affect. The image was consuming him as well. Forcefully he tried to pull away.

It took him a couple of minutes but Tsuzuki finally became aware of Hisoka's uneasiness. He broke the kiss and affectionately brought Hisoka against his heaving chest. He panted and felt the rapid pounding of his partner's heart. "Sorry," he finally admitted. "It's my fault…I lost control." He sighed painfully and his fingers tangled Hisoka's hair.

Hisoka caught his breath and started to relax. They remained in silence for a long time and he decided he wouldn't tell Tsuzuki about what he saw in his mind. He didn't want to upset him anymore. He licked his lips then asked, "Tell me Tsuzuki, do you need me?"

Tsuzuki glanced down at him. "What do you mean?"

"I know I need you. I realized it then. Ever since you…when you were about to sacrifice…" he said softly. He grasped the material of Tsuzuki's shirt in his hands.

"Shhh…" he cooed.

"But you haven't shared your feelings with me. You still think of me as a child." He buried his face in the fabric.

Tsuzuki felt the wetness of his tears seep through the shirt. "Hisoka…"

"Do you know how much I worry about you?" he cried.

"Hisoka, you're my partner and I…"

"No!" he yelled and looked up into his violet eyes. "I'm not talking about that."

"I know," he replied and smiled down at him. "Now listen to me Hisoka. I don't deny that you mean a lot to me. It's true; you're responsible for my being here right now so at least understand that much."

"But Tatsumi was the one that…"

"Trust me Hisoka, you saved me from myself. But I want you to stop worrying. As long as you…need me I'll be here," he explained as he picked up Hisoka's shirt and placed it on his back.

"Don't let go just yet," he mumbled as he held the shirt closed with his hand.

"You sure?" he asked surprised. "Hisoka, are you trying to confess that..."


He snaked his arm around his back and sighed. He twisted Hisoka's hair between his fingers and said, "Actually, you never did answer me."

"Hmm?" he muttered.

"When I asked you what you thought was softer," he said easily.

"You mean you actually wanted an answer to that?"


Hisoka's hand brushed the dark brown bangs from Tsuzuki's eyes and replied, "Roses."


"A rose petal," he said specifically.

"They weren't an option!"

"I don't care. They're softer," he stated firmly.

"Ah come on, you're not being fair." There was no response. "Then it's settled. Next time I'll use a rose."

Hisoka's face turned crimson. "Baka, don't start planning such things!"


Shuichi: Oi, that was hard.

Ryuichi: Kumagoro liked it!

Shuichi: Yay! How about Yuki?

Yuki: *grabs Shuichi* Bedroom brat.

Shuichi: Yay! He liked it!