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"Words"-Spoken words


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Yuugi shivered as the teen's warm breath curled around his ear, sending a powerful tingling sensation through his body. He couldn't keep himself from blushing as the sandy-blond teen pressed his body fully against his own. For once he was glade he was short. He hissed slightly as he the teen pressed closer, his ribs were already bruised enough.

A shaky breath passed his dry lips as he stuttered out, "wh-who are you?" A light blush creeped onto his cheek's as the teen cupped his cheek. A low growl passed the teen's lips as he slowly stroked Yuugi's cheek.

Yuugi stiffened as the teen's pale arm wrapped around his waist, his fingertips stroking his hip sensationally. Nicklous calm gray blue eyes closed slowly as he stroked Yuugi soft skin. He moaned slightly, Yuugi gad the softest skin that he had ever touched. He couldn't wait until he could touch more.

Continuing to ignore Yuugi's question the teen ran his lips softly over pale Yuugi's neck. A soft sight escaped the blond as his tongue danced smoothly over Yuugi's neck, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Yuugi hissed again, this time in pleasure as Nicklous blew over his neck.

Pulling back a satisfied smile crossed his lips. "My name, chibi-ichi is Nicklous and it's a pleasure to meet you." At the word pleasure Nicklous pulled back, sliding his fingers smoothly down Yuugi's arm until curling them around Yuugi's fingers and bring his hand up to his mouth, kissing the knuckles gently.

Yuugi smiled sweetly as he pulled his hand back. Nicklous sure knew how to act like a gentleman. Yuugi wrinkled his nose, a scent lingered there that he had never smelt before. Pulling his hand up to his nose he took a quick sniff. It smelt of coffee, chocolate, and roses. But who or where had it come from?

Yuugi jumped when he felt two arms snake around his waist. He winced as Nicklous leaned against his chest. "Don't be afraid my sweet Yuugi, I would never hurt you." Nicklous whispered softly as he leaned his forehead against Yuugi's. Yuugi gasped as he felt a strange desire build up. Yuugi couldn't resist letting his eyes to slip closed. He sighed deeply as the scent wrapped itself around him. That scent engulfed him, there was just something so alluring about it. With a low moan Yuugi unknowingly wrapped a pale arm around Nicklous neck, snuggling deeper into his neck. That scent was so strong, but where did it come from?

Yuugi jumped when he felt something cold hit his abdomen. Nicklous made no protest as Yuugi pulled away as he picked up the shinny piece of metal that hung around his neck. As far as he could tell it was a set of military dog tags. Turning the metal over he read:

Royal Army of The Commonwealth of England

Reg No: 1019R015N7-K0419

Name: Nicklous C.

Rank: First Class

Year: Senior year

Yuugi glanced up curiously as he let the dog tags fall back against his abdomen. Why would Nicklous, someone I don't even know give me a set of dog tags? Yuugi's eyes went wide as he caught a flash of amber. Curiously he reached out gripping Nicklous chin so that he could get a better look at his eyes. He frowned, as far as he could tell they were still the same stormy gray-blue. Yuugi just shook his head.

Nicklous chuckled softly as he moved Yuugi's hand, using it to pull the petit boy back into his arms. Re-wrapping his arms around Yuugi's waist he started nuzzling Yuugi's neck gently, slowly moving his lips up until it met with the bottom of Yuugi's jaw. Leaving a ghost of a kiss their he moved in to Yuugi's ear, licking it once fully before pulling back and resting his chin of Yuugi's shoulder.

"Get your hands off him you jackass." Yuugi gasped as Nicklous turned quickly, blocking a punch aimed for the back of his head. Yuugi blinked as Nicklous turned back to him, brushing his lips lightly across his cheek. He didn't even seem startled at being attacked. "I'll see you later." Dropping Rika's fist he turned, walking calmly down the hallway. Yuugi looked on confused as two other men clad in the same uniform as Nicklous walked quickly past him.

Yuugi turned when Michiko put a hand on his shoulder. "Were sorry Yuugi, we turned the corner and." Yuugi just shook his head, "it's ok really."

A bright smile crossed Michiko face as she pulled Yuugi into a fearies hug. "He didn't hurt you did he?" Yuugi frowned as he pulled away, he didn't know why but for some reason he felt offended. He snarled coldly he answered. "No he didn't." His eyes narrowed. "and what makes you think that he would?"

Yuugi flinched slightly as Michiko turned away to call Rika who had chased Nicklous down the hallway. He could see the hurt in her forest green eyes. He couldn't believe that he had been that rude to Michiko, she had been so nice to him. I didn't mean to be harsh with Michiko. I don't know what came over me, she was only worried about my well being.

Yuugi frowned as he turned his thoughts to other matters. So it wasn't Michiko who smelt like coffee, roses, and chocolate. She smelt, she smelt more like the big city, not in a bad way or anything that's just what he thought of. Maybe it was Rika?

Yuugi's eyes went wide as Rika turned the corner. "Rika what happened?" Rika frowned as she touched her rapidity bruising eye.

"This?" She asked smugly. Yuugi nodded. He could tell that she was proud of herself. She smiled, "I got when that jackasses lackey caught me off guard."

Michiko frowned as she glanced as Rika's eye. She sighted heavily. "Yuugi, Rika and I have decided that were going to teach you to defend yourself."

"Why?" Yuugi looked confused as he turned from looking at Rika's eye. He had enough experience with black eyes in his life. It wasn't that bad and he was sure that she had plenty of them in her life too and knew what to do.

Michiko sighed as he walked the short distance to Yuugi. She smiled sadly as she placed both hand on his shoulders. She couldn't believe that Yuugi would think so less of himself. "We don't want asses like that to hurt you any more. We like you and don't want to see you hurt."

Yuugi offered a half-hearted smile. Just as he was about to protest Michiko glared at him, telling him clearly to be quite. Changing the subject he asked, "so what are we going to be doing today?"

Rika answered as they walked through a set of double doors. "Well Michiko and myself are going to be giving shots of SD while you unfortunately get stuck with bookwork."

Yuugi nodded as they walked into a cold room. The room was small and crowded. There were at least ten bookshelves and desks in the room, everyone was piled with endless amounts of paperwork and boxes. He cocked his head to the side, he could hear muffle baby cries. Looking around he noticed that there was a large viewing window on the left. Letting his curiosity get the better of him he walked over. Several babies were inside a large room. Oh, that's right SD is given to babies soon after their born. Yuugi shifted as he frowned, thinking about SD made him feel guilty.

"Alright, Yuugi would you please grab that red book from off the desk over there and then get a box of gloves out of the cabinet marked Yellow two." Yuugi jumped, shaken from his thoughts. He nodded slowly as she left the room. With a light sigh he got the desired objects and then joined Rika and Michiko in the next room.

This room was much smaller, but much warmer then the last. It was only big enough to support two desk and a bookshelf piled with small boxes.

As he sat down at an empty desk Michiko walked in with a crying baby girl. Her face had lost all of it's cheerfulness and was now set with seriousness. Yuugi didn't think that the look suited her. "This is how it will work." Yuugi nodded to show he was listening as Michiko sat the baby down on a holder. "As I come in I'll call off a name. Then you Yuugi, will find the name and read off the amount of SD labeled there. Then Rika will administer the shot. It will continue like that until were done."

Both Rika and Yuugi nodded. "Migahara, Birie." Quickly flipping through the book Yuugi found the name and called out, "two milligrams." He watched as Rika filled up the syringe. Yuugi sighted as he marked off Migahara's name. The initials stood for sexual deterrent. The shot came about because of the World Confederation-the most powerful political organization in the world-were tired of the plague of teen pregnancy's and even more frustrated with abandoning fathers. They had hoped that SD would help both situations.

"Inone, Armand." Snapping out of his thoughts Yuugi quickly looked up the boys name. "1.5 milligrams." Yuugi saw Rika nod before he turned back to his thoughts. The World Confederation had their best scientist come up with an injection that made it easer to detect pregnancy in women. It detected pregnancy by a single mark placed on the skin-usually on the stomach-before sex. Then if the mark didn't fade after twenty-four hours then the women was pregnant. The injection also acted as a pregnancy suppressant that somehow didn't allow a women to become pregnant the first time she had sex with a man. It was rumored that SD somehow examined the DNA of sperm and only after several sexual session with a person would it allow pregnancy to occur.

"Sato, Elisa." Broken from his thoughts again Yuugi quickly found the name and read off the amount. That's when the council came in, they passed a law that said that before any man had sex with a women he had to mark her, then if she became pregent he had to marry her, with no chance of a divorce. Also if a man didn't mark a women and she become pregnant the man could face jail time and then be forced to marry the girl anyway after he got out. DNA testing on babies was now the norm. There was even a special police division that dealt with the problem.

"Kuroda Aiko" Yuugi nodded, quickly looking up the name and reading the amount off before checking her name off. Many men felt that the law invaded their privacy. So they protested against the law by turning to me instead. Unfortunately, SD had some unforeseen problems. One of the problems was that it allowed for more rapes. There were two reason for that. One was that by law as long as a man marked a women before sex occurred he had a claim on her and could do whatever he wanted. The other was that because SD suppresses pregnancy they often didn't have anything to worry about.

"This is the last one." Michiko said cheerfully as she entered the room. "Miki Fujita" Now that expression suits her better, Yuugi thought as he nodded quickly looking up the boys name. "1.5 mailgrams." There was another hitch to the injection. For SD to work it had to be given to both sexes. For awhile all was peaceful, teen pregnancy was way down, marriage longevity was up, but then all hell broke lose. Seven years after the first group of men had been injected with SD one after another the men started mysteryily becoming pregent. SD was heavily tested after that, it proved that SD slowly messed with the male body allowing over time for a male to become pregent.

"Yuugi?" Yuugi snapped out of his thoughts at Michiko calling his name. He smiled weakly as he closed the book and handed it to Rika.

"How about we grab a bite to eat from the vending machine before we head out to our next task?" Rika proposed as she walked back in from putting the extra bottles of SD and the book away.

"Sure," both replied at the same time.

Yuugi frowned as Michiko inserted her 500 yen note into the vending machine, his stomach was rumbling but he didn't have any money.

Rika frowned as she munched on her crackers. "Aren't you going to get something to eat Yuugi?" She asked noticing that Yuugi didn't pull out any money.

Yuugi shook his head. "No don't worry about me. I'm not hungry anyways." Before she could push farther her cell phone rang. Sighing she picked it up.

"Yes Tanaku-san. Sure we'll be there." A pause "Alright."

Rika seemed paler as she turned to talk to Michiko. "Michiko we have to head upstairs." At her confused look Rika added, "it's an emergency." Michiko nodded as Rika turned to face Yuugi. "Yuugi, Tanaku-san said to go to the Children Center." Before Yuugi could blink the two girls were gone.

Yuugi glanced around helplessly, he didn't have a clue as to where the Children Center was. He took a step back, maybe he should go back to the SD center. He was sure that he had seen a phone there, maybe he could call someone and ask how to get there. He couldn't stop from shivering lightly, he was all alone again.

Yuugi squeaked and jumped as two warm objects slid around his waist, pulling him against a warm, soft substance. "Don't worry it's just me." Nicklous whispered as he tightened his grip. Yuugi physically relaxed as he let out a slow, calm breath. He recognized the deep voice and off Japanese accent. It was Nicklous. Yuugi shivered as Nicklous slid his hand along his bare stomach as he purred, "what are you doing out here all alone and defenseless?" Where anyone could touch what belongs to me.

Yuugi sighed as he closed his eyes, Nicklous was right. He hated being all alone, it reminded him of a time he wished he could forget. But there was nothing he could do about it, Rika and Michiko were gone. It took Nicklous nipping at his ear to bring him out of it enough to answer his question. "Michiko and Rika had to leave. They said something about me going to the Children Center and"

Before he could finish Nicklous interrupted him by putting a finger over his lips. "And let me guess chibi-ichi, you don't know where it is?" Yuugi nodded, confused that Nicklous would know. The blue-eyed teen chuckled as he broke his hold.

Yuugi turned, for the first time he got a good look at Nicklous. The teen was clad in a red English military uniform. Several military metals hung on his right breast pocket. His skin was a milky-white, but still darker then his own and his sandy-blond hair went well with his stormy gray-blue eyes.

With a regal smile Nicklous bowed slightly as he said, "I know where it is and I'll be happy to escort you there." Yuugi blushed lightly as he nodded. Taking his arm in his own Nicklous slowly guided Yuugi down the hallway towards the elevator.

As they boarded the elevator Yuugi examined Nicklous carefully. Why would he want to help me? I mean it's not like with Rika and Michiko where they were assigned to watch over me. Yuugi found himself blushing and turning away as Nicklous caught his gaze. Nicklous smirked as they exited the elevator, Yuugi first of course.

Yuugi sighed quietly as they turned down another dark corridor. He had to wonder if all the hallways in this hospitals were dark. Yuugi glanced down at his watch, they had been walking for the past ten minutes. If he wasn't lost before he was even more now. Does he even know where he's going?

Yuugi allowed a smile to appear as they approached a white door. It was clearly marked 'children center'. So he did know where he was going after all. With a simple smile and a bow Nicklous turned to leave. For now his mission was done.

"Matte." Yuugi cried out, he had no idea why. Nicklous titled his head to the side as he turned back. Yuugi's eyes went wide, what was he going to say?

"Yes?" He said sweetly. Yuugi blushed lightly as he leaned up and kissed Nicklous lightly on the cheek and mumbled, "thank you" before quickly vanishing behind the white door. Nicklous chuckled lightly as he raised a hand to his cheek. Yuugi

His heart was racing as he leaned against the door, a hot blush clearly streaked across his cheeks. He let out a slow breath he couldn't believe he had just done that. As he glanced around to thanked Kami that he was in a closed hallway. But Nicklous was cute, and he had helped him find the center. Rika and Michiko helped you, but you don't go kissing them. Now do ya? Oh, shut up. Wait, was he arguing with himself? With a firm shake of his head he pushed those thoughts aside.

Yuugi swallowed hard as he opened the second door. He hoped that his blush had faded. Yuugi was in awe, there were a least a hundred children in one large room. Many of the children were playing on the jungle gym, while others-mostly girls- were playing what seemed like house and the rest were playing a game of soccer.

Yuugi smiled shyly as he spotted the check in station. "Um… hi my name is Mouto Yuugi and I was told to come here by Tanaku-san." The women behind the desk, a tall middle aged women with straight dark brown hair turned and immediately frowned.

She fingered through several sheets of paper before nodding and motioning for him to follow. Yuugi shifted uneasily as he followed her. For some reason he felt that the women didn't like him. In a cold voice she started giving her orders. "In going to assign you to only one child because that's all I think you can handle." She sniffed, looking him over. "His name is Arsley and you are to do whatever he asks, no matter how humiliating or degrading it maybe." She paused, then growled angrily. "Do you understand?"

Yuugi glanced curiously at the doors nameplate, but he couldn't read the English. Opening the door the women shoved him in. "Have fun." She snarled as she slammed the door. Yuugi eyebrow went up as he heard the door lock click. How bad can this kid be?

"Who are you?" Yuugi turned to find cold cerulean blue eyes glaring heatedly at him. The young boy attached to the cold blue eyes looked to be about five to six years old with dark raven colored hair and pale white skin. He was wearing a black silk shirt that clung loosely to his chest and a pair black pants. Yuugi had to keep himself from stepping back as he noticed that the boys eyes seemed to have an aged glow to them.

With a half smile he introduce himself. "I'm Mouto Yuugi and you are?" The boy frowned deeply almost as if he was offended at being talked to that way. However he answered the question in a dignified, cold voice. "I'm Ansley, please sit." I'm sure that stupid lady told him my name. So how dare he ask what it is.

Yuugi nodded nervously as he sat. Glancing at the paper the boy was working on he was surprised to find several complicated math problems. At the cold glare Yuugi turned away.

As the minutes passed slowly by Yuugi sighted, leaning his head on his hand as he surveyed the room. The room was rather large. Several boxes of toys lined the walls while near the back was a private playground complete with a sandbox. What surprised him the most was the fully furnished kitchen in the corner. Yuugi sighed again; the only sound that broke the silence was the sound of pencil scratching over paper.

Breaking the silence Yuugi asked, "what would you like to play?" Ansley eyes went wide for a moment before he glared suspicishly at Yuugi before turning back to his work.

Yuugi sighted as Ansley turned back to his work. Why does everything bad have to happen to me? Couldn't I for once have it easy? He glanced once at Ansley before he reached over and took a few sheets of paper and a pencil from the stack and started drawing. It was one thing that he allowed himself to believe he was good at. Back when his parents were still around it was the only thing he could do while he was locked away in his room.

Cerulean blue eyes glanced at Yuugi curiously as he started to draw. They watched for several minutes as pencil flew over the paper. Yuugi art work was beautiful if not simplistic. The drawing was of a field of horses at sunset. Yuugi had three loves in his life; dueling, drawing, and horseback riding.

"That's really nice." Ansley mumbled quietly as he leaned over trying to get a better look. Yuugi hummed as he looked up, he smiled to himself as he motioned for the boy to move closer. The boy just scrunched up his nose, growling low in his throat as he turned back to his work.

"Thank you very much." Yuugi said as he put the finishing touches on his drawing. He could tell that Ansley wasn't truly focused on his work. It was just a ruff sketch, but still it looked OK.

"Do you like to draw?" The cerulean eyed boy hesitated a moment before he allowed himself to move closer, almost falling on to Yuugi's lap in his hast.

He nodded but added. "My favorite thing to do though is paint." Yuugi smiled, he liked to paint as well. Some of his favorite drawing had become paintings. Maybe this was a way to get Ansley to open up. Ansley from what he had seen had a lot of practice being cold and distance but not being happy and carefree. Maybe art was a release for Ansley just as it was for himself.

"Would you like to see some?" Ansley asked as he perked up, all the intense, older emotions were washed away by childlike innocents and happiness.

"Sounds like a good time to me." Ansley eyes went wide, a glimmer of hope entering them as he jumped from his chair. A smile spread across his pale face as he quickly grabbed Yuugi's hand and pulled him to his feet.

The smile quickly turned to a troubled frown when he heard a jiggling sound. Ansley stared wide eyed at Yuugi for a moment before he reached up and gently took a hold of the dog tags that hung around Yuugi's neck. Yuugi sat back down to make it easier for Ansley to read.

Nervously Ansley turned them over so he could read it. If possible his cerulean colored eyes went wider. After a few seconds he dropped the tags gripping Yuugi's other hand tighter. For the first time he heard Ansley laugh lightly as he pulled Yuugi towards the corner of the room. He sure is strong for a six year old.

The raven haired boy was smiling happily as he took out a large portfolio. His eyes no longer seemed cold and distant but as happy and carefree as any other child. Ansley was completely different from when he had first walked in. He was talking a mile a minute and laughing happily as he pulled out several drawings. What is going on in this crazy hospital?


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