Cruel Angels Thesis : Flashback Episode 0.5 of 3

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WARNING: This chapter is mostly about Raedyn and his past. Many flashbacks possibly gore. Grab the popcorn, and let's go!


Blood red eyes surveyed the sand as the caravan moved on. The young slave hissed as the heat hit him and crouched back, wishing sincerely he had his dagger. But that had been taken from him when he was found. He hissed and pressed his back against the cool iron bars, wishing he had the chance to escape. But, that wasn't an option. So he sighed and sat there, eyes closed. A few minutes he rested, before being jarred from his half sleep and his eyes slid open. He hissed when the pungent smell of the head slaver assaulted his nostrils and shied away. "Heh heh heh... Sorry little slave, you're not going any where. The Pharaoh's going to pay a good price for you" The slaver grinned, revealing stubs of teeth. The slave sneered; sweat dripping from his pale, milk white skin. Seeing that he wouldn't get any answer, the slaver walked away, whistling to himself.

oO00Oo Night... and pain... then the morphine, after that it was just night...

The slave snarled and threw himself at the slaver that dared to touch him, chains wrapping around the poor mans throat and twisting deftly. A crunch was heard and the slaver went limp in the slave's hands, blood starting to drip from the dead mans nose. The slave whipped around and sprang, chains rushing at the next unfortunate man. He gurgled and dropped, the slave's eyes glowing ungodly red. He growled as he saw more men take the others place, self satisfied smirks plastered on their faces. He stood rigid, chains wrapping around his hands as they advanced, eyes flashing angrily. He made no noise as they moved towards him, chains wrapped around his hands tightly. No sound issued from him as they lashed at him with the whips, blood starting to drip from the wounds.

oO00Oo Minutes later.

'No noise. Make no noise. DO NOT SCREAM' His mind told him, blood dripping in a steady rate from the wounds he had received. He hissed slightly as he was stripped, the slave's clothes ripped away from him. He retreated into his mind, closing everything off, becoming a cold, useless soul. No noise sounded as the night's torture went under way, eyes closing slowly, blood dripping down his pale face.

oO00Oo Days later.

The slave watched dispassionately as the palace came in sight, red eyes sweeping over it slowly. He made no noise any more, the shallow breathing the only indication that he lived. He made a soft hiss as the cage was jarred, down the ramp and into the palace gates. The door was open and he looked up, a small girl standing there. "Come on, I don't have all day. Get out of there now and come with me" She watched him carefully, as if she had never seen someone so pale and cold looking. He stood slowly, towering over her, matted and bloodied hair walling behind him. He walked slowly from his imprisonment and following her. Slavers fell in behind him, wary and careful, knowing what he could do. Cold, dispassionate eyes followed the girl. They ended up in a large wash room, cool tiles soothing on the slave's feet as he moved slowly. The girl turned around. "Bathe and be presentable to be shown to his Might, Pharaoh" The girl shrugged when he didn't answer, but left with the slavers as he stripped of what little clothing he wore. He slid into the already filled tub, hot water sloshing as he submersed.

He had no idea on how long he stayed there until the door opened, and a few tight lipped elderly women entered, carrying soft cloths and a towel. He stepped easily from the tub, eyes glowing like a ruby caught in the sun and stood there demurely as they dried him. "We think that... either black or blue will suit you nicely. Come here girls" The 'leader' cackled slightly, motioning the other women over. He made no noise as they studied which fabrics complimented his figure, and were shocked to find faint scars on his back. They studied them with their tight eyes, and then shrugged. After picking a few clothes that suited him to their content they left, leaving him to dress in privacy, they returned. They left again with the clothes he didn't choose, and he sat down on the edge of the tub, seemingly waiting for something. He found out what he was waiting for when the girl entered again, motioning him to follow.

Corridor after corridor stretched into seeming eternity, as he followed the small girl, his eyes not following anything in particular. They eventually reached a large set of doors, inlaid with a pattern, Ra standing proudly in the centre. The door opened and he was pushed in along with the girl, and the doors boomed hollowly as the closed. Bright eyes studied him from all angles, the Council watching him carefully. The Pharaoh stood and the council bowed low, the girl in front of him too. He didn't move, made no sound and just, well, watched. The girl hissed at him to bow, and only then did he do so, a short, sharp dip of his body. The council breathed a sigh of content as he did so, and then watched carefully. The slaves lips parted as if to speak, but he thought of it and closed them again. A few minutes everyone stood still, then the girl spoke. "My Pharaoh, this is the slave you requested, bathed and clean" She bowed as she spoke, short hair waving in the wake of the movement. The Pharaoh nodded and motioned both the slave and the girl towards him they walked the distance to the steps of the Throne and stopped. When the Pharaoh spoke, it was a strong, leader tone, sharp and decisive. "Slave, you are my property now. Do as I say, when I say and you won't be punished" The Pharaoh stood and motioned the slave up the steps. A cold look of disdain swept over the pale slaves face then was smothered into the cold mask, eyes glowing only softly. He stopped in front of the Pharaoh, waiting for him to speak. "I am the Pharaoh, but to you I am Master. Address me as such" The Pharaoh then sat down again, motioning the slave to sit at his left.

The Pharaoh looked down at his new slave. "What is your name?" he asked, watching the way sunlight glowed off the pale slave's skin. When the slave didn't answer, the Pharaoh growled and brought two fingers down to a hidden pressure point on the neck. The slave made no sound, red marks blooming under the Pharaoh's fingers. With a soft snarl of discontentment the Pharaoh removed his fingers, and spoke again. "You don't seem affected slave. I will find a way to cause you pain in the future. Now, answer my question." The slave shrugged, and looked up, eyes glowing in hatred. "You ask my name and you have the gall to call yourself mighty" With a sneer the slave said no more and turned his gaze back to the hall. The councilors drew in a sharp breath and awaited the order to kill the slave. With a snarl the Pharaoh shifted in his chair and called out, his voice heavy with anger and rage. "Bring in the diplomats" The slave watched as a few weedy men walked into the hall, eyes bored, then cold. He made no sound, no indication of his thoughts. Voices that made no sense to him sounded, and then were smothered by his mind as he retreated into the cold dark halls of his consciousness.

oO00Oo Days later.

The slave watched as the girl walked away, and then sighed as he was left alone in the Pharaoh's room. He stood there, rocking on the balls of his feet as he waited, eyes searching for the nearest escape rout. He very nearly died of shock when a soft voice sounded behind him. He spun and crouch with the fluid deadly grace of an assassin, then stood slowly when he saw who it was. The Pharaoh watched this carefully then spoke. "I see the slavers weren't lying when they told me you had some experience with a blade. Only a warrior could move like that" The Pharaoh shrugged and sat on the end of the large bed. "I am sorry about what I did" The Pharaoh sighed and sat back, motioning his slave to sit at the end of the bed. "Being around the Councilors really grates my nerves into shreds." The slave said nothing and just sat there until his so called 'master' spoke again. When he did speak however, the Pharaoh's voice was weary and tired. "Goodnight" The Pharaoh said as he fell into the covers, not even bothering to change into his bed wear. The slave watched until the Pharaoh slept truly, then sat down in a corner and watched, eyes glowing a deep, sullen red.


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