From Part 3:

In a soothing voice, "You're only mission right now is to take care of yourself. Don't worry about me. I love you and I'll wait."

Mac pulled back and wiped the tears away. "I don't deserve you."

"Yeah, I know," Harm said with a grin. Mac playfully hit him and they both started to laugh. "Now go change so we can get something to eat."

Part 4:

1 week later


Their plane had landed and their luggage claimed. They had both driven and left their cars in long term parking so they where leaving separately.

"So, are you coming over for dinner tonight?" Mac asked as they started toward long term parking.

"Wouldn't dream of missing it," Harm stated as they reached Mac's corvette first and she threw her bag in the trunk. She turned around and went to the driver side door.

"Good, then you can pick up the pizza on your way over." Mac smiled as Harm trapped her against the car with a hand on either side of her.

"You mean you're not going to cook me a big romantic dinner our first night back?" He teased and nuzzled her neck.

"Mmmm...there is nothing in my apartment to cook. But I do have dessert all planned out," she said suggestively as she pulled him away from her neck and instead claimed his lips in a kiss that left them both breathless. "1700...and don't forget your overnight bag." She gave him one final kiss before breaking free and getting in her car.

As she drove off he raised one eye-brow and said to himself, "Overnight bag," with his cocky grin firmly in place. He quickly found his SUV and drove home.

Mac's Apartment


Mac was running around her place making sure everything was in place. If she was completely honest with herself, she had no idea what was out of place. It's not like she had candles or any kind of mood set.

She didn't think she'd ever been this nervous before. Never mind that he was her best friend and the love of her life, she had invited him over for the purpose of having sex. She didn't know if she could sit next to him all night eating pizza and talking knowing where they were going to end up.

This past week had been an emotional roller coaster for both of them. He had shared her room; it seemed stupid for him to get his own when he would be spending most of his time with her anyway. They hadn't moved past kissing though, well kissing and a little touching, but nothing main stream.

Harm had been wonderful through it all. He held her when she cried, listened to her when she felt like talking, and told her he loved her every chance he got. He kept his word and took care of all the paper work and legal issues. When there was a decision to be made he laid out all of her options and all she had to do was choose what she wanted; he executed it for her. She would be hurting for a long time, but the hurt no long controlled her. And although Mac was nervous, she wasn't going to put off her life with this man for one minute longer.

Knock, Knock.

He was early, but he couldn't have arrived at a better time. She opened the door and smiled. They had only been separated for a few hours, but she had still missed him.

"You're early." He had the pizza in one hand and his bag in the other. She noticed that he seemed kind of nervous when he set his overnight bag down inside her door. Mac was even more sure of her plan now.

"The pizza was ready early and I didn't want it to get cold."

"I happen to think the best way to eat pizza is cold, what do you say?" She could tell he was a little confused, but Mac had faith he would catch on soon.

"Well, I guess if you want it cold, but it's going to take close to an hour to cool down. What do you want to do in the mean time?" He noticed Mac had a glint in her eye and he got the distinct impression he was missing something.

She loved him but sometimes Harm was a clueless idiot. "I was thinking we could start with 'dessert'." Mac had a little grin on her face as she practically saw the light bulb go on above his head. The next few moments happened very fast.

"I'll put this in the kitchen."

"I'll be in the bedroom."

Harm rushed to the kitchen, threw the pizza in the refrigerator and practically ran through the living room to her bedroom door. He stopped right outside her door to get a grip on himself. He felt like a teenage boy all over again. After taking a calming breath he went through the door and shut it behind him.

All that could be heard through the apartment was a thud against the door almost as soon as Harm closed it, giggles and laughter, a very un-marine like scream, and moans of pleasure. With the pizza forgotten they spent the night exploring each other's bodies and minds.

Surprisingly enough they spend the same amount of time talking and laughing as they did making love. They were able to discuss things with a new found freedom they had never had before; with themselves or anybody else for that matter. They exchanged fantasies which inevitably lead to more love making, and by mid-night they were both exhausted.

"You know I always suspected you where a little wild underneath that uniform of yours, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for this," Harm said as he held Sarah Mackenzie in his arms.

She giggled while snuggling up to him. "Good, I'd hate to be boring."

"Trust me; no one would ever accuse you of being boring. I don't think I've ever had a woman wear me out the way you just did."

"Well, I was over due. Women reach their sexual peak mid-30's, you know. And to say my well has been dry for quite sometime is an understatement." She was running her fingers up and down his chest.

"Well I see nothing but flash floods in your future Miss Mackenzie," Harm teased as he ran his hand down her back and over her six pulling her even closer.

Harm realized his mistake one second too late.

"Oh, really," Mac said in her best bedroom voice.

She started kissing his chest and moved her way up to his neck. Mac moved her hand down to his thigh to tease him.

Harm could already feel his body responding to her, but he was really tired.

"Mac, come on, I don't know if I have another one in me." Even though he protested he started to stroke her thigh unconsciously.

"Don't tell me the big bad pilot can't keep up with a legal weenie. I'd hate to have to break out my vibrator when I have such a sexy man in my bed." She was now nibbling on his ear.

He froze at her admission. "You own a vibrator?" All reluctance on his part was gone as he was assaulted with images of her pleasuring herself and using 'toys' to do so.

"Alright, you get one more round, but then you have to promise to let me pass out." Harm said in his best negotiators voice.

She kissed him with renewed passion then replied, "Aye Aye, Sir," in a voice so sexy he didn't think he'd ever be able to hear her utter those words again without getting hard.

"You're going to be the death of me, Marine." Harm said as he let himself indulge in her body one more time.

She smiled but no more words were necessary as they explored each others body once again, ending in mutual climaxes. Both totally spent, they fell into a much needed sleep feeling more complete than they ever had.

The End.