Cruel Angels Thesis: Chapter one

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}{As Shinji and Misato move in on Raen, his Eva arrives, and causes havoc! You will never find out to the last line something about the Eva}{

"Misato! What do you think your doing?" Rutsiko hollered at Misato as the new Eva was locked into place. "Trying to figure out how to pronounce his name, do you know how to?" Misato answered, staring with out success at the forms. "Yes, you bubble brained idiot, I do. It is Raen [pronounced Rain] Ar-e-at- su. Got it? Raen Ar-e-at-su!" Rustiko said, trying hard not to kill Misato.

"Um, Misato, when is the other Eva arriving? You know, the other Neo Eva?" Shinji said, finally tearing his eyes away from the black, red and deep blue Eva.

The newest addition to the Eva team was scaring the shit out of Shinji. It's dragon like eyes stared into him, giving him the distinct impression that it was judging them. Based on the Eva 01, it was a bit taller, with more distincive features. Insead of a sonic blade, it's hand could morph into a sword, or for easy access, it had a blade stored in it's shoulder. It's horn on it's head was bladed, giving it an even scarier feeling. Shinji had the feeling that the horn wasn't just for show.

Mistao shrugged. "Should be coming in the next day or so Shinji. Why ask?" She put one arm around his shoulder. "What about the other pilot, is he coming with it or a little later on?" He said, easily shrugging Misato's arm off. "Later, maybe. We are not so sure." She said, laughing at Shinji's reaction.


Misato smiled. "Come on Shinji! Hurry up or we'll be late!" She yelled out, climbing into the car. "I'm coming! Wait up Misato!" Shinji called out, struggling to remove himself from the puppies reach. "Stupid thing! Misato, why did you go and get a puppy? WHY couldn't we just get a cat? I LIKE CATS!" Shinji yelled out, finaly climbing into the car. "Well, I'll drop you off at school and then in the afternoon we can go and get Raen Ariatsu and THEN we can go to Nerv HQ." Misato said, just as she pulled up to the school.


The teacher walked in.


An: Wow, that was exciting... well, maybe not... anyway, moving on. AND LOOK! Misato pronounced Raen's name right! *Little dance of joy*


"Alright people, we have two new students to introduce to you to day. Class, Raen Ariatsu" The teacher pointed to Raen. Raen stood around 6' 6'', ruby red eyes with long white hair reaching to the back of his knees pulled into a loose plait. He wore pitch black clothes, not the usual school uniform. He stood up straight, and grinned. "The name's Raen, don't piss me off, or you won't be around to see the next sunset." "Now now Raen, death threats do not make the best first impressions," said the new guy next to Raen. The teacher pointed to the person standing next to Raen. "This is Raphael Andrews." Raphael stood up properly and gave the class a quick wave. He stood around 6' 4'', just a bit shorter than Raen. Instead of long white hair, Raphael had medium-short black hair, with the fringe spiked upwards. Wearing similar to Raen, the only exceptions were that his coat was longer, coming to just about half way down his calves, and unlike Raen, Raphael wore sunglasses, balanced on the tip of his nose.


AN: INDOORS! THAT LITTLE IDIOT! *Gets rubber mallet of doom* FEEL MY WRATH PUNY MORTAL! *gets hit in the head w/ RFO [Random flying object]* *throws RFO back to Raphael*

Raph But-


Raph -_-;; idiot...


"Please boys, take your seats," The teacher said, motioning to the back of the class room. Shinji struggled to remember what Misato had said that morning. Something about picking Raen up this afternoon? Shaking his head to dispell that feeling, he turned his attention back to the board.

~oO00Oo~ [First break]

First break passed with out incident.


AN: Wow, that was boring... the only thing that was interesting was Raen used Diablo hot sauce.

Raen: BURNIE BURNIE BURNIE BURNIE! *runs around screaming*

Raph: _;; *shrugs* I TOLD him... Hot sauce and wasabi rolls don't mix.. HEAR THAT RAEN! THEY. DON'T. MIX!


The next part of the day was incredibly BORING! So, we skipped forward.

~oO00Oo~ [End of the school day]

"Hurry up Raph! We gotta go get Khan and Blaze and meet up with that Misato chick!" Raen shouted turning to face Raphael. As soon as he tuned around, a much battered car pulled up behind them. Misato climbed out of the car. "Raen, over here! I'm supposed to show you how to get to Nerv!" Misato shouted, waving madly to get Raen's attention. "Sure, just let us get Khan and Blaze first!" Raen shouted back, rumaging around in his port to find the activation key.


AN: Khan and Blaze are motor bikes, with AI systems in them. Able to hit about 1000 k's in speed, they are very VERY fast. The only way to get the activated is with the keys that Raen and Raphael have. They only activate when a certain thing has been made sure of. Like I'd tell you that stuff... *shakes head*


"Khan ... and ... Blaze?" Misato asked looking mightily confused. "Yeah, our bikes!" Raen said as he punched a code into the key. The sound of reving could be heard, and quite suddenly two sleek, slightly elongated motor bikes pulled up beside him. "They have AI systems built in, and respond great! That's why we have them. Anything else is just far too slow." Raphael said, running his hand over the sleek surface of the bike.

"Oh, Misato, this is Raphael." Raen said climbing onto Khan. Misato blinked a couple of times. "Raphael? Hey, I need to get a Raphael as well. You wouldn't happen to be him?" she asked, Raph nodded. "Well, as long as your here, you may as well come with us." Misato said, getting back into the car.

~oO00Oo~ [Nerv HQ]

"Rutsiko! Rutsiko! I got Raen!" Misato hollerd, bouncing out of the lift [which took about two hours to navigate...] Rutsiko turned around and waved to Misato. "Misato, could you bring Raen over here? Only need him for a while ." She said, turning her gaze back to the clip board in her hand. She motioned Raen over to herself. "Could you put this on so we can test your reaction to your Eva?" She said, not even taking her gaze away from the clipboard to point to the suit. "Uh, yeah... sure, even though I have no idea what your talking about. But sure, why not? I'll give anything a try once." He said, grinning. "The changing room's over there Raen." Misato said, pointing slightly left of herself while studying her own clip board.

~oO00Oo~ [STILL at Nerv HQ]

"Raph, don't laugh. I feel like an idiot already, I don't need your input." Raen said, glaring at Raphael while trying to not kill him. "Raen, don't worry, you look fine. Besides, you HAVE to wear it to fully connect to you Neo Eva." Misato said, also trying not to laugh. "Look, i feel like an idiot, so don't make it worse! WHY do i have to wear this stupid thing and not Raph?" Raen said, glaring at every one in his [almost] skin tight full body suit. "Although, the colour scheme is fine. How'd you know that i like red, black and dark blue?" He clipped the clippy thingies [neural interface] into his hair. "So what do these things do?" "They allow us to talk to you if your com goes down in an N-2 blast. They also connect your mind to the Eva's." Misato replied, finally managing to stifle her laughter. "I have no idea what an Eva is, but hey, that's just me. Oh, shut up Misato, you too Raph." "Don't worry Raphael, we've got one of those suits for you too," Misato said through a fresh bout of laughter as the image entered her mind. "But unfortunately you don't get to try yours on until it arrives tomorrow." "Whew," said Raph, "seems lucks on my side for a little while at least."

~oO00Oo~ [Raens Eva Chamber]

"Holy shit! Is that an Eva?" Raen gasped out, shocked by the Eva standing before him. "Yep, but this one is a Neo Eva, the more recent Eva. Both Neo Eva's are based on Unit 01, so be careful. Unit 01 is a tempermental peice of shit at times." Misato replied, waving to one of the nearby techs. "Kaya, unlock the entry pulg, and plug the power cord in, o.k? We need Raen to get in and test it out." Kaya nodded and moved over to the other techs.

[A few minutes later]

CLICK! CR~A~A~A~A~CK! Rang out loudly, signaling that the Eva had been unlocked and the entry plug ejected. "Shit that was loud. Are you sure that was supposed to happen?" Raen said, shaking his head, trying to dispel the ringing in his ears. Misato nodded. "Yes, so don't get worried, k?" Raen nodded.


"You know, the controls are kinda like Khan's!" Raen said after he had climbed into the entry plug. "All right Raen, we're going to fill the entry plug now, don't worry, it'll give oxygen to your lungs automatically k?" Misato said, motioning to Kaya to fill the plug. Slowly the liquid filled the cock pit, climbing higher until all was submerged. "Well, that was weird. REALLY weird. Do we have to go through that every time?" Raen asked flailing around. "Yes. We are activating it now, ok?" Misato said, putting in the code for activation. "Get ready!" Raen nodded. "1 - 15 connected... 16 - 25 connected... 26 - 35 connected... 36 - 50 connected. All ready for activation Misato!" Kaya called out, keeping her finger resting litely on the activation button. "All right Raen, ready to go?" Misato asked, nodding to Kaya. "Sure Misato, start it up." Raen said, grasping the controls firmly. Kaya pressed the button.


The restraints had snapped! The Eva stumbled around a bit until Raen was able right it again. "Raen! What happened? Why did the restraints snap?" Misato looked around, stressing. "Kaya, disconnect and shut down! We need to get Raen out of there!" Kaya nodded. "Disconnecting... complete! But it won't accept the exit code! Raen's in there, but he can't get out! The Eva seems to be interfereing!" Kaya said, entering and re- entering the exit code, but every time it said 'Invalid code'. "MISATO! GET ME OUTTA HERE!" Raen yelled, moving the controls, but nothing happened. The Neo Eva slammed it's left fist into the wall, cracking it. "Kaya, try again! Quick!" Misato screamed over the grinding scream of tortured metal. "Misato! I think it's working! Look!" Kaya said, pointing through the glass. The glow slowly faded from the Eva's eyes, and slowly it stopped, it's fist still in the wall.

~oO00Oo~ [30 Minutes later]

Raen's Eva had been moved to a different chamber, with intact restraints. No one dared to go near it, since it had re- activated once. It had been locked back into place after Raen had been safley extracted from it. "Hey Raen, you ok?" Misato asked, sitting down next to him. "Yeah, just a bit freaked out. Are they supposed to do that?" He said, removing the neural interface clips. "No, but that was what happened to the very first Eva created. Also, Unit 01 has gone beserk twice before" She said, standing up. Suddenly, a thin wail rose and became stronger as Rutsiko ran towards them. "MISATO! IT'S AN ANGEL!" She hollered, skidding to a stop just before Misato and Raen. "WHAT? An Angel NOW?" Misato said, turning to Rutsiko "Shinji's Eva is still in a frozen state and Rei's is too. Would the Neo work?" Rutsiko said, looking at Raen. "I don't know, but I'm willing to try again, if that's what you mean." Raen said, standing up as well. Misato and Rutsiko nodded at the same time. "Alright, Raen, go to your Eva. We'll eject the entry plug so you can get in. Hurry up, or the Angel will have destroyed half of Tokoyo 3 by the time you get out. Move people!" Misato said, running to the techs.

~oO00Oo~ [5 minutes later]

"Alright Raen, activation is happening now. Anything going wrong on your end?" Misato said. Raen shook his head no. "Good. Now we have to load you onto the Lift up, when you get up there, Shinji will give you directions. You should be able to use your Sonic Sword, but there'll a gun just left of you. Any questions?" Another no. "Alright! Eva, LAUNCH!"

~* Click... BANG! *~

The Eva shot up, and with a satisfying !click! stopped at the top. "Alright, Raen this is Shinji. Grab the gun before the Angel sees you, and position the centre target within the triangle befor you fire. It might take a bit to disable the Angel's AT field, so we're sending another gun up now. Got it?" Shinji said, nodding to Kaya for agreement. "Yup, but I'm not going to use the gun. I wanna try the Sonic Blade. Be back soon!" Raen said, moving forward slightly. The Neo Eva responded perfectly, creeping forward slowly.

[Nerv HQ]

"MISATO! Look at this! Raen has perfectly synchronysed with his Eva! Look at it! The red and orange waves are the Eva's, the blue one is Raen's. They are moving together!" Kaya said, pointing to the Theta Band board. "That's amazing! How do you think that happened?" Misato asked, looking surprised. Rutsiko re- entered the room. "The Neo Eva's linked directly into the pilots sub-concious, copying the pilot. Its link cannot be broken, even after the pilot exits the Eva. It's called the Gemini system, and responds to the pilots every move, giving better reactions, almost like the pilot and the Eva are twins, hence the name." She said as she sat down. Every one stared at her in surprise.

[Back on the battle field]

Raen easily dodged the Angel's attack, giving him time to grab his sword. Swinging it in a graceful arc, he just narrowly missed the Angel, who immeadiatly counter attacked. Neatly dodging that too, he once again swung his blade, this time catching the Angel on the arm. Its AT field only just saved it from having its arm sliced in two. It hung to the shoulder by a few stringy cords, rendering it useless to the Angel. It roared in fury, sending a gout of flame directly at Raen and his Neo Eva. Waiting until the last minute to move out of the way, which left the Angels back open for attack, Raen charged at it. Taking his blade in both hands, he launched himself off the ground, over the Angel, and brought his blade directly down upon the Angel and buried his blade into the Angels unprotected back. The Angel roared in pain, before going limp and sliding off the sword, landing with a thud on the ground.

[Nerv HQ]

Every one blinked. It had never taken that short amount of time for an Angel to be destroyed. Misato was the one to act first. She swalowed the lump in her throat long enough to tell Raen to go back inside.


Placing one hand on his hip, Raen glared at Misato. "I'm not going to lie to you, I heard everything that was said when I was fighting that Angel. I want to know why did I get picked? Also, I now know what that weird pressure on my mind was. That was my Eva linking, so that doesn't need explaining. Although, something still bothers me. I saw a series of disconnected pictures, i think they were of it being built. BUT I still want to know why I was picked." He said, staring hard at Rutsiko. Rutsiko nodded. "We knew that you would want an explanation, so here goes. The reson that you were chosen was because of your high Theta Band emmisions. That, coupled with your reaction times and score, gave us a fair idea that you should be chosen. Same goes for Raphael." Raen grinned as Raph did a little victory dance. "Major coolness here people! I GET TO PILOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS!" He said, calming down. Quite suddenly, a deep rumble was coming from the Neo Eva. "Is something wrong with it?" Misat asked, eyes wide. Raen started to laugh. "No Misato, it's laughing." He said, having stopped laughing long enough to say anything "It's alive"


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