Summary: Harry loves Draco. Does Draco love Harry? H/D slash. One shot.

Fairly Fluffy. r&r.

Harry Potter stared across the Great Hall at dinner, scanning the

faces for his personal favorite. He smiled slightly when he caught a

glimpse of silvery-blonde hair at the Slytherin table. He scanned the

blonde, taking in the strong build, the pale skin, the most amazingly

mysterious eyes Harry had ever seen. They seemed to glow a certain

rare silver-blue. Everything about Draco Malfoy was silver. He was

Harry's silver dragon. well, if he was Harry's he would be. the thought

made Harry's smile disappear.

Harry's 2 best friends had left for the library (Ron had a late

Charms assignment) and Harry had spent his time at the table planning.

He got up to leave and waited in the corridor for the Slytherin Prince.

Luckily, Draco exited the hall alone. Harry assumed that his minios,

Crabbe and Goyle were eating all that was on the table(maybe even it).

When Draco came into the firelight a few yards away, Harry

was breathless. He was beautiful. As his Dragon approached,The-boy-who-lived

stepped for the shadows, right in front of Draco.

"What do you want, Wonder Boy?!" The taller boy spat.

"I need to talk to you." Harry said, unphased. Draco rolled his

eyes when the raven haired boy said, "NOW, Malfoy."

"Fine", Draco replied, following Harry into a deserted classroom

near the hall. The room was lit by torches and small streams of moonlight.

The two boys sat at a table, Draco glaring the whole time.


"what did you call me?" He interrupted, suprised, and a slight

hint of pleasure.

"Draco... that's your name. Isn't it?"

"Of course, but, why?"

Harry ignored the question and continued. " I need to tell you

something... important. er."

"Well, spit it out!" Draco prodded.

"Well, i think i maybe, might..." Harry sighed, "Draco.

I love you."

Then, without waiting for a response, Harry got up and

turned towards the door. He turned when a hand touched his shoulder.

In one fluid motion, Draco's warm and slightly pink lips came crashing

down on Harry's. His silver eyes glittered with passion in the moon

and firelight combined. Harry, his mouth still open in suprise, softened

when Draco's molten tounge slipped between his lips and battling with

Harry's. The raven haired boy moaned and his knees went weak. In

response, Draco's strong arm wrapped around Harry's waist and pulled

him closer. Draco released Harry's mouth and nibbled on his bottom lip,

drawing another moan from him. He let go of Harry's waist and stepped back

slightly as the other boy's eyes fluttered open.

As Harry stared into Draco's liquid silver eyes he let out a soft,

husky, "ergle"

Draco smiled a little and said "Potte-"

"Harry" , the other boy corrected.

"Harry," He said again, " Just so you know. It's mutual." He said

mysteriously before he slipped out the door, leaving Harry to his goofy

boyish grin and a new sparkle in his eye.


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