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~*& !Embracing Twilight! &*~

~Chappy 1~

A five year old boy with two toned blue hair stared at the young and beautiful girl before him. She was

probably about one year younger than him with beautiful, blue, captivating eyes and long black hair

with two silver pieces in the front that hung to just below her shoulders. As the wind blew around her

she let out a low sigh and stared at the forest ahead. She was alone. At least she thought she was. She

had no Idea Kai was there, and probably wouldn't. Kai had tried to talk to the girl who had completly

mesmorised him but It was impossible, so instead he observed her. Watching could find out alot. after

watching her sit in the woods 3 more minutes he decided it was worth one more try.

"Alexa!" She turned, not to him but the other voice that had called her name. A girl about 12 years old

stepped out of the bushes. Her face held an icy cold glare but you could tell at first glance the two were

related. the new girl standing there too had long black hair but violet eyes concentrated into slits. and

a harsh and strong looking face, unlike Alexa's who was also strong but more slender and fraigle looking.

Kai growled silently, not that it mattered, He didn't like this girl and he could tell Alexa didn't either.

"What do you want Turquoise?" Alexa asked bitterly. Turquoise smiled superiouly

"Now is that any way to speak to you elder sister? be more respectful Alexa!" the younger girl looked

at the ground a blush spread across her cheeks. Turquoise had never liked her sister from the day her

mother died giving birth to her, and she took joy in making Alexa's life hell. Kai sighed. He had really

wanted to help Alexa but all he could do was stand and watch. "What are you doing out here anyways

Alexa? I don't supose that you're that demon going around killing everyone hmm?"

"W-what are you talking about Turquoise?" the younger girl said on the verge of tears. If there was

one thing that upset her most it was being acused of something she didn't do...Even if she wasn't 'exactly'

being acused.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about Alexa!"

"No! I'm leaving..." the young girl started to walk back to camp where the rest of her village were. They

had been travelling around because of a demon that had been lurking around killing the inocents.

"Murder." Turquoise said discusted. Alexa stopped in her tracks and turned back to her sister, now

filled with rage instead of sadness. Turquoise, seeing she had hit a soft spot, went on "It's you're fault

mom died! If you had never been born she'd still be alive! So would the villagers! when you were born

was when the killings started happening you horrible little wench!"

"No Alexa!" Kai yelled "It's not true! You know it's not!" for a breif second he thought she had heard

him for once, but no. Alexa was too filled with rage to notice. Her eyes suddenly glowed a blinding green

and her elder sister, who had no idea what was going on, suddenly lifted up into the air and was slamed

against a nearby tree. Alexa stopped and stared in horror

"did I do that?" she whispered to herself. Turquoise stood up angrily

"you bitch! what did you just do!?" she walked over to her and kicked her stomach. Alexa doubled

over in pain and looked up into those violet eyes that were staring down at her "Pathetic little weakling"

thats when Alexa started crying and a Man with black hair came out of the bushes.

"Whats's going on?!" Turquoise ran to the man and hugged him

"Daddy!" she yelled pathetically "Its all her fault!" the man looked down at his daughter. It wasn't

Alexa's father. Alexa's father had been an unknown man. nobody knew who he was or where he came from,

he had just been seen leaving the village one night. A tall, pale, muscular looking man. Not someone who

seemed to get out and see the sun much. Another reason Turquoise didn't like her much, the same reason

her father didn't like her much. Turquoise's father, Dampé, was the village leader and a kind young man.

He took in Alexa when her mother died but he favored her sister and ,if had the chance, would use almost

anything against her.

"What is it Turquoise?" He asked hugging her.

"It's Alexa! She just slammed me into a tree and she didn't even touch me!" his eyes widened and he

turned his gaze to the young girl staring at him sadly."I think she's the demon!" Kai gowled and started

muttering to himself

" . Turquoise is a bitch. she tells lies..Stupid wench!Bitch-" he was cut off.

"Alexa is this true?!" Dampé asked solemnly. He may not haved liked her but he didn't want her

shunned from their village, enough people were dead already and she 'was' only four years old."Alexa

answer me now!" he said sternly "Is this true?" Alexa took a second to answer.

"I did do the first thing Turquoise acused me of but not the second."


"I'm not a demon! I a human like everyone else!"

"But you didn't touch her yet...hmmm...I'm not sure what to do..." There was a scream from deep

inside the woods. Dampé stopped his thinking.

"Oh gods...Both of you come with me...NOW!" the two turned and followed him. So much for

trying to get away. They started to head deeper into the woods then they already were. Kai watched them

for a minute before following. He knew that scream to be Alexa's aunt. No doubt another person had been

attacked and she happened to be there. By the time they reached her Aunt he knew he was right. Her aunt

was crying over the body of her dead daughter. Sora, the two girl's cousin who was about the age of 18,was

lying quite still. She was extremly pale and two holes were punctured in her neck, her eyes were left open

wide and staring. The young village leader leaned over his crying sister. "Ria, tell me what happened." Kai

started playing Jepordy with himself.

"What is a demon attack." he muttered

"I really don't know! It was that demon- It happened so fast!-"the woman broke into a fit of sobs

"ding ding! and who's right? I am!" the young Kai started doing a victory dance. After all it was HIS

imaginary world. none of this was real. It couldn't be. He couldn't touch them and vise versa and they could

definately not hear him. So if it was real they should be able to talk back.

"Turquoise, could you please escort your aunt back?"

"yes daddy I will." Taking her aunt by the arm Turquoise shot a nasty glance at her sister then left.

Alexa shot one back but something in her stomach plumeted and she cluched tightly to her stepdad's shirt.

He looked down at her.

"What is it Alex?" not taking her eyes off one spot in the woods she said

"It's still here." Kai looked to the spot where she was looking. He could see it now too and his heart

beat sped up. It had glowing yellow eyes but that was about all he could see.

"What's here?" she looked up at her elder as if he were stupid.

"The demon! It's right here!" Dampé finally noticed it. It moved quickly and shot off in the direction

of the village. "Everyone get back now! there's no one protecting the village!" eveyone of the men and

women standing there fled back. They didn't want to be left in the woods alone. Alexa was the only one who

stayed and watched them all go leaving only her and Kai there. He tried to figure out what was going on as

she started to dig and he finally realised she was going to do a proper burial. she had no shovels so she

used her hands to dig up the moist ground.

'I may not be able to touch her...but I can help dig up the ground' Kai thought. He went on to his

hands and knees and started digging and very slowly made a hole. That is of course until she realised the

dirt was lifting into the air by itself at which point she looked at Kai. STRAIGHT at him. realising she had

stopped digging he looked at her only to find her looking at him. He jumped. could she see him? No how

could she?

"Wh-who are you?" Ok she could "I mean are you a ghost or a spirit?"

"No!" Kai yealed making her fall back. "Ah-I mean-You-how can you?-uh..." How come she could

suddenly see him when he had failed so many times before to talk to her? someone suddenly called her name

and she turned then looked back at him only to find him gone.

"uhm? where'd he go? hmmm...I guess I just imagined that." Kai scowled

"Why? why do I let oppourtunities slip like that?" Before he could answer himself he noticed

something gold on the ground and picked it up. "What's this?" Suddenly he felt icy cold water filling his

lungs and immense pain. He couldn't breathe. his head was jerked back and he coughed up the water

allowing air to pass through to him. He was then flung across the room. As his back hit the wall he looked

up to his grandfather.

"Where are you going?!" He kicked the little five year old in the stomach causing him to cry out

in pain."It's as if everytime I hurt you you go somewhere else!" Kai smilled to himself and thought

'so maybe she was real.' he looked down to his hand where there lay a beautiful golden ring and

the present day Kai Hiwatari snapped out of his sleep.


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