Walk a mile in my Trench coat!

Chapter two- The war.


Yuri walked bravely into the room. The puffy black mini skirt showed off my legs flawlessly and the long white stockings that went up past my thighs made them seem so much more sexy. The pink corset with white lace trimmings pushed my bust up giving off the idea that my cleavage was bigger. I never knew I could look so good. He sat beside me and held onto my hand. He whispered into my ear, "I know what's going on down there right now, you may be in my body, but not even I had control over it."

"What do you mean?" I whispered back.

He slipped his hand under the table and touched my leg. "You're getting hard, aren't you."

I gulped and flushed a healthy shade of red. He was teasing me, and I felt my erection get worse.

"Stop it." I hissed, "Or else!"

"Why? What can you do to me? Hm?"

"You mean, what can I do to you."

"You, blackmailing me?"

"That's right!"

"You don't have the guts."


I got up and walked over to mother. I pulled her up out of the chair and kissed her passionately. The people in the room watched in horror as I slipped my tongue down my own mother's throat. I felt sick, but what was done, needed to be doneā€¦

He stood up and growled, "THIS MEANS WAR!"

I looked back at him smirking as he walked over to my library. My face fell as Yuri looked back grinning demonically, he reached out and grabbed my books and began to carry them outside. Once they were piled outside in the garden he walked over to Edward produced a match, stroke it on his stubble and tossed on every book there. My heart sank, but I thanked the lord that I had hid all my special ones up in the attic, where he wouldn't find them.

I stood watching my books burn and I snarled, "You're right Hyuga, this means WAR!"

Author's note:

Hope you liked, this is a good bye gift from me and sis to our fans.