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Chapter 1- A Strange New Year

"Billy, I'm leaving. Do you need anything before you leave?" Hank smiled as Billy shook his head. "Well then, I am off."

"Bye Mr.C." Trini grinned as he gave them each a hug.

"I'll see you two when you get back. You make sure he behaves himself in Geneva." Hanks winked as they laughed and headed towards the stairs. He then turned and left.

Trini followed Billy to his room. "You know what? It's going to be weird living here once we get married." She looked around the room as he sat down at his desk.

"Why do you say that?" Billy unlocked the bottom drawer and pulled out a notebook. "I want to show you something." He got up and led her down to his basement.

"Well, I have been in this house so many times before and yet I will be living here. Its is just going to be a little weird at first." She watched as he turned on the light and led her to a door. "What's in there?"

"Something I found when mom and I were cleaning the basement to make it into a study and lab for dad." He turned the light on and led her in. "My grandfather drew it when he was my age. Every time something in town changed, he would change it on here. I have done the same."

Trini stared at the huge map on the wall. "That is amazing! Every tiny detail is on there!" She looked at a huge building in blue. "That's your dad's company right?" When he nodded, she turned towards a group of multicolored buildings in the mountains. "What is that?"

Billy grinned and walked up next to her. "That is our secret. The one that only a select few know about." He saw her look at them in confusion. "What's wrong?"

"Well, if that is the command center, where is the main building? And what are all the smaller buildings?" Trini picked up a blue pen and drew the outlines of the main chamber. "There, that looks better. But I don't get what the smaller ones are for. And how did your grandfather know about it?"

Billy smiled. "I added the command center in and as for the other smaller buildings, they are hangers."

"The zord bays?" When he nodded, Trini smiled. "Well then, I will have to go see them sometime."

Billy laughed. "You will in time. But right now, look at this." He opened the notebook he brought with them.

"You mean that this is..." She looked up at him in surprise and saw him nod. "Wow, this is awesome!"

Billy watched as she turned the page. "That is the reason I haven't told anyone. I am going to keep it a secret until we are back for good and the right time comes."

Trini smiled and set the notebook down. "They will love it Billy." She pulled him over to the door. "Come one."

Billy turned off the light and locked the door. "Where are we going?" He let her drag him up to the living room.

"Stay here." Trini ran up the stairs and came back down a few minutes later with a disk in her hand. She placed it in the stereo and turned it up. "I want to dance with you. To make up for all those dances we missed out on."

Billy smiled as he pulled her close. "I can handle that. Although some of those themed dances we had while you were gone were not my type."

Trini laughed as he twirled her around. "But what dances can't you do?"

"Well, this is my favorite dance music so obviously I can do all of these. The ones I can't do are what you see in dirty dancing." He grinned as she stared at him. "Unless of course you want me to try."

Trini laughed. "No, I don't think I want to see you make a fool of yourself." She winked at him. "However, I am a little curious as to why you never told me you could do all this dancing."

He froze as the next song started. "I forgot this was on here." He blushed as she looked at him in surprise. "I never told anyone cause mom was the one who taught me. After she died, I guess I never really did any of it."

Trini walked over and started the song again. "Well then, its time you got back into it." She watched as he started dancing and quickly joined him.

"You can do this too?" When she nodded, Billy laughed. "Well, wouldn't the gang be surprised to see this!" He smiled when she laughed.

"I just got an idea!" She ran over and stopped the music as he caught his breath. "How would you like to really surprise everyone? And I don't mean just our friends and classmates."

Billy watched her eyes and saw a hint of desire. He sighed as she bit her lip. "Well, what is it? Obviously its something you want to do so I say yes."

Trini smiled and hugged him tightly. "Oh thank you!" Now, listen up." She leaned in and began to tell him of her plan.