Author's note: Hey there ^_^ This is my first attempt at creating a Ragnarok Online fan fiction. It's been probably month's since I've played the game, when I started listening to RO Christmas music again. It got me into the spirit of writing again. Plus, I've been meaning to write a RO fiction for a while. I hope you all enjoy the first chapter! ( if anymore come after this!)

After Note Re-Edit: Domo Arigatou Yasu-kun! ^_^ You helped immensely.

- - - -

It was a cold windy night outside the snow-covered town of Lutie. The Christmas lights danced along the roofs of houses and huts, reflecting off the snow, making an absolutely, beautiful spectrum of colors for the whole town to see. Silence reigned as a flurry of white dotted the evening sky, gently rocking the trees.

"Boy... It's sure cold out to night. Brr..."

Step by step, a young lady appeared in the middle of the town, under the beautiful green Christmas tree. Underneath the gingerbread men and the tinsel, her long blonde hair reflected off the lights all around her. A small snowflake landed on her rosy nose as she softly sneezed at it. Her crimson painted lips pouted out as her deep sapphire eyes crossed to where the snowflake had once been. She merely closed her eyes, shaking her head as the snowflakes danced off her head and all around her, a few flakes here and there stuck upon her winter uniform. When she slowly steeped closer into the streetlights, her form became known. The small chain of the hidden cross beneath her breast plate. She ran her metal-gloved hand across her hair as she stood beneath that light, her long earth colored skirt wavering softly in the wind of the night. The silver plated hilt attached to her back gave it all away though. She was none other that a swordswoman. She felt goose bumps cross across her skin as she shivered, wrapping her manteau around her shoulders and around her body.

"Need to find someplace to stay for the night... I'm nearly run out of energy and it's too much of a hassle to go hunting down for one of those Santa clones to send me back to Al De Baran."

She sighed very solemnly, her boots clinking softly in the snowdrift beneath her feet. Finally her face lighted up as she saw a Bar/Inn ahead of herself.

"Finally! Warmness!"

She laughed gleefully as she raced over to the wooden door of the tavern, knocking the boots against the welcome mat. She set her frosty hand on the door handle as she pushed the tavern door open, sighing in relief as the warmness of the fireplace hit her frostbitten skin. She slinked inside the tavern and quickly closed the door behind herself and peered around the tavern. It was pretty big for such a small town; but perhaps it only seemed big because there were only a few people scattered around. One single bartender behind the counter, a female magician and a female hunter gossiping to themselves beside the fireplace and male priest settled down by the counter. She felt the redness in her cheek rise as she leered at him, observing him closer. His face was drawn long, but withheld a comforting warmth within his cheeks. Small strands of raven hair drooped over his shuteyes, not seeming to bother him much, his hair fairly short. It wasn't scruffy, but decently kept. She couldn't help but think simply to herself.

'He's... beautiful.'

Slowly the man's eyes opened, snapping the young swordswoman back to attention. She blushed furiously and looked down as she scurried herself over to a covered stool, a few seats away from his.

"Hmmm... Miss, can I help you?"

The young woman slowly looked up to see the gruff looking face of the bartender. Her big blue eyes widened as she gasped, nearly falling off her chair in shock of the figure. She blushes furiously, but this in in embarrassment. She rubbed her head and laughed nervously.

"Ohh... hi... umm... yes sure. A glass of Milk if you please kind, sir."

The bartender nodded his head in response and turned around, getting her drink.

The swordswoman sighed softly in relief. She than glanced from the side of her eyes over the priest again, eyeing what he was drinking.

In his hand was held a small glass of absolut citron, a very expensive kind of vodka. He seemed to stare into nothingness, with his dark forest green eyes. His eyes snapped out of nothingness again as he peered over at the young lady. He blinked a bit, his face no longer so drawn out, the warmth completely filling them as his eyes meet her sapphire ones.

Her eyes widened in response, staring directly right back into his eyes. She held the gaze for a few more moments... before...

"Heyyyy! Ladddy!"

Her eyes opened wide as she shrieked out, falling out of her chair and landing with a *thump* onto the ground with her face planted on the cold hard floor.


She sniffles, rubbing her nose as she looked up and saw an assassin.

With fiery red hair and sharp purple eyes, he peered down at her, more so looking at her pretty white and pink flowered panties. The assassin grinned smugly to himself, sipping on the milk she had ordered. He wearing the casual purple and white assassin outfit, looking even gruffer than the bartender was. At least HE wasn't rude like this man.

Suddenly rage filled her body as she suddenly stood up in fury, but not before fixing her skirt back down

"Just what is the BIG idea huh?!"

She snarled evilly, taking another step towards him as she poked her finger in the middle of his chest.

He grinned more smugly down at the 'little girl' as he poked his finger in the middle of her forehead.

"You just looked so lonely and your milk was curdling from you not drinking it. I decided to check to see if you were still alive, and to make sure this wonderful milk in this Christmas town didn't go to waste. So you see, I was really doing you a fa-"

"You Oaffff! You stole my milk and scared me half to death!"

The Swordswoman quickly whipped out her sword and pointed it at his throat menacingly, her cheeks swollen from the redness of anger in them.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!"

The bartender set the sword down as he glares at both of them.

"No fighting in my bar! Especially no blood shedding! So either you both cool it or I'll throw both your sorry asses out! You got that!?"

The swordswoman flushed heavily in embarrassment and shame as she lowered her eyes and slowly holstered her sword back into its sheath.

"...Kamii offers her greatest apology, sir..."

The assassin on the other hand just smiled calmly and coolly, running a hand through his wild red hair as he leered down at the young swordswoman, not even paying any mind to the bartender.

" Why... I'm cool... I'm perfectly calm... I was just about to leave to get a room anyways."

He quickly turned away from Kamii and throwed 10,000 zeny to the bartender, having that same smug look on his face.

Kamii couldn't help but think to herself.

'He has got to be one of the dirtiest, rudest, gruffest and most perverted assassin I've ever met - or any male for that matter...'

He spoke out than, coolly, as he started to walk away.

"I'll take the best room you have. ...Say,"

He turned around and shot a cat-like smirk at Kamii.

" Why don't you come out to my room sometime little lady, we could have a lot of fun with MY blades... heheh... if you get what I mean..."

Kamii's face showed the revoltion she had even thinking about it.

"Never in a million years you dirty pervert!"

He laughed loudly and grinned deeper at her, starting to walk off towards the stairs.

"Suit yourself, but if you change you mind, you know where to find me!"

She softly muttered to herself, a glare shooting from her once innocent crystine eyes.

"No likely that'll happen bub..."

"Suit yourself, Kamii-ko*. And for future reference, the name's Gochi."

Before Kamii could respond, he had disappeared upstairs. She simply sighed to herself as eye eyes traced back to where the priest once was - but when she looked, he had completely vanished. Her eyes suddenly got all teary as she sniffed.

'Darn that assassin! He made me lose site of that wonderful priest. I bet that PRIEST wouldn't treat me in such a crude manner!'

She simply sighed again, before forking over 5000 zeny to the bartender and tracing the steps to where the assassin had gone. She knew she herself wasn't going to get a wink of sleep tonight.

- - - -