We decided to go ahead and update with a new song by Kumagoro! And if you aren't open to humor then off to the land of sweets you go. We will be making more so if you have any requests just say so! And thank you for the reviews for the Yuki song and yes, we are very fooked up but that is kewlies!


Kuma's Romance Romance Day Song

My name is Kuma Kuma-chan,

TAH DA na no da,

My master is the Pika Pika one, Ryuichi,

Kawaii-ness na no da,

I am the pink, fluffy, and ribbon endowed bunneh of inexplicable doom,

Lot's of big words na no da,

I have a computer chip so they can track Ryuichi,

Technology na no da,

And I won't explain the pain of having that inserted in my fluffy bottom by Mr. K,

Indecent na no da,

I'm put in the corner a lot while Ryuichi does naughty things,

You know you are having bad thoughts na no da,

His favorite thing that he dresses me up as is Shuichi in his stage costume,

LA LI HO na no do,

Tohma ran over me once and said it was a mistake,

LIES na no da,

I got stuck in between Noriko's breasts one time and nearly suffocated,

NOSEBLEED time na no da,

Yuki was babysitting me today; he spilled beer on me and then flicked ashes in my eyes for good measure,

Stinky na no da,

Why does everyone abuse me?

Poor Kuma Kuma-chan na no da,

Mr. K came over and stuck a gun to Yuki's head and then said "Say you are sorry to the bunneh!"

My savior na no da,

I want to Kumagoro Beam Tachi Aizawa of ASS cuz he took heinous photos,

ASK sucks na no da,

I must go now because Ryuichi just put on his Bad Hat and he's giving me the Yuki glare,

SHUT UP na no da,

He just tied me to the bed post and now Shuichi just came over,

Embarrassing na no da,

Ryuichi says it's a surprise visit,

MORE LIES na no da,

But no matter how crazy and devious my master is, I still love him,

3 na no da.