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&! Embracing Twilight !&
!Chappy 4!

Kai groaned and leaned against the wall just outside the airport. From here he could see the bus that would be taking them to their hotel and as usual Tyson was being extremely slow and holding up everyone else. Truthfully at the moment Kai didn't really care; he was just happy to be back on the ground. He watched as another plane flew over head and felt his stomach clutch. Scratch the first thought. He wanted out of here now!

"Move it Tyson!" He snapped in annoyance.

"You know if you helped with this luggage I'd move faster!" Tyson whined back as he pushed his way outside. Max, Rei and Hilary soon followed carrying some of Tyson's luggage.

"What did you put in here Tyson!" Max panted as he threw it to the ground and collapsed beside it. "It weighs a ton!"

"Only what I need!" Tyson pouted.

"You don't need your whole bedroom Tyson we're not gonna be here that long!" Rei groaned as he fell next to Max on the ground.

"See, that's why I'm not helping you." Kai said as he looked between the two bladers. "It's not like you couldn't use the exercise anyways…"

"And what's that supposed to mean!" Tyson yelled; taken aback. Kai was about to respond when Tyson was suddenly hit in the back of the head by a suitcase and knocked over.

"You're not THAT stupid! FIGURE IT OUT!" Hilary screeched at him as she once again picked up the suitcase she had conveniently… 'dropped' on Tyson.

"OW! And what was that for!" Tyson turned around and blushed realizing he could see right up Hilary's skirt.

"YOU PERVERT TYSON!" She had noticed this too apparently. The suitcase was once again slammed into Tyson's head. "CARRY YOUR OWN THINGS!" Hilary then stormed off towards the bus.

"What's her problem?" Tyson grumbled as he moved the suitcase away from his face. He looked up at Kai who he was glad to see WASN'T wearing a skirt. "Kai would you-?" Tyson stopped his sentence abruptly when he noticed the death glare Kai was giving him. "Well someone's not a happy camper this morning." He said in a baby voice. Max and Rei rolled their eyes and stood up. Kai's eyes narrowed.

"Pick up your things" Kai said in a slow menacing voice. "Then get on the god damn bus. We are leaving NOW!" now any person with half a brain could plainly see that in a moment like this you don't make any attempts to defy Kai lest you piss him off more…but this is Tyson… not someone with half a brain.

"You can't boss me around!" Tyson yelled once he came out of his initial shock. Kai turned to face him once again with his eyes flashing dangerously. He took a deep breath then turned to Max and Rei who were watching their friends nervously.

"You two could use the exercise too." He told them calmly. "When we get to the hotel we're training until dinner." Next he turned to Tyson who was laughing. "That means you too fatty." He snapped. An evil smirk crossed his face. "Actually you can skip dinner."

"No…" Tyson said slowly. Max looked confused as Rei covered his ears. "No." Kai put his hands to his forehead and rubbed his temples. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Tyson screamed to the sky at the top of his lungs as he dramatically dropped to his knees. While Tyson was screaming Kai noticed everyone in the vicinity had turned to watch them curiously. Max, just getting out of his shock threw his hand over Tyson's mouth to muffle the scream. Kai sighed. Now that his little outburst was over with maybe they could get some peace and quiet.


Well that was short lived…

Hilary came storming towards them from the bus, grabbed Tyson by the ear and started dragging him back. "I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW IGNORANT YOU ARE!" Kai sighed and picked up Tyson's two remaining suitcases that he had dropped when Hilary grabbed him. Kai then started walking toward the bus with Max and Rei following him. Tyson would pay for this later. Until then; good riddance evil airport.

(Rei's P.O.V)

Dear Mariah,

Well we finally made it to the hotel and in one piece too! I was hoping we would get here before nightfall so you would get my e-mail tonight but I suppose it doesn't matter too much. You'll read it tomorrow morning. At least we didn't have any more fights between Tyson and Hilary on the way here and I actually got some rest on the bus. You know how I have trouble sleeping on planes. Kai's still acting slightly strange and I think he might be hiding something from all of us but you know what Kai's like. You really never can tell with him. Up until a few hours ago I didn't even know he was afraid of heights… don't tell any of the others that. I don't need Kai mad at me. How are they all doing anyways? Right now Tyson's of raiding the kitchen and Hilary and Max are probably with him. Kai went out for a walk… I think. It's amazing that we have a whole week to tour around before the tournament and Tyson's probably going to spend half that time in the kitchen. I hear someone banging at the door so I have to go. I'll make sure to get you a souvenir!


I finished of the letter and ran off to get the door. They were hitting it awfully loudly right now. I opened it up and Tyson burst through the door.

"REI!" he yelled jumping on me. I just stared at him then looked at Hilary and Max who were just coming through the doorway. Hilary looking at Tyson aggravated and Max looking excited.

"What did he eat down there?" I asked trying to hide a smile.

"Everything." Hilary groaned. "I'm not going anywhere with you any more Tyson!" she snapped, glaring at him.

"You gotta come down there!" Tyson yelled, ignoring Hilary's comment. It's so awesome! You should see all the food!"

"And people!" Max piped up.

"And snacks!"

"And they're even doing fireworks!"

"And the FOOD!"

"Shut up about the food!" Hilary yelled at Tyson.

"But there's so much of it!" Tyson beamed with stars in his eyes. "It's my heaven!"

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" I asked confused. Hilary smiled at me.

"They're having a banquet for the bladers participating in the tournament. There are loads of competitors all over the hotel and they're all down there right now. There's even a dish set up if people want to practice. It's really neat!"

"Neat!" Tyson yelled at her "It's AMAZING! REI YOU HAVE TO COME SEE!" I grinned. Now I was excited. Then I remembered.

"What about Kai?" I asked.

"What ABOUT Kai!"

"Tyson!" Hilary snapped. "Yeah where is he?"

"I think he went out for a walk or something." I replied.

"Sourpuss'll be fine! When he comes back he'll notice what's going on! You can't miss all that food!" Tyson said with a grin.

"You mean YOU can't miss all that food!" Max laughed. "But Tyson's right. Kai will notice when he comes back in. Somehow I don't think he'd come even if he was here anyways."

"See Maxi's got the right idea! So let's go!" Tyson ran out the door. "MY FOOD AWAITS ME!" Hilary groaned and ran after him and Max turned to me with a smile on his face.

"Come on Rei! It'll be fun!" I hesitated then walked outside, locking the door behind me.

'I hope Kai has a key.' I thought 'I wonder where he went off to anyways...'

(Normal P.O.V)

Kai wandered down the streets quietly pushing past people who were for some reason or another out there this late. He was glad they were now away from the airport but he didn't want to be at the hotel either. Something was just keeping him away from it right now.

He gave a soft sigh and thought about Alexa. She was part of the whole reason he had come here and he had no clue where she was. Hopefully he would at LEAST see her at the stadium. Maybe even battle her. Somehow he had a feeling that unless he found her soon it wasn't going to be easy winning a match against anyone.

There was a noise from his side. Kai turned quickly to find he was standing in front of a hospital. He looked around for the noise but found nothing there. He shrugged it off and kept walking. There was no one else around… probably just a cat or something.

As Kai began to walk again he felt a hand suddenly grab him and pull him into an alley next to the building. As he struggled to move away one of the arms wrapped around his waist pinning his arms to his side and the other one slid up to wrap around his neck. The other person pulled him closer to his chest and brought a hand up to cover Kai's mouth.

"Hey there" Now Kai definitely knew this was a man. What the hell did he want? Was he mugging him or something? God damnit he was strong… and that voice sounded familiar… wait.

"Bymphn!" Argh! 'Let me talk you stupid bastard!' There was a pause as the man lent closer.

"You look kind of familiar…" Kai growled at him in annoyance then bit down on his hand. "Owww!" The man pulled his hand back with a pout.

"Bryon!" Kai snapped. There was another short pause.

"Kai?" He spun around to face the vampire with a death glare. Bryon didn't seem to catch it "KAI!" he yelled happily. Kai sighed.

"You're not being a very good vampire if you were going to let me get away that easily." Bryon pouted again

"Well I don't like fidgety meals."

"Nice excuse."

"It's not an excuse it's true!"

"So you we're just going to let me run out onto the middle of the street and start yelling that I was being mugged?"


"Yeah I thought so." Bryon growled at him then sighed.

"What're you doing out here this late anyways Kai-kun?" Kai leant up against the wall opposite of him rubbing his jaw. Bryon really did need to be careful with the amount of force he used on humans.

"I was just taking a walk. I needed to be away from my team. And why are you out here?" Bryon grinned, showing off his fangs.

"It's obvious isn't it?"

"Near a hospital?" The blond shrugged.

"There aren't many people walking around here so I have less of a chance of being caught and if no people come by I can always sneak into the hospital and steal some blood." Bryon caught the weird look on Kai's face. "I wouldn't actually kill anyone so I could eat; I just have to get blood from a different source. Those donations to the hospital often work nicely." The crimson eyed boy nodded slowly then looked up at one of the hospital windows.

"So you haven't eaten yet."

"No." Bryon sighed "looks like its option two then." Kai turned to leave.

"I won't interrupt then. See you later." A hand grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.

"Kai?" Bryon asked. The young blader turned to look at him again. "I need you to do me a huge favor." Kai hesitated.

"What kind of favor?" Bryon's face turned serious as he looked in his pocket for something then pulled out a picture and handed it to Kai. It was a photo three girls next to an ice cream stand laughing and looking completely oblivious that the picture was being taken. The blonde in the picture was ducking as the redhead; whose face had been covered with ice cream tried to make a swing at her. The girl in the middle was laughing at the both of them. She was the one who caught Kai's eye. 'Alexa' he thought. 'Why does Bryon have a picture of her?' Bryon lent over and pointed at the blue eyed girl with a grim look on his face.

"I think I figured out what Stiles is after."


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