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"Yes. This is her birthplace... Light and Water, makes up Rei's unfathomable personality
and thus reflects the atmosphere and the very nature of this place..."
- Doctor Ritsuko Akagi

It was raining incessantly as the darkening storm raged over the German city of Dresden. The heavy deluge assaulted the rooftops as well as the umbrellas of its citizens. Thunder and lightning roared and flashed in the sky above, sending frightened little children scurrying to their mothers' laps and arms, sheltered in their homes all over the city.

The city has seen its share of history, including World War Two, when the city's once beautiful historical buildings and treasures were destroyed by Allied incendiaries to punish the Nazis. It was rebuilt, but endured the communist takeover when it became part of the eastern half of Germany. Only after reunification did a degree of prosperity allowed Dresden to regain some of its former glory.

But ten kilometers away from this city of heavy industry, in the deep forest and buried beneath the earth and solid rock about 600 meters below, it was the figurative calm before the storm.

The storm of what SEELE would soon bring to NERV and its wayward leader.

A young man was standing in the middle of a circle formed by twelve monoliths, not daring to move an inch in deference to his hosts. Behind him was a simple folding chair to sit on, once ordered to do so. He was their best ace for the final show, as Keel Lorenz looked upon him with great interest behind his imposing black monolith.

"We are pleased to meet you, Kaworu Nagisa. Please be seated," SEELE 01 spoke out to the young man, who nodded rather pleasantly as he sat down on the chair. Fifteen years old, standing five-foot four and weighing less than a hundred pounds, Kaworu Nagisa had a mess of gray hair, bone-white skin and a slim frame of a body. However, his eyes, completely red and unblinking, matched the sharp intellect and philosophical wisdom that he possessed. Along with that demeanor, he was also very serene and understanding in attitude.

"Today is the day that you are ready to do something important for us. You have been prepared for this for so long as planned by the Committee. We have entrusted to you everything, even our hopes for bringing about the success of the Plan," Lorenz informed him.

Kaworu nodded silently, allowing Lorenz to continue to explain.

"You are assigned as the Fifth Children, to replace the Second Children because of unfortunate circumstances involving her, with the psychological attack by the 15th Angel. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I understand," Kaworu agreed.

"Indeed, the timing is impeccable."

"If you have any doubts, I have no objections about being involved in this enterprise. In fact, I am not afraid to accomplish my duty, even if it's my life at stake. I simply have to consider the wishes of my brethren, and I finally understand that I have been preordained to correct the errors of many millennia."

"That is right," Keel agreed. "At this moment, they are at their weakest. They are barely able to win, and all is left for us is to gain an advantage."

Kaworu nodded. "When I shall go, sir?"

"You will go at two in the morning, tomorrow, with an express flight to Tokyo-3. We have given you an entire week as well to complete your role. Now, is that clear?" Lorenz questioned.

Kaworu Nagisa stood up in attention and answered. "That will be done, sir."

"Finally, should you encounter any difficulty while you are there, you may request for assistance. Already we have prepared you some information concerning NERV and the Children."

Satisfied, Lorenz nodded in agreement with his words. "Very well, then. Do not fail us in any way, and accomplish all the objectives required of this organization. We will be completely satisfied once you have done your job dutifully. We bid you good luck, Mister Nagisa. You're dismissed for the day."

Kaworu nodded. "Thank you, sir. I will do my best," he answered before he pivoted and walked away.

After Kaworu left their gaze as he disappeared from the room, the twelve monoliths discussed what will be done with Supreme Commander Gendo Ikari and the organization under his command.

"In comparing his past actions to the directives the Committee has assigned him, we can clearly see that Ikari is defying us," SEELE 06 intoned.

"Indeed, I am not pleased with his deviance from the scenario. Just look at his loss of the Lance against the 15th Angel," SEELE 03 seconded.

"I agree. He has not been following the Committee's aims since the beginning, it would seem," SEELE 08 added. "We cannot tolerate his tendency of making decisions inimical to us."

"These problems with Ikari would be enough. No more complaints about him any further from the each of you, gentlemen. We already know that he is clearly betraying our trust by using our plans for his own aims," SEELE 01 interrupted, thus causing them to shut up.

Satisfied with the silence around him, SEELE 01 continued. "Very well, gentlemen. As part of our solution to accelerate our timetable, and we have the upper hand, with our resources ready to be utilized, it is time for the Final Messenger to bring the scenario to its next step as predicted in the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls. Once his task is complete, we will be free to begin the Red Earth Purification Ceremony and bring about the Complementation of Man."

"Should our envoy fail, there will be no other choice for us but to exact punishment upon them," he concluded.

The rest of the Committee echoed their agreement unanimously. "So be it, for the Complementation of Man!"

And all the monoliths disappeared in unison, adjourning the meeting of the ancients.

by soulassassin547

In the cover of the morning darkness, a convoy of unmarked, black-painted vehicles passed through the heavily-guarded gates of a nondescript military airbase, of Cold War Soviet vintage, twenty kilometers away from Dresden. They sped across the wide expanse of the tarmac towards a huge hangar big enough to accommodate a Boeing Seven Century hypersonic transport plane, which was parked inside. It was painted white with the letters "United Nations" emblazoned along its length.

The hangar's massive doors parted to let in the convoy, before it closed together away from prying eyes once the vehicles were all inside.

Among the vehicles in the convoy, a heavily-armored Mercedes-Benz SUV stopped in front of the huge, sleek jet transport and its black-fatigue-clad occupants came out from the front doors. Armed with submachine guns, one of the disembarked men opened the rear passenger door to let Kaworu out.

Clutching his black duffel bag and an aluminum briefcase in both hands, Kaworu dutifully stepped out of the SUV and glanced briefly at the plane, before he walked up the stairs leading up to the hatch, escorted by a pair of severe, black-suited men.

As he navigated the aisles to his assigned seat, Kaworu wondered why they would give him an airplane of this size just to ferry him to Japan. Curious, he mused. Their gratitude must be excessive for me, but I must respect my guardian's wishes.

What is important is that they needed this to be done, and I made my choice.

Now seated comfortably, Kaworu finally let himself rest as the sleek plane started up its powerful engines, moving away and out of the hangar towards the runway.

"Please buckle up your seatbelts. We will be flying out in a minute," the pilot announced over the intercom. Obediently Kaworu fastened his seatbelt and waited for the plane to take off.

After a minute or so of talking with the control tower, and lining with the runway, the pilot nudged the throttle to full blast, giving full power to the six General-Electric scramjets that allowed the plane to fly faster than the speed of sound as it quickly gained altitude over the German countryside, heading eastwards.

About two hours later and eight miles above the Earth in the stratosphere, Kaworu woke up from his slumber, and decided that he must have something to drink. He promptly asked permission from one of the armed agents as he walked up to them.

"What is it?" the agent asked, after putting down an issue of Time he was reading.

"I would like to prepare tea for myself," Kaworu said.

The agent nodded. "No problem. The galley kitchen's up ahead," he answered, thumbing up Kaworu's way.

"Thank you," Kaworu said, before he walked through the aisle all the way to the small kitchen.

While he prepared a cup of oolong tea on the Formica counter, he thought of what the Children looked like, as Keel explained once that all Evangelion pilots are required to be at least fourteen years of age, and a selection board was formed on purpose to seek and select potential candidates from any place on the planet.

I think they must be like me. No, maybe not. They are still frail humans. Lilim, after all, with their courage and fears, their individual loves and hates, despite everything that has been thrown at them. It would be good to find out who they are, he reflected.

Going back to his seat with his tea, Kaworu unlatched and folded out the table in front of him, placed the teacup in a holder, lit up the overhead reading lamp above him.

But just about he was to take the first sip of his tea and get one of his favorite books, the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, from his briefcase, another agent came up to Kaworu, carrying a bulky manila envelope.

"Pardon me?" Kaworu spoke, putting down his tea back into the holder.

"They wanted to give this to you," the older man answered as he handed over to Kaworu the envelope, placing it on top of the tray.

Kaworu nodded. "Thank you, sir," he whispered.

"It's my pleasure," the agent replied as he walked back into his place at the back of the plane.

Taking a breath, Kaworu opened the envelope, which it turned out to be carrying five folders, one folder for each item of importance:

NERV: The Organization and its Aims
The Geofront
The Evas (Unit-00 / Prototype Model to Unit-04 / Production Model)
Historical Background
Personnel Profile Dossiers

Each folder had a red stamping with the words "TOP SECRET. Destroy after Reading".

Taking out the first file from the envelope, Kaworu cracked open its pages to read, methodically committing the vital information to memory without jotting it down.

Halfway with the third and fourth folder after two hours, with his understanding of the extensive technical details on the Evas, and NERV's general history, Kaworu got off his seat to make more tea in the kitchen with soda crackers to munch on, and then go back again to his business. Kaworu paused only to grab a pair of headphones to listen to some jazz music piped in, more precisely, with the music of Louis Armstrong. He had acquired a taste for music while being tutored on basic human culture, including entertainment and the arts.

An hour of that lively baritone from Armstrong had passed before Kaworu finally came up to the last folder, all containing the personal backgrounds of vital NERV members, complete with surveillance photos.

As he read, one page outlined the command structure, starting from Supreme Commander Ikari, to Sub-Commander Fuyutsuki, to Doctor Akagi and Major Katsuragi, to the bridge personnel, down to the Children. Without losing one figment of a fact about these characters, he memorized all of it until he got to the pages about the Children.

The Children

1. Rei Ayanami
2. Asuka Langley Souryu (x)
3. Shinji Ikari
4. Toji Suzuhara (x)

(x) Recent intel update. See accompanying documents.

This will be very interesting, Kaworu mused as he turned one page away, to reveal several surveillance pictures of Rei Ayanami, which showed her in several shots, leaving the ancient apartment of hers after breakfast, heading either to school or to the Geofront.

Her appearance had taken Kaworu aback, blinking.

Putting down that picture on the table, Kaworu began reading the rest of the Ayanami file, which he found to be wanting in content, with only four scant paragraphs, the last denoting what happened to her and Eva-00, after facing off with the Angel of the Womb.

It's quite a pity that there's little about Rei. It would be better off to meet her face to face instead of these pieces of paper that tells me nothing, he told himself.

Kaworu plowed through the rest of the dossier, with the miserable background stories about the Second and the Third Children, as well as the uneventful early retirement given to Suzuhara after his near-death encounter, when the infected Unit-03 was slaughtered down by the infamous Test Type Unit-01.

With considerable interest, he stared at Rei's full figure in one of the pictures, dressed up in her customary junior-high school uniform and carrying a black leather school briefcase, showing her entering the school gates.

Kaworu sighed, wondering what kind of girl Rei Ayanami was. Judging from her passive face she displayed in the surveillance pictures, he figured out that she was still a living, breathing body, yet possessing what he believed was a troubled soul.

Out of his memory, he recalled Goethe's Faust as he pocketed the picture into his jacket: "Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast."

Two minutes later, the burnt remains of the secret documents trailed away from the supersonic plane, as it began to make its approach for Odawara International Airport, near Tokyo-3.

Still beyond Kaworu's grasp, Rei Ayanami was preparing herself for her assigned tasks down at the Geofront this early morning.

Remembering nothing much of what happened to her predecessor, who killed herself along with Unit-00 in an explosion that took out half of Tokyo-3, Rei stepped out of the shower, clad in a towel, and walked to her bed. Laid out on the bed were her only clothes she wore, which was the school uniform ensemble and her white underwear. As for her plugsuit, it would be of no use anymore.

Rei unfurled her towel from her body, before she began to put on her underwear, panties first and that C-size bra she snapped around her chest.

As she went about dressing herself, Rei thought of her assigned tasks she had to do for today. Even now, she was always driven with a sense of purpose and duty, despite that there was no Eva to pilot, and no Dummy Plug for which she radiated her soul to her now-destroyed clones.

I still have a purpose, no matter what happens, she reminded herself.

At the moment, she knew that Ritsuko Akagi was spending her time in the Stockade, for destroying Rei's clones in the Dummy Plug Plant, while Asuka Langley Souryu was still in the infirmary, being treated for psychological trauma a week after the 15th Angel attacked her.

Rei also knew that her classmates had to evacuate the devastated city and the surrounding Hakone area, leaving nobody but core NERV personnel as its only inhabitants.

As for Shinji and Misato, she saw them yesterday, both of them somewhat distraught with what tragically happened to the others. It was also sad to know for Misato that Ryoji Kaji was murdered in cold blood three weeks ago, probably betrayed by an insider, while Shinji was unhappy to see Rei not able to remember anything about her last battle when he visited her at the infirmary a few days back.

Perfectly dressed now, Rei went to her kitchen to prepare her austere breakfast of toast and garden salad, washed down with green tea, before going back to her bed where she ate.

While eating, Rei checked a piece of paper that listed today's activities. Nothing much to do, she thought, shaking her head, seeing that there was only one thing on that activity schedule that required her attention.

Finally sated, Rei got up on her feet and went out to the world, locking the door to her dwelling first before she left.

Walking alone, Rei could only look at the extent of destruction that was sordidly laid out across the city. Only a shallow crater lake remained, in place of the grandiose complex of tall buildings that once stood there. Elsewhere there were uprooted trees, bent traffic signs and huge piles of ferroconcrete and rock. It was more of a war zone.

Unmindful of the billowing dust from the road, Rei noticed the remnants of life dotting the cityscape, such as the trees ringing the hillside and planted along the sidewalk, as well as the birds flying in the sky.

Finally, Rei approached the Geofront's gates, where a guard was standing there, ready to receive her.

"May I take your identification, please," the sentry reminded her.

Dutifully, Rei took out her ID card and showed it to him. In approval, he let her go inside as she swiped the card in the reader installed into the turnstile, which allowed her through.

As she went to the line of elevators leading down to Headquarters, Rei glanced at her ID card and stared at it. There, her name, rank and serial number, plus her picture, all of it printed on that single piece of plastic, causing Rei to pause in her tracks and reflect hard.

Why am I here? Why am I still alive? Alive for what... and for whom I live for? She doubted herself, wondering about how and why she was still existing in this world.

For a minute she stood there, pondering about herself before Rei realized that she still had a job to do down below.

Just to meet with Commander Ikari in his office, on top of the pyramidal Headquarters building.

"Good Morning, Commander," Rei greeted Gendo Ikari once they met in the office, heavily decorated with the reproduction of the Athanasius Kirchner Sephirotic System diagram on the ceiling, and a bubble chamber etching on the floor, while the huge bay windows offered a full view of the Geofront's expanse. Normally this sanctum sanctorum was bare, save for the Commander's desk, but for the purposes of today's upcoming meeting with the Fifth Children there were two tube-frame folding seats and a coffee table. The floor space alone was done on purpose to intimidate some guests, and to acknowledge Gendo's immense authority as the Commander of NERV.

Rei bowed deeply in respect before him.

"Good Morning, Rei. I am very glad to see you again. Please, have a seat," Gendo answered as he fondly looked at her.

Of all the people Gendo encountered, he could absolutely count on Rei to entrust everything he knew and planned, other than Sub-Commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki, and by extension the only person he can show his emotions in private, so he smiled a little at her.

"Thank you, sir," Rei replied before she took her seat facing the Commander.

"Today, somebody very important would be arriving here as we speak," he informed.

Rei nodded in agreement as the Commander rose up from his seat and walked towards her with a folder in hand.

"Because of the Second Children's psychological trauma, it is necessary that we must have a good replacement for her. Fortunately, we have selected our new candidate for this role, and he's also from Germany," Gendo continued, before he handed to Rei a folder.

She opened the folder to find a picture of Kaworu, his pale face with a Zen-like grin greeting her. Beneath his picture was his very short background information, which was limited to only two paragraphs of printed text. Only his date of birth was the most obvious—September 13, 2000—which was the same day the Second Impact nearly destroyed the human race.

Certainly, from the looks of Kaworu's appearance, he closely resembled Rei in some aspects, especially with his cerise eyes, so it was understandable that Rei was slightly taken aback with his appearance.

He is the Fifth Children? He looks like me... He is the same as with me, she thought, allowing the shock to register inwardly, and absolutely not on her face for Gendo to see.

As if he was reading her mind, Gendo explained, "You don't have to worry. Kaworu Nagisa will be here for our purposes and for good reasons, Rei, so that there will be no deviation from what the Scrolls say. Do you have any other questions about the Fifth Children?"

At that point, Rei looked up at Gendo simply shook her head.

Satisfied with her wordless response, Gendo nodded. "Very well, then. With nothing to stop us, we will be reaching our ultimate objective soon enough. Is it okay for you?"

"Yes, Commander. I always will be bound by my duty to serve as you require," Rei answered.

Gendo nodded again, satisfied with her obedience. The last time she sacrificed herself, it was out of necessity and loyalty, but more importantly her behavior was altered over the last few months since his son's arrival. She was supposed to interact, but never to be affected by human activity.

Today, Rei's purity was enough for him to look forward to his next objective, yet lately a series of events nearly derailed his plans. Privately he was infuriated when Ritsuko destroyed one of his long-running pet projects, the Dummy Plug program, out of hatred; and then the impetuous Second Children was attacked by an Angel before suffering a severe case of depression leading to a suicide attempt.

Now he heard that his son is distraught at the moment, but he did not saw his Shinji as his flesh and blood, but only as a tool like others he manipulated to acquire what he truly wanted.

Gendo Ikari was a driven man, determined to defy fate, and Rei Ayanami was the last card in his sleeve.

By the time the supersonic plane touched down on the runway of Odawara International Airport, and then taxied near the group of hangars, a large number of heavily-armored vehicles were waiting to receive Kaworu as the plane came to a halt.

Coming out of the aircraft's hatch, Kaworu glanced around his surroundings; before he looked down to see his escorts from Section Two waiting to protect him. Two dozen more of these NERV people, all dressed in Kevlar vests, were standing guard and toting submachine guns, as they surrounded the plane and the convoy vehicles.

Kaworu let one of the Section Two agents carry his two pieces of luggage. "Place it in the back," he commanded.

"Okay," the beefy-looking agent answered, as he carefully placed the duffel bag and the briefcase at the back of the black, armored NERV-issued Chevrolet Suburban, before Kaworu and the other agents boarded in and the convoy quickly rolled out.

On their way through Route 1, Kaworu watched to see the scenery change, from a series of concrete tunnels and grassy hills, to reveal the devastated city of Tokyo-3 itself. Indeed, there was little left in the center of the city, which was now a lake ringed by ruins.

Ah, how disappointing it looks for a city of this size, with so much destruction. But it's never a city in the truest sense of the word, but more of a fortress of deception, Kaworu reflected.

Then what are they hiding inside? I'll have to see for myself, as it'll be futile for the Lilim to conceal it.

One of the Section Two agents in the front seat spoke out, removing Kaworu from his reverie. "I have something to give to you. It's a message from Commander Ikari," he informed as he handed to Kaworu an envelope.

"Thank you," Kaworu answered, before he opened the envelope containing a letter, which was a simple message of welcome.

Indeed, Kaworu told himself as he pocketed the envelope into his jacket. He's waiting for me to do what's in the Scrolls.