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A Special Day

Billy grinned. "You know what Tri? You are too sneaky sometimes."

"Hey, I learned from the best." She winked at his questioning look. "I learned from our parents."

"Well, that explains it then!" He pulled her towards the door. "Come on, I want to take you somewhere."

"Where?" Trini got into the car and watched as he drove towards the park. "You wanted to go to the park?" When he shook his head and turned a corner, she gasped.

"Surprise!" He smiled and got out of the car and joined her on the nearby swings. "I figured that we should spend our special day where it all began. Do you like it?"

"Oh Billy, I love it!" She gave him a hug and sat down on the last swing and let him push her. "There's just one other place that we went though."

"I know." He helped her up and led her around a bend in the path. Ahead of them, she saw a bunch of boats. "Are we going to go over?"

"Absolutely!" He walked over to talk to the man as she looked at the small island in the middle of the lake. "Billy, there is something over there."

He walked back to her and followed her arm. Something reflected the sunlight and he pulled her towards a boat. "Let's get over there and then we can search for it."

Trini sat down in the boat he picked out. "Why does this old boat look familiar?" She saw him grin and looked down. A double heart was scratched into the wooden seat with two names in one of them. "This is your parent's boat!"

"Yeah, and now it is ours." He stopped rowing and reached over and scratched their names into the second heart along with the day they met. "Mom always told me that one day I would meet someone whose name would be scratched in with mine." He started rowing again as she watched for the reflection of whatever was on the island.

Trini pointed as they pulled up to the dock and Billy secured the boat. "I think it is over there." She let him help her out of the boat. "Why thank you Mr. Cranston. It's so nice to finally see a gentleman!"

Billy grinned. "A Gentleman huh? I'll have to fix that!" He swept her up into his arms and headed towards the beach area.

Trini gasped. "Don't you dare!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he waded into the water, stopping once it was to his waist. "No!"

Billy grinned and let go of her. She fell into the water and resurfaced quickly. He wasted no time in turning back towards the beach. "I told you I'd fix it." He was stopped by a low growl.

"Don't you dare leave me all wet." Trini lunged at him and pulled him down into the water with her. She laughed as he came up sputtering. But what made her laugh more was that his shirt was ripped open and his jeans had a cut on his left leg. "Wow, love the new look!"

He looked down at himself in confusion. Then he noticed her clothes. "Looking good yourself Tiger!" Her clothes had ripped just like his only her jeans were cut on her right leg. "I wonder how that happened."

"I don't know but I just felt something move under my feet and it wasn't a fish." She grabbed his arm as the ground below them started to shake. "What's happening?"

"I don't know but we better move from this spot. Be prepared to fight just in case." He pulled her towards the beach right before a sharp edged submersible rose to the surface and crawled towards them.

Billy pushed her behind him as a small doorway opened and a voice called out to them. "Step on the circle." A small disc slid out next to the doorway.

"Who are you?" Billy tried to see inside the vessel but was unsuccessful.

"Please step on the circle William. I will explain once you and Trini do as told. I am a friend to the Ranger council. The Triforian elder contacted me." The voice sounded like a child and Billy looked at Trini.

"Stay here, I don't sense anything bad." He stepped onto the disc and immediately felt a surge of power flow through him. "Whoa!"

Trini saw him grin as he stepped down. "Well?"

"Trini, please step on the disc."

Trini did as told and felt the rush of power. "Wow!" She stepped down and turned back to the sub. "Now, who are you and what was that?"

The disc slid back into its slot and a small fox-like creature appeared in the doorway. He appeared to be carrying a large box. "I am Telan. I am here to give the Earth Rangers the powers of the Datalon Intergalactic Rangers."

"Why us? Why not keep them on your own planet?" Billy knelt down in front of him and took the box he held out.

"The DIA has only used them sparingly when it was absolutely necessary. These powers were made especially for the prophecy rangers." He looked down as Billy placed the box down and opened it. Our rangers were the only ones allowed to use them because of our atmosphere. They acted like power upgrades for when we needed it. Now they belong to you and can never be taken away. Just like your Ninjetti powers." He bowed and headed back into his ship.

Trini looked over Billy's shoulder and noticed that there were 16 spots and only 14 coins. "How come there are two missing? And why16 coins?"

Telan re-appeared with a book. "You two already have your coins. Trust your hearts to find the other two. They will not be rangers but they will be protected with suits so that they can be of some help when you need them. They know how to fight and are willing to sacrifice themselves as any ranger would." He handed the book to Trini.

"What is this?" She took the book and knelt down in front of him.

"It will aid you in your fights. I must go now." He looked at them with determination. "Please tell Zordon I am deeply sorry for not contacting him upon my arrival. I had to hide my vehicle quickly so no villains could track me down."

"Thank you Telan. I will inform him of the matter." Billy picked up the box and stood next to Trini. "We will tell the others as well. Have a safe and quick trip home."

"Thank you William. May the power protect you all." He disappeared back into his ship and started it up.

"May the power protect you as well Telan. And tell your fellow rangers we will be here if you should need any help." Billy took Trini's hand and stepped back from the ship.

"Thank you Blue Ranger." The door closed and the ship lifted off. After a few seconds, it disappeared into space.

Trini sighed. "You know what? This really is a special day for us." She smiled and kissed him before noticing a shiny object further down the beach. "There it is!"

Billy followed her gaze and took off towards the object. "I don't believe this!" He handed her the box from Telan and picked up an oval shaped metal one. After opening it, he smiled. "This is what Alpha has been looking for!"

"What is it?" Trini followed him to the boat and looked at it as he rowed them back to shore.

"It's a device that he had gotten from some other planet but some solar wind knocked it off its targeted path. He has been trying to find it all winter." He pulled into the boat slip and secured the boat. The man walked over to them and smiled. "Are you sure you don't want any money for our use of the boat?"

"No, its is a holiday. Besides, I know you two have a special day. I was here when your parents were about your age. It's on the house." The old man winked and walked back to his building.

"Thank you." Billy waved as the man smiled back and they headed back to the car. Once around the bend and out of view from anyone, he placed the metal box down and contacted Alpha. "Trini and I found the device Alpha. It is right in front of us."

"Aiy-yi-yi! Teleporting now. Thanks Billy and Trini!" The box disappeared and they glanced at one another.

"Alpha, tell Zordon that Telan was here. We have the coins and he is sorry for now contacting him when he arrived. Apparently someone knew he was headed this way so he had to hide his ship once landing." Billy looked at Trini as they waited for an answer.

"I will Billy. And you must contact the others and give them their coins as soon as possible." Alpha cut the link as they headed towards the car again.

Trini stopped at the swings and handed the book to Billy. She tapped her communicator. "Jason?"

"Yeah Trini?" Jason smiled as he closed his door. "What's up?"

"Contact Tom, Kim, Zack, Alex, and Maggie. Have them help contact the others. Tell them to be at the Juice Bar in 20 minutes." She sat down on a swing and pointed to the one next to her. "Swing with me Billy."

Jason smiled and tapped his communicator. "I will. See you in 20 minutes."

Billy smiled and set the book and box down. "I don't feel like swinging." He pushed her lightly. "It's been a long time since we did this."

"Yeah, it almost makes me want to be a kid again." She looked up at him over her shoulder. "Almost."

"Almost huh? Well, that makes two of us." He stopped the swing and walked around to kneel in front of her. "I am actually glad that I am older." He leaned in and kissed her quickly. "I have a question for you."

"What is it?" She leaned forward and let him pull her up.

"You want to drive to the juice bar? I'll even let you put the top down." He watched her eyes widen. "And yes, I am serious."

"Oh, thank you!" She kissed him and headed towards the driver side door. "I can't wait to see their faces!"

Billy laughed. "Well, they should all be arriving by the time we get there so they should all be outside. Zack will be hurt that he wasn't the first but he'll get over it." He closed the door and watched as she put the top down. "You love this don't you?"

"YES!" She laughed as she pulled out of the park and onto the main road. "I am just wondering who will get those other two coins. I have an idea but I want to wait and see what everyone else thinks."

She laughed as they came into the parking lot of Ernie's. "I think Zack is in shock." She parked the car and got out. "Hey guys!"

Zack stared at her. "That hurts you know that?" He winked as she laughed. "You look like you were in a wrestling match."

Billy laughed as she tried to fix her shirt. "I think she looks kind of nice." He winked as the others laughed. "Seriously, we had a little fall in over at the park and when we stood up, our clothes were ripped. But what I wanted you here for is this." He held out the box they were given and opened it up.

Cori looked at the coins they saw. "What are they and where are they from?"

Billy motioned to a table beside the building. "Sit down and I will explain."

After explaining everything to the others, Trini looked at them. "I have an idea who the other two will go to but I wanted to wait until you all thought about it."

Jason nodded. "Well, why don't we get our coins and discuss our ideas." He looked over at Billy. "How do we know which one is ours?"

Billy shrugged. "Why don't you move your hand over them and see what happens? I just have a feeling they will react to their owner."

Jason did as told and smiled when one faintly glowed under his hand. He took the coin and passed the box onto the others. Once they all had their coin, Tommy looked at Trini. "Who do you think the other two belong to?"

Billy held up a hand as one of the side doors opened. He smiled when they saw it was Ernie. "Hey Ernie, can you come here for a second?"

Ernie smiled. "Sure. What's up?"

Billy held out his hand. "Everyone place your hand on top; you too Ernie. We need to connect to each other's thoughts. Trini and I will help you." Once Ernie placed his hand on top, Trini added hers. "Now, everyone think through your minds. Who do you think would help us the most as rangers and who would be most sacrificial in that manner."

Ernie frowned as they closed their eyes. "I don't know how I would help Billy. I don't know what is going on."

"Trust me Ernie. You can. We have 2 coins here that belong to someone. We have to trust our hearts and instincts as to who would help the rangers and who is worthy of them. You know more about all the teens in this town than we do. Your input is very important." Billy saw him smile and they both closed their eyes and focused.

Trini smiled as she heard a gasp come from everyone. They all broke the link and looked at each other. "I think we know who they belong to."

Ernie smiled. "They are inside. Want me to tell them to come out?"

"That would be great Ernie." Billy smiled as their friend went back in. Once the two teens came out, he motioned them over. "How would you like to help the Power Rangers?"

They looked at each other and the bigger one grinned. "I think that would be cool!" The smaller one nodded.

Trini held out a box to them. "Hold your hands over the coins and you will know what to do." Once they did so, she smiled. "You are not rangers but these coins will give you suits to help protect yourselves and allow you to get in there when we need some extra man power."

"Wow, I never thought anything like this would happen to us. Thanks guys!" The smaller one looked at Billy and Trini and noticed their clothes. "What happened to you two?"

Billy smiled. "Don't worry about it. You guys go back to whatever you were doing. We have to get ready to go." He held out a hand to Trini. "Ready?"

Jason waved as they hopped back in the car and Trini sped off towards Billy's. He turned to the others. "Well, I guess we will talk to them later this week or something." He smiled when they all laughed. They said their goodbyes and headed their separate ways. Jason stopped as he stared at the two newcomers. "You guys ok?"

"Yeah, I am just still in shock from all of this." The big guy turned to his friend. "We have to get going though. Skull has a lesson in 5 minutes." Bulk waved to Jason as they headed towards their motorcycle. "We'll see you later Jason."

Meanwhile, Tommy steered his car back to the other side of town. "Now to finish your tour."

Kim laughed. "I can't wait to see the upstairs!" She sighed as she looked at her new coin. "I can't believe all the help we are getting all of a sudden. Before, it was always us coming through at the last second but now we are getting help before the fighting even starts." She sighed again as Tommy parked his jeep.

"Hey, everything will come together when we need it to." He led her into the empty building. "Now, what were you saying about the upstairs?" He grinned as she bolted over to the steps. As he chased her up the steps, he thought about what Trini and Billy were doing.

Across town, his friends were just arriving at their destination.

Trini parked the car and got out. "I can't wait till I get back to Geneva."

"Why? Because I will be joining you?" Billy followed her up to his room. "Let's change and then I have something to show you."

"What is it?" Trini quickly changed her clothes and waited for him by the door. "A little slow now aren't you?"

Billy laughed as she ran down the steps and out to the car. "We don't need the car Trini." He nodded towards the garage. "Come with me for a minute so nobody sees us."

Trini followed him into the garage and immediately saw him transform into what looked like a husky or malamute. She grinned and focused until she turned into a cat. "Gee, now why are we doing this?"

"Because I don't want anyone to see us going to the other side of town right now. There is something over there that I have to show you and I don't want anyone snooping around." Billy pushed open the door and let her out.

Trini ran out and pretended she was a regular cat. "I take it we are going by way of the back streets and alleys?"

"I am going by way of alleys. Stray dogs may try to chase you. I want you to stick to the houses on the main streets. Whenever someone drives by, I want you to pretend you live at whatever house you are closest to." He checked to make sure no cars were driving by before turning to her. "I will see you over at the other end of the business district. Right outside Foxtech Industries."

"I see, you want to go somewhere we both know and could easily meet without raising suspicions. Jus hope your dad isn't outside on his lunch break like he usually does." She nodded and headed off in her direction as he headed off in another direction.

He called back to her. "He won't be. Not today. Trust me. I will see you there." She looked back quickly before running across the street.

Across town 20 minutes later, Hank Cranston was just finishing up his lunch and walking back to his business. A yellow cat ran past him followed by what looked like a cross between a dog and wolf. They ran into an alley and he swore he heard his son's voice. "Nah, it can't be." Then he heard another familiar voice say his son's name. He peeked around the corner and saw the animals talking. He smiled to himself and headed on to his work. "Well, I guess there is something else I have to get used to."

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