Title: Pixie Nyxie

Disclaimer: Don't own Peter Pan or the Lord of the Rings.

Author's Note: Just for some mental image here... Peter looks like the boy from Peter Pan the Movie. Nyx looks a bit like Tinkerbell from the Animated version, but has a little more innocence to her look. Don't mistake her personality through her looks though, she still got the spunk and naughtiness that all fairies have.

Author's Note 2: Yes, I believe this may be a Mary Sue. But you know what? WHO CARES! This is called 'Fiction'. In other words, they are fantasy, invention, a tale, a fish story.

I haven't read the books, but I have watched all three movies. Meaning, I will follow the movie. I might even change it a little.

I'll TRY to stay true with the characters, but I CAN'T make any promises, because I am not JRR Tolkien, so I don't know the characters as well as he do. Nyx and any other original character I made up is mine. So I can make them however I want them to be. If I want Nyx to be a slut, then by all means, I will make her a slut. If I make her the most perfect, most precious little thing in the world, then I will.

This is my Fiction. I am just borrowing the character from both movie, Peter Pan and Lords of the Ring and some story plot from the movie of course.

From what I have seen, the LOTR readers are really difficult to please.. So please just give my story a chance. I'm not the best writer or typist, but I am doing my best and please don't flame me for some tiny little thing. Thank you...


In another world, known as Neverland, lived Pirates, Mermaids, Indians, Lost Boys and Fairies. It was also the home of none other than Peter Pan. The last of the Lost Boys.

Tonight, was one of those nights, when Peter would come watch the gathering of the Fairies and watch the King and Queen of Fairies, dance. Tinkerbell was not by his side this night, for she found a love in another Fairy boy. So he stood there alone, again.

Not so far from Peter, sat a small, lonely Fairy.

A Fairy girl with bronzed colored hair, with blonde highlights, that ran straight down her mid-back. Her pale, glowing complexion brought out the color of her dark, forest green eyes.

She had on a homemade dress, which bore the same color of her eyes. Her dress was more like a tube top tunic, with the bottom hems looking torn. Around her waiste was a belt that was made of golden leafs, where she also held her two short blades, and to fit her outfit, were green slippers that looked similar to ballerina's slippers with golden ribbons wrapped around her calfs.

From behind, sprouted wings, colored in many shades of green and gold, and if you looked closely, it would seem that it had silver twinkling stars winking at you.

To her own kind, she was no beauty and had no grace, but to humans and such, she was the most beautiful creature to be seen.

And this little Fairy was not watching the dance, but she was watching the little boy who wishes to never grow up. She could tell the young boy was lonely, and feeling lonely herself, she flew to sit by his side. She crossed her legs, resting her chin on her palm, and sighed.

Hearing this sigh, Peter looked to his right to see a little Fairy, sitting on a leaf. "Hello, Fairy. What are you doing sitting out here? Shouldn't you be at the gathering?"

The Fairy didn't look up at him, but she did shook her head and sighed again.

"What's your name?" Peter asked.

The Fairy finally looked up at Peter, and flew up to get closer to his face. She looked at his green eyes and smiled as she jingled.

"Nyx?" Peter repeated.

Nyx nodded her head and jingled again.

"My name is Peter Pan." Peter held out his pinky, allowing Nyx to give it a shake. "So why aren't you joining in the gathering?" Peter asked, sitting back on a log.

Nyx went to sit on his shoulder, wanting to be near his ear. She didn't want to be jingling or to sound similar to a mouse. She wanted to sound like him. "Everyone looks to be so happy in there. I wish to not ruin that happiness with my sadness." She said to his ear.

"Why are you sad?"

"I am lonely."

Suddenly, after a few moments of thinking, Peter jumped up from the log with his hands on his hips, surprising Nyx. Nyx fell on her bottom, and she waved her fist angrily at him. Peter didn't really seem to notice, for she was so small.

"You're not alone, Nyx. I'll be your friend."

Forgetting how angry she was, she flew towards his face, looking happy as she nodded her head; jingling. Peter was laughing happily with her.

This was the beginning of a new and wonderful friendship.


After a few months of being Peter Pan's new playmate, Nyx began to care for him deeply. So deeply, she began to show her jealous side to the Indian Girl, who was a close friend of Peter's.

This night, Peter sat on his big chair, thinking.

Nyx came in and saw this in wonder. She smiled as she quickly dashed towards his shoulder, near his ear. "What's inside that head of yours', Peter?"

"A plan." He replied, still deep in thought.

Seeing this, it must have been a very good plan, Nyx thought. Nyx flew up above his head excitingly, then back to look at his boyish face. "Are we going to taunt the pirates?" She started, but to Peter's ears it was more like a jingle. "Or will it be the Mermaids? .. because we haven't yet teased the fins off them, yet."

Peter looked at Nyx and smiled. "Actually, Nyx.. I was planning to visit Wendy."


Nyx have heard of this name before. A name she had heard from Tinkerbell. Tink told her that Wendy was a girl who loved Peter very much and that Peter adored her.

Suddenly, the pretty smile was wiped off from Nyx face. "Will I be coming too?" She asked with hope.

Peter's smiled falter as he gently grabbed Nyx from the air. He opened his palm to see Nyx sitting with her legs folded. "I was hoping to go alone." He told her quietly.

Nyx just stared at him, unsur with what he just said, until it finally registered in her mind. Nyx looked at him angrily as she leapt away from him.

"Aww.. don't be that way, Nyx. I'll come back before you know it, and we'll tease those Mermaids, just like you wanted to." Peter said, now standing from his chair and gave her a reassuring smile.

Yet Nyx said nothing, but flash him and angry, red glare, as she quickly left his hide out.


Nyx sped past trees to finally reach her home. It was a pretty lantern, shaped as a box with a pointed roof that was attached to a small hook, that was also attached to a branch of a Willow Tree.

Nyx quickly went in and slammed the door shut, making the lantern shake a bit. With a whimper she fell back on dozens of colorful, diverse pillows on the ground that was served to be a couch and a bed.

She pointed at a candle and a fire appeared, flicking silently, giving her home a soft glow.

"Nyx? Are you in there?"

Nyx gasped, and quickly went to hide in a room she made. It was like a small boxed room that can't be seen from outside. The purpose of the room, was to give her privacy. Inside the room, was a large thimble, where she takes her baths and a piece of glass mirror. She also had a trunk where she placed all her clothes in.

Not being able to see much in the room, she lit another candle and stood by the door with her ear against it.

"Nyx, I know you're in there." Peter tried to look into the lantern, but the glass was to smug. He wiped the glass enough to be able to look through it. "C'mon, Nyx. I really don't want you to be mad at me."

"The don't go." Nyx whispered, although Peter wasn't able to hear it.

He continued, "I'll bring you sweets when I get back, I promise." Peter paused and sighed. "There's nothing to be jealous about, you know. You're the only one I care about, Nyx."

Nyx slid down against the door and sat there, still listening to her Peter.

Peter stood there, hoping to get some sort of response from her. When he didn't get any, he started to get impatient. "You know what, Nyx? You're just like Tinkerbell. Always jealous." He said, angrily. "I'm going to see Wendy. Whether you like it or not." With a kick to the tree, he left.

Without noticing, Nyx cried herself to sleep.


Gandalf stood in a garden that belonged to Lord Elrond of Rivendell. He was just walking, enjoying the scenery of the beauty that surround him, waiting for the day of the council, until something far off caught his eye. He squinted a bit, trying to get a better look. To him it seemed to be some sort of glass box.

Curiously, he slowly started walking towards it. When he finally got a better look at it, he found that it was just a small lantern, sitting between two rose bushes. Thinking that it was nothing, he was about to start his walk again, until another thing caught his eye. He thought he saw something twinkle inside.

Using his staff, he picked it up by the hook to get a better look. Seeing that it was quite smudge, he used his sleeve to wipe the glass clean. And what he saw in there, made his eyes widen in surprise.


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