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Miko From Another World
DBZ/InuYasha crossover

As planet Vegeta exploded from Freeza's deadly blast, an escape pd could be seen rocketing off into space. Inside the pad was a little, Saiyan baby girl. The baby had raven black hair that if the light hit it just right, her hair would shine blue. She was asleep, wrapped in a white cloth and her monkey like tail clasped in her tiny hands. Around her neck was a silver chain with a golden eagle (is that Vegeta's family symbol? In my story it is!) hanging off of it and there was a hallow gram picture disc peeking out of the folds of her cloth/blanket. As she traveled through space, there was a faint pink glow in her left side and as she got farther away from her home planet, the pink light faded away.

~T: Let us skip ahead a few years, shale we?~

"InuYasha! I'm going home for a while and there's nothing you can do about it! Now, SIT!" A raven haired girl of about sixteen, stormed away from a whit haired boy in red with triangular dog ears on his head, who just happened to be face down in a tree foot deep hole. "Ja Ne minna-san," she called to her friends before dashing into the woods with a yellow backpack on her back.
As the Bone Eaters well came in sight, she sighed and instinctively reached for the eagle pendant that hung around her neck. -I wish I knew my real family- she thought while jumping into the well with her eyes closed (never jump into something with your eyes closed.) But, since her eyes were closed, she didn't see her pendant start to glow. Nor did she the glow of the well change from blue to red (I told you.)
When she touched bottom, she opened her eyes and looked up. What she saw wasn't the shrine roof, nor was it the clear blue sky of the Senjioku Jidai. What she saw was the emerald green of a forest. She climbed out of the well in confusion land looked around. "Ok," she said as she sat on the edge of the well. "Were am I?"
Just then, she heard the sounds of a battle. She decided to go check it out, after all, somebody could need her help. Plus, she had a brand new bow and a quiver full of arrows and she wanted to know where she was.
She fallowed the sounds of the battle till she came to a clearing with two men and a boy. All of them had black, spiky hair and wore orange jumpsuits. The oldest one called out to the youngest one, "Goten, you're moving to slow! You'll never catch Gohan and me at that pase!"
The young boy, now identified as Goten, called back, "Alright dad! How's this?" With that, he disappeared in a blur of orange.
"Excuse me," called Kagome (come on, who else could it be?) "But, do you know where I am?"
The three guys came up to Kagome and smiled. The oldest said, "Hi! I'm Goku and these are my sons, Gohan and Goten." As he said the boy's names, they waved and said "Hello." "You're in our backyard." (No idea where Goku and them live. Mind helping out an author and telling me? Please?)
Kagome could tell that these were nice people and instantly trusted them. "My name is Kagome. I'm not from around here and I don't know how to get home. Could you guys help me?" For the first time since as far back as she could remember, Kagome felt content. She felt connected to these three guys some how. Especially the one called Goku. As if they were like her, different from the rest of the world. Demons included. Once again, her hand found it's way to her pendant.
"Sure, we would be happy to help," answered the one called Gohan with a cheerful smile.
Than, Goten chimed in with, "If we can't, our friend Bulma should be able too!" So, the three guys escorted Kagome back to their house for some lunch and to see if they could find a way to get Kagome home. Little did they know, they were about to get the surprise of the century.

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