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Jason laughed as Kat and her parents began to sing. "Oh man, they do come from a land down under. That's the perfect song for her." When they finished and rejoined their friends, he put an arm around her waist. "That was awesome for a bunch of aussies."

She laughed and smacked his arm. "Hey, you better watch what you say!" She grinned at the others as more and more people took to the stage. "So, what do we do now?"

"Now we party!" Zack winked at Amanda. "Shall we?" He held a hand out to her and motioned to the dance floor. "Let's show them how to throw a good party."

"Definitely!" She took his hand and allowed him to lead her to the middle of the dancing crowd. The others watched as they disappeared into the crowd.

"He'd better ask her out soon or I am going to lock them in a room together." Kim grinned at Trini. "Want to help?"

"Absolutely!" Trini laughed as Billy and Tommy smiled. "I think we have someone to work on Zack as well."

Aisha saw the others nod. "I guess its unanimous then! If he doesn't ask her tonight, we lock them in a room or closet somewhere." She looked around. "What about around Valentine's Day?"

"Perfect!" Kim covered her mouth as the kids nearby looked at her. She lowered her voice back to normal and smiled. "I have an idea for that." She gathered them closer and began to explain.

Hours later, the rangers laughed as Ernie turned off the main lights. Billy had snuck up behind him and was there when Ernie turned back around. "Geez Billy! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

Billy grinned as they headed back to the others. "Is that everything?"

"Yeah, it's all done." He waved them out the door. "I will see you kids tomorrow."

Billy hung back as they all got into their cars and drove off. "How did they do it Ernie? They haven't sung like that in years."

"They have been practicing since you said you guys were coming home." He smiled as they headed over to his car. Trini was sitting next to it on her bike. "Let me know about your decision. Take all the time you need." He climbed into his car and drove off.

"What decision is that?" Trini put her helmet on and waited for him to get ready.

Billy put his backpack and helmet on. "Whether or not I want to take over my share of the Juice Bar." He started his bike and they pulled out of the parking lot.

"Do you know what you are going to do about it yet?" Trini led him to her house where they parked their bikes and headed inside.

"No, not yet." He held the door open for her and smiled at her mom. "Hi Mia."

"Hello Billy." She handed him some sleeping bags as Trini picked up the pillows. "Where you two going to be?"

"In my room." Trini smiled as he raised his brows. "He's going to help me with my stuff."

"Ok, see you in the morning!" She left them alone and headed up to her room.

Billy followed Trini to her room and closed the door, tossing the bags down next to it. "So what am I helping you with?"

"I have to sort out and box up everything so they can move my new bedroom suit in." She smiled as he took a box from her. "Your dad told me I could move this one to your other spare room. That way there would be less stuff to move this summer."

"That's great." He looked around her room. "It would be really nice to have a spare room again. So, where are we going to start?"

"Why don't you start over there with my awards?" She nodded to the bookshelf she was currently looking at. "I'm going to sort through these."

"Any certain order you want these put in?" He picked up a trophy of a fencer. "How would you feel if I made another display case for your trophies? Just like mine." He grinned as her eyes widened. "I'll even put it in your room with your furniture."

Trini gave him a big hug. "I would love that." She pulled away and looked around the room. "How about we wait until tomorrow to do this?"

"I guess. But what would we do in the meantime?" He set the box down and reached for a book on the bottom shelf. "What's this?"

"Oh my gosh! I forgot about those!" She took it and sat down on the bed. "Grab the others and bring them over here. They are my scrapbooks."

He did as told and joined her at the head of the bed. After he leaned back next to her, she opened the one she had in her lap. "What's in them?"

"I have pictures, awards, newspaper articles, and just about anything that has to do with me and my friends." She pointed to a small notice on the first page.

"Your birth announcement." He smiled as he slowly turned the pages. "You are cute."

"I was cute." She smiled as he turned another page. "Until I really got into Halloween."

Billy looked closely at her picture. "This is at the Southtown Mall wasn't it?"

"Yeah why?" She looked over as he pointed to some figures in the background. "You Jason and Kim were the ones who joined us for the store-to-store trick or treating! Cool!"

"Well, I guess it was set in stone then." He turned her head to him and smiled. "We were definitely meant to be together."

She smiled and moved closer as he put an arm around her. "I wouldn't want it any other way."

Billy laughed and they continued looking through the scrapbooks. Trini told him about every picture and award he asked about.

Four hours later, the door opened and a soft voice whispered. "Trini?" Mia Kwan peeked her head in and smiled. As she walked over to the sleeping teens, her husband walked in. She took the scrapbooks off them with a smile.

"What were they looking at?" He helped her cover them with a blanket.

"Her scrapbooks. It looks like they stopped right where they first became rangers." She kissed their foreheads and followed him to the door. "They've all grown up so fast. Being a ranger has made them into such fine young adults." She turned off the light and closed the door.

"Their parents helped too." Lee smiled as they headed back to their room. Let's get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

"Yeah, I hope Hank is ready for this!" She smiled as he closed their door. "It's been a while since a female has lived there."

"You are forgetting that after the accident, Caroline and Kim were always over there. Trini was too." He sighed as he turned off the light. "He has the rest of the school year to get ready if he isn't."

"That's true. Goodnight." She smiled as he murmured a response.


Trini yawned and opened her eyes. Green eyes stared back at her. "Hey."

Billy laughed as she sat up. "Sleep well?" He placed a tray on her lap as she nodded. "Better eat up before Kim and Tommy get here. Jason and Zack are downstairs helping Lee."

"Great. Things will go better and faster with Kim and Tommy here." She smiled as she took a bite of her French toast. "This is really good!"

Billy grinned and headed towards the door. "It's a family recipe. When you get done, I'll be back up to get it while you get a shower." He winked and closed the door behind him.

Once downstairs, he found Zack holding up a trophy from the mantle. "Do you know what she will want done with these?"

"No but they are going in with mine until I get her display case built." He laughed when they all looked at him. "What?"

Lee shook his head as he returned to his wrapping. "You are going to spoil her Billy."

"No he's not." Jason smiled. "He's just doing what her parents do." He laughed as Lee grinned. "See Zack! I told you its genetic!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Zack looked up as the door opened. "Well, look who finally showed up!"

Kim walked in followed by Tommy. "Blame him. He's the one who took forever. I beat him here though once I got Mr. C's truck."

"Hey, it's not my fault he's got that thing charged up!" Tommy frowned as Billy laughed. "What's so funny?"

"He didn't do anything to it Tommy. The engine is just better then the one in your jeep." Billy laughed as he stuck his tongue out. "You are just jealous."

"Yeah well, where is Trini anyway?" Tommy looked around at the others.

"Getting a shower. I have to go get her plate." Billy smiled and headed for the stairs. "I let her sleep in a bit."

Kim smiled over at Lee. "Hey Mr. K. What's her new bedroom suit look like?"

"It's really nice. A lot like her old bedroom set but in a cherry red." He smiled. "Since it is going to be a guest room after this summer, she picked out a different color."

"That's cool." Kim looked up to see Billy coming back in the room. "Is she ready yet?"

"She's getting dressed." He laughed as Jason grinned at him. "Chill Jase. She heard me coming up the steps and poked her head out of the bathroom."

Lee laughed as Jason frowned. "Just wait Jason. After this summer you'll have plenty of chances to tease him."

Billy turned red as they all laughed. He shook his head as he pushed Kim towards the steps. "We are going to go help her with the stuff in the bedroom."

"Both of you?" Tommy looked over to see Zack shrug.

"Yeah, I know what she has and Billy knows what room he has." Kim rolled her eyes. "I'm telling y'all, his brain is actually Swiss cheese!"

"I heard that!" Tommy laughed as she stuck her tongue out at him and raced Billy up the steps. "Ok, let's get busy."

4 hours later, the teens got out of their vehicles and looked over at Billy. Tommy opened the back of Hank's truck and sighed. "Ok, so where is everything going to be going?"

"Follow us." Billy pulled out part of the dresser and waited for Jason to grab the other end. He smiled as his dad held the door open. "Thanks."

"The door is closed but I wanted to keep it a surprise to Trini." He held the door open as the others carried some stuff in. "Just set the stuff down outside the room."

"Ok Mr. C." Zack followed the others up to the room and set the box of books down as Hank squeezed past them to the door.

"Trini, would you do the honors?" Hank handed her a small key. "Every room in this house has a key for the door. This is yours."

Trini took it and looked at Billy. "Thanks!" She unlocked the door and turned the handle. Once she turned the light on, she gasped. "Wow!" Yellow walls sparkled in some kind of silver glitter and blue stars covered the white trim around the top. "This is amazing!"

Kim followed her in and smiled. "Wow, you should do this for a living Mr. C.!" She ran a hand over the wall next to her. "Is that some kind of clear coating?"

"Yes it is. That way the glitter won't come off and it will stay this bright. Just like Trini." He laughed as Trini gave him a hug. "You are welcome Angel."

Billy smiled as he looked over to the far corner. A small tiger was painted as if it were lying down and watching them. "This is the way mom was going to paint it."

"Exactly." Hank smiled at Trini. "Why don't you guys bring the rest of the stuff in while I make some lunch."

"Ok." She followed the others out as he headed down to the kitchen. A couple hours later, Jason, Zack, Tommy, and Kim all left and Trini sighed. "Well, since we finished eating, I guess it's back to work?"

"Yeah. Just don't worry about that pile under the tarp." Hank motioned to the far side of the room. "That's stuff Billy needs to go through."

Billy grinned. "Yeah, the boxes can go in the closet for now. The big thing can go into the room in the basement." He pulled the tarp off and smiled at Trini. "Look in the crib."

"Wow." Trini touched the faces of the dolls. "Who made them? They look just like you, James, and Kaytee." She looked up to see him looking down. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He smiled up at her. "My mom liked to collect things and dolls were her hobby. She was real good at painting them. She had these made from pictures she drew of her visions." He fingered the doll that looked like him. "She was in the process of making one for you."

"Really?" She watched Hank uncover a small box. Inside was a doll that had her coloring and wearing yellow. The eyes and mouth were almost done. "Wow, she must have been putting the finishing touches on it. It's beautiful."

"Yeah, she just had to finish the outlines of the eyes and mouth. Then it would be done." Billy pushed the boxes into the closet. "You want it to stay the way it is?"

"Actually, I would like to finish it for her." Trini looked up at Hank. "Is that all right?"

"Of course! It was going to be for your birthday." Hank picked up the doll and placed it in the crib with the other three. "I am going to take this down to the basement. In fact, looking at them now, James and Kaytee look just like your grandparents did at that age Billy."

"I know. If anyone were to ask who the other dolls were, I was going to say it was my grandparents." He smiled as his dad laughed and headed out the door. "Let's get down to business shall we?"

"Yeah, maybe we can actually get it done before going to the cabin tonight. Ernie said he's meeting us there." Trini helped him move her dresser over to the far wall. "I want to keep that tiger in the open. I like how it looks like it belongs in here."

"That's what mom thought too." He smiled as she put the drawers back into the dresser. "You know that you can stay here anytime you want don't you?"

"Yeah, and it may come in handy after the prom. The girls could all stay here since your room is right down the hall." She smiled as he laughed and walked into the closet. "Where are you going?" When he didn't come back out, she called out to him. "Billy?"

"Yeah?" He poked his head around the door as he came in. "This room will definitely come in handy after the prom."

"How did you do that?" Trini turned around and headed back to the closet. "Is there a secret tunnel?"

"Yeah." He showed her the tiny latch at the back of the closet. "It blends in so well in the dark corner that you wouldn't know it otherwise. You want to know where it leads to?"

"Yeah!" She stepped inside and paused. "It's so dark!" She turned and reached out for his arm. "Are you coming?"

"Coming." Billy stepped into the tunnel and closed the secret door. "Don't you want a flashlight?" He put a small flashlight into her hand. "Shall we?"

"Not yet." She stepped closer to him and put her arms around him. "I want to thank you for everything Billy. It really does mean a lot to me that you and your dad would do this for me."

"Hey, you deserve it. We just want to make it more comfortable for you when you do move in." He smiled and kissed her quickly. "You know, this tunnel could prove to be a great asset to prom night."

"That's what I was thinking. We could set it up to scare the others when we mysteriously disappear and then reappear in the other room." She pulled his arm towards the dark tunnel. "Show me where it leads."

Billy laughed as she stumbled into his back. "Take it easy tiger or you will make us both fall." He shone the light on the floor. "It's not entirely flat in here. I haven't gotten to smooth it down yet."

"Ok." She clutched his arm tighter. "If I fall, you are going with me." She stopped as they came to a fork. "Ok, so which one goes where?"

"You pick a fork. They each lead to a room." He followed her as she continued straight ahead. "You will like this one." He aimed the light at the floor as she aimed hers in front of them.

Trini unlatched the door and opened it. Stepping out into the closet and looking out into the room, she smiled. "It's your room!" She turned back towards the closet. "I want to see where the right fork will take us."

Billy closed the door and followed her back down the tunnel. "You might like this one too. Although you may not have been in this room before."

Trini shrugged as she stopped at the fork and aimed her flashlight towards him. "What's the deal with this room then?"

Billy smiled and nudged her to the left. "You'll see when you look out of the closet. It's a room we don't really go into a lot." He opened the door and let her step out ahead of him.

"It's the nursery!" She looked around. "I love the colors in here. Your mom had great color choices too." She smiled at him. "You kept it this way all this time? Why?"

Billy shrugged. "We kind of put it off and then we sort of got too busy to repaint it or do anything with it." He ran a hand over the dresser. "This used to be mine when I was little. The crib is extra large since it was built by my grandfather. I am his first grandson so he spoiled me."

Trini ran a hand over the covered crib. "Who knows, maybe they will come in handy in the future." She smiled up at him as he blushed. "I think you should leave it this way. The colors suit us and its how your mom would have wanted it to look."

"If that's what you think, then we will leave it that way. Dad told me to ask you your opinion if you ever came in here." He pulled her back towards the closet and tunnel. "Now, we should get back to your room."

They hurried back down the tunnel as they heard Hank calling for them. "Yeah Hank?" Trini ran out of the closet and smiled at him. "I love that tunnel!" She ran over and gave him a hug. "I love it all, the tunnel and especially this room!"

Hank laughed. "I figured you would. Billy was the same way when he first discovered it." He set a tray down with cookies and milk on it. "I thought you might want something to snack on while you were in here."

"Thanks dad." Billy took a cookie and set back to work unloading boxes. Trini smiled and did the same.

Hours later, Hank came into the room again. "Dinner's ready!" He laughed as Billy stretched from his position on the floor and moaned. "That's what you get for working hard Billy."

"Yeah, I know. I'm just glad we will be resting tonight. But at least we got it all done!" He stood up and helped Trini up. "Let's go get some food and then we can get our stuff ready for this week."

"Yeah, Alpha gave us a list of what we should take, other than our school work." She closed the door behind them and followed him towards the steps. "Some of us will be questing for more than one day and I have a feeling it will be us."

"I guess you will find out tomorrow morning huh?" Hank set a plate of food in front of each of them. "Trini, no need to ask because this is not a secret family recipe. Your mom has it at home."

"Thanks!" She smiled as she dug in. "Another excellent meal! I'll have to get used to it."

"Billy knows all of them and can teach you." He winked at her. "Just in case he has to stay late at work someday."

Billy laughed. "If I stay late, she will too!" He turned to his dad. "So what are you going to do this week while we are gone?"

"I am going to help Larry with the Juice Bar when I leave work." He smiled over at them as he watched them eat. "I have a question for you Billy."

"What's that?" He paused and looked at his dad. He was holding a business card. "Who's that from?"

"The guy at the boat rentals at the lake. He is selling his place. Apparently he can't afford to keep both this one and his Stone Canyon one running. If he's willing, I want to hire him as General Manager of this one." He saw Billy stare at him. "I thought you might want to keep renting that boat on New Year's."

"That would be awesome!" Billy took the card form him. "So you are buying it?"

"No, I thought you might want to. It would be under your name and have nothing to do with me, other than the last name." He laughed as Billy jumped up and hugged him. "I will call him tomorrow morning then."

"THANK YOU!" Billy smiled over at Trini as he sat back down. "I'll have my own company!" He laughed as she rolled her eyes at his dad. "Well, kind of."

Hank shook his head. "You seem to be forgetting that you will be teaching at the Academy and own the Wolf Pup Program. You also co-own the Juice Bar."

"Ok, I get the point. I own quite a few things." Billy smiled. "But this is something nobody in our family has owned before! And it has a great deal of memory added to it."

Trini smiled as she finished her supper. "Well, I think it will be great Billy. Hank, will you make sure to tell him to pull that boat from the water? I have an idea for it when we get back."

"Will do Trini." He smiled and took their plates. "Now go relax while I do the dishes. Father's orders!" He laughed as they both stood up and saluted him. "Get going!"

Trini followed Billy into the living room and plopped down on the couch next to him. "Now what?"

"I have no idea." He looked over at the movies and smiled. "Well, since you will be living here, want to see where those secret movies are?"

"Sure!" She watched him reach into a drawer and retrieve the key. "Nice hiding place."

"Hey, it works." He headed over to the videos and removed the middle section of the top shelf. "You can't tell the others."

"I won't." She walked up as he unlocked the secret door and pulled it open. A bunch of videos stared back at her. "Wow, that's a lot more than I thought you would have in there."

"Mom loved watching movies." He let her browse through them. "You want to watch any of them?"

"Yeah, but which ones?" She glanced through them again and finally chose a few she wanted to watch. "Should I lock it back up?"

"We can leave it unlocked for now." He got the TV ready and turned the lights down a little.

They put the movies in and settled in for a relaxing night of movies, knowing that they would be embarking on a daunting trip the next morning.

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