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Nyx was inside her little home that was hidden away from the other Elfs, under Gandalf's robe. She was told to make as little noise as possible, as to not catching the other Elf's attention. From the way Gandalf talked, it seemed that the only people who knew of her existence, was Gandalf, Arwen and this Lord Elrond. She didn't care much though, all she wanted was to go back home to Peter, but after the wedding, of course. She never attended one before and was hoping to now.

Being bored as she was, she started to clean her home. Looking around, she never realized just how messy everything looked, but shrugged it off. After all, she never found the time or the need to clean her home, since she was always with Peter. So she thought to start with what she referred to as the 'kitchen'.

When she was finished, she started to wipe off the dirt on the windows, and that was when she saw Gandalf.

"Hello, Little One."

Nyx smiled and waved from the inside, then walked out the door, slowly. "Is it now safe, Gandalf?" She asked, looking out in the darkness, seeing trees and Elfs, who were gathered around some fire.

Gandalf smiled, looking down at her. "Yes, it is now safe for you to stretch out those wings, Little One."

Nyx smiled, excitedly, showing off her pearly white teeth, as she was about to take off. But then she stopped, and looked at Gandalf shyly.

Gandalf smiled knowingly, "Yes?"

"Would you... umm.. would you mind cleaning my outside windows?"

Gandalf chuckled and nodded.

Nyxie thanked him and quickly took off. As she was getting further away from camp, she started to give off a more glow from her body; providing her with some light.

When she was able to see her surrounding, she stopped and found a small lake. She went towards it to see if it smell of any Mermaids. When she saw that it was safe, she looked for a shallow place for her to wash up. Looking around, she found a perfect spot near a tree. As she was taking off her clothes, she heard whispers from behind.

She spun around, clutching her clothes against her body, and looked at the tree; turning red. "Excuse me?" She started angrily. "I am no 'thing'. I am a fairy."

"You can understand me?" The Tree asked.

Looking annoyed, she snapped, "Of course.. I can understand everything you and every other Tree's complaints." She took the rest of her clothes off. "I just choose to ignore it."

Not liking the 'Fairy's' attitude, the Tree went back to whispering to himself and to the other Trees.

Nyx was trying to ignore them, but couldn't help but find what they were talking about, interesting. The more they seem to talk, the more she began to learn of this place. She also seemed to be very interested in the war that past through the land, not so long ago.

After washing up, she quickly got on her clothes. Wanting to know more about this war, she was about to ask this Tree, but not feeling like making a conversation with the Tree, she decided to ask Gandalf about this war.


Arwen saw Gandalf alone, leaning against a tree with his hat covering his face. Arwen quietly walked towards him, not wanting to disturb his sleep, as she knelt in front of the fairy's lantern.

"What makes you so curious, Arwen?"

Arwen was a bit surprised, thinking he was asleep, but gave him a small smile. "I was just wondering, Mithrandir. She is just so different from us all and so pretty."

They both sat in silence in their own thoughts.

"Do you wish to speak of your troubles?" Gandalf asked.


"Troubles you feel in your heart."

Arwen sighed and looked out at the darkness. "I am scared, Mithrandir."

"Scared of what, dear?"

"What if I'm making a mistake."

Gandalf raised an eyebrow to the she-elf. "Mistake? Do not lie to yourself, Arwen. You know, as well as I do, what lies in your heart."

Arwen covered her face with her hands, feeling frustration. "I'm just so confused, Mithrandir. I feel as if I'm being pulled in so many directions."

Gandalf took Arwen's hand softly. "You know of what your heart desire, and you desire Aragorn. That is no mistake. What really troubles your heart is your Father."

"It's just too soon. My Father cannot leave to the Haven so soon. I need him here. I need my brothers here." She paused. "I know, that once they sail, they can never return."


When Nyx returned to camp, everyone was now asleep, except one or two Elfs. She quickly and silently went inside her home to find her windows all cleaned and spotless. Her smile grew even more when she saw food placed on a table. She grabbed what looked like bread and bit into it. She chewed slowly on it, then swallowed.

"Hmmm... Not that bad." She told herself, as she started to stuff her face.

"You seem to be very hungry, Little One."

Nyx looked up to see Gandalf, who opened the top lid of her lantern home. "I'm always hungry. I guessed it's the Fairy in me."

Gandalf smiled as he watch her lay on her back on her pillows. When she got comfortable, she looked up at Gandalf with her forest green eyes.



"Do you have any stories?" She asked, hopefully.

He thought for a bit, then said, "What would you like to hear?"

Nyx looked into Gandalf's eyes. thinking whether or not she should say. "Umm.. How about the War of the Ring?"


The Fellowship sat waiting in a rather large library, for their guest to arrive, when a servant boy came running in.

"There's Elves entering the castle!" The young boy, exclaimed, as he rushed back out to tell the other servants who served the new King.

Once the boy left, Lord Elrond and Gandalf entered the room.

Everyone stood up with a happy smiles, as they greeted each other. Once that was over, Aragorn, who stood near Lord Elrond, asked, "Where is Arwen?"

Elrond gave him a smile and replied, "Patience, Estel."

Gandalf spoke up. "We have news we must discuss."

"Does this have to do with the surprise you mentioned in your letter?" Legolas asked.

Gandalf nodded and opened the door.


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