TITLE: The post card Cat AUTHOR: CelineV Email: celineke FANDOM: Navy NCIS RATING: So G Spoilers: none ARCHIVE: Sure, but let me know where. SUMMARY: DISCLAIMER: Navy NCIS is the properties of Belisarius Productions, Paramount Network Television, DPB (The second greatest being in the cosmos) and CBS.

Gibbs and his team were getting their stuff together for a trip out to an aircraft carrier, Enterprise. One of the seamen had fallen off the ship and drowned, so Gibbs and his crew were going out there to find see if it was an accident or not.

Gibbs was sitting in his canvas chair waiting for takeoff when his cell phone rang. "Gibbs," he said and listened to the person on the other end of the phone.

Gibbs started to smile. "I really can't talk to you now," he said. "I don't have your cat."

Kate looked at Tony and laughed. Gibbs had told them about the post cards and pictures he was getting from the cat on the road.

"I said I can't talk now," said Gibbs. "I am getting ready to fly out to an aircraft carrier. You can do your worst, because I'm not going to be here. If you hadn't dumped the poor cat on me in the first place this wouldn't have happened. If you would use a kennel, your cat wouldn't go see America. I have to go." Gibbs hung up and they got ready to takeoff.

Abby started to hang around Gibbs' desk while he was gone. She wanted to see the post cards as they came in. It was the hit of the office. 'Let's see where the cat is now?'

Abby went through the pile and found a card from the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

"Dear Dad, I am in Minnesota! The Metrodome is where the Minnesota Vikings and MN Twins play. If you want to see the Timber wolves, you'll have to go to the Target Center for that. We were down there last night, and we were at First Ave. Saw some great bands. But alas, no royalty showed up. Oh well. Having fun. Give the Abbster my love. Phineas."

Abby read it out loud to everyone gathered. The whole place was enjoying it.

Looking further into the mail pile, Abby found two more cards, one from Chicago and one from Green Bay. Well, these had to be before the MN one or the cat was traveling backwards.

"Dear Dad, I went to the Navy pier today. Not the best weather for it. Almost froze my tail off. Don't know how people can handle the wind coming off that lake. Been to the top of Sears Tower, too, and I didn't spit off it either. Went to the Checker Board Lounge and heard some blues band. I never saw the color blue the whole time they played. Phineas?"

"Moving on to Green Bay, Wisconsin," said Abby. Everyone groaned.

"Dear Dad, Other then a football team, there is nothing here. So we are on our way down to Oshkosh prison and to break some people out just for shits and giggles. Advice, Dear pops, stay out of Wisconsin. Phineas"

"There is a prison in Oshkosh?" asked Ducky.

"Yeah," said Abby. "And it is an all male prison."

Everyone looked at Abby and wondered how she knew.