Walk a mile in my Trench coat!



I had had enough. I was sick and tired of it. I loved her, I swear to god, Allah, Buda, Zeus, and any other gods up there, but she drove me insane! She whined about my language, she complained about my hygiene, she refused to do no more than a quick peck on the cheek. What was a guy like me to do?

Our friends were coming over for the reunion for the gang's first god killing anniversary. Even Edward Plunkett was coming.

The night before they came, me and Alice argued over the state of my clothes.

Then when everybody came, we pretended as though everything was alright, but it wasn't, I refused to speak to Alice because she had hurt me too many times since we came to this boring, dried up hole of a town and when I finally did it was because she was yelling at me over spilling tea on her stupid old bible. It wasn't like it was important or anything, and it was an accident. I apologized, but no, she didn't stop, that was the straw that broke the camel's back and I retaliated by yelling "TRY WALKING A MILE IN MY TRENCHCOAT FOR ONCE! You don't understand me Alice, and you NEVER will until you see past the anal religious way of yours!"

She slapped me, I could see that had hurt her, but it was only a fraction of what I felt, I only did that, because she had pushed me too far, if she was a guy he'd have been long dead…but I never hit women, it's weak and cowardly. So once the sting from her bitch slap settled on my cheek I stamped out of the room and went up and climbed to the roof.

I saw a falling star after a while and made a wish as the tears poured silently down my face. "I- I wish Alice could walk a mile in my trench coat. Just for a week! I wish she could see the world through my eyes and I wish I could see the world through hers…I just want her to love me…."

I slinked into my room and fell asleep…

And that is how this tale began….