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Tuesday morning found the teens waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs. Trini opened the bedroom door and smiled. Billy was carrying a plate of food towards her. "Hey."

"Good morning! I was just going to bring you some breakfast. Guess you'll be joining us then." He took her arm and led her to the kitchen. "Ready for more schoolwork?"

"Absolutely! Although I am thinking that I may join you and Alex in the Advanced Chemistry class." She smiled as Zack shook his head. "I hope the sub isn't too mean or anything."

"I heard that he is. Alex said that there have been a few different subs but this latest one seems to be the type that holds himself in high regards and the expert in the subject." Billy grinned. "If he treats me like a little kid, I am going to put him in his place. Mr. Kaplan will be on my side anyway."

"Well, I'm glad we won't be going back to school any time soon." Bulk smiled as he finished his breakfast. "I'm going to get my stuff." He led Skull out to the living room.

The teens followed the same routine for the rest of the week. Occasionally stepping out to the park for some fun in their disguises, they practiced their fencing and hung out with the others a few times. Friday night, they joined Billy and his dad at their house.

"So, how did it go with you guys?" Billy sat down next to his dad and looked over at Bulk.

"Great. Some games are ready to be released but some aren't." Skull grinned at Hank. "I think I even learned a few things about science from playing the one."

"That's good." Trini sat down next to Billy. "By the way, you guys will need disguises if you are going to the exhibitions tomorrow Bulk."

"We know." He smiled and motioned over to a bag nearby. "We got some stuff to help disguise our voices and faces."

"Awesome!" Zack rubbed his hands together and smiled. "I can't wait to see their faces when they find out it was us."

"Me neither. That reminds me." Hank turned to his son. "Jack is curious about why you wanted him at the exhibitions tomorrow."

"I can't tell. I can only say that there is something that he should enjoy." Billy grinned as his dad shook his head. "Just one thing though. Trini and I may be coming and going so we may not get seats near you guys all the time."

"That's fine. I'm sure the others would love to see you. Or at least Jason, Kim, and Tommy can't wait to see you." Hank smiled as he stood up. "Just make sure you are there for your welcome home party tomorrow night. We have invited everyone you know and are friends with."

"Cool. You guys know we will be the talk of the school on Monday don't you? Too bad we won't be there." Zack laughed as they nodded. "Billy, you still plan on seeing how much the science sub knows once we get back?"

"Yes I do." Billy glanced up at his dad and laughed when he started nodding. "If he doesn't know the college stuff that Mr. Benner was giving me, then he isn't worthy of the job."

"That's right Billy. The school board always tried to find someone who can teach the college classes as well as the high school ones. Just in case they get someone who may have already taken that class at a previous school." Hank smiled down at them. "Or in case some genius comes along and gets ahead."

"That would be me." Billy grinned as his dad yawned. "Why don't you go to bed? You look more tired than I feel."

"I am very tired." Hank headed for the steps. "I will see you kids tomorrow." A chorus of 'goodnight' answered him!

"I'm going to get the extra pillows and blankets." Billy got up and headed for the hall. "I'll be right back."

Trini turned to Bulk as Billy disappeared from sight and smiled over at him. "I want you to make sure the others are in the front row for the fencing exhibitions with Hank and Mr. Benner."

"Why? They can see fine from anywhere." Skull looked up as Billy came in.

"Because we have something special planned." Trini smiled up at Billy as he rejoined them. "We know the people doing the fencing so we will be helping them out."

"Ok." Bulk smiled as Billy took out a video. "What are we going to watch?"

"Something we haven't seen in a while. As well as something for the two of you." He slipped it in the VCR and joined Trini on the couch. "It's Police Academy 6."

"Cool! I haven't seen it in a while either!" Skull high-fived Bulk and they all leaned back to watch.

The next morning, the teens woke up to an empty house. Hank had left a note saying he was going to get Jack and they were going to help Ernie set up the Juice Bar before they all headed over to the exhibitions. Once they were dressed and had their breakfast, they put on their disguises. Bulk grinned at the others. "So, what do you think?"

"Well, you definitely don't look like Bulk and Skull. And you certainly don't sound like it either." Trini motioned to Skull. "With the weight you have already lost and his different outfit, you could pass off as someone passing through town."

"Great!" Skull opened the door and let them all out before locking it behind them. "Who is taking what vehicle?"

Billy smiled as he got on his bike. "Well, why don't you three take my old car and head over to the park? Trini and I have to go somewhere else first."

"Ok, we will see you there I guess." Zack climbed into the car and they sped off. Billy and Trini sped off in the other direction on their bikes.

Ten minutes later, Zack led Bulk and Skull over to the first exhibition. "Looks like Kat is first."

"Hey Darren!" Jason moved over and made some room for them. "Where are Cleo and Michael? Who are your friends?"

"They met someone they know and helping them out with something." Zack grinned at Bulk. "These two are staying at the same place we are. They are only passing through. This big guy is Frank and the other one is Gene."

"Nice to meet you guys." Kim shook their hands. "Our friend Kat is going to be the first diver. She's really been practicing."

"I can't wait." Bulk smiled over at Zack as the exhibition began. Once the diving was over, Kat had changed and joined them over at the nearby stage. "Hey Darren. I saw your friends at the back of the audience. They looked like they were enjoying themselves."

"Yeah, they are helping someone they know with something. They will most likely be at the back of all the audiences." Zack nodded to Bulk and skull. These are other travelers who are staying with us. Gene is the small guy and the other one is Frank."

"Hi! Nice to meet you! Cori is doing some Irish dancing but I'm sure you already met her." Kat motioned to the dancers taking the stage. "Hers is after this group. I saw them practicing."

"Cool. I love watching this kind of dancing." Skull leaned forward as the dancing exhibition began. Once that was over, Cori joined them and they chatted while the stage was torn down and the mats were brought out. Jason and Tommy took off to warm up as Kim headed off to do the same. "So which is first? I know there will be gymnastics and martial arts. Then there is something else."

Alex smiled. "Martial arts are first. That way, the gymnastics stuff can get set up on the mats over to the right. The fencing will be on these mats as the gymnastics equipment is torn down."

"Hey guys." Billy walked up with Trini. "Sorry we couldn't get to the front of the audience for the other exhibitions. We just stopped by to say hi and we will see you later. We have to get help our friends get set up."

"That's ok. I saw you watching and you looked like you enjoyed the dancing." Cori smiled over at them. "And I think I even saw Cleo do some steps."

"I did. I studied for a bit so I know some of the steps. Michael here can equal me in them." Trini smiled over at Billy. "But I'm afraid we have to get going now."

"Ok, we will see you at Ernie's later won't we?" Amanda looked up as the Martial arts began. "There will be dancing and everything. I'm just not sure what the party is for. I'm thinking it's for the exhibitionists."

"Yeah, we won't miss it." Billy turned towards the back of the audience. "See you later!" He pulled Trini back through the crowd and over to Liana. "Ok, let us get changed and we will be back to help you guys warm up."

"Ok Billy." She handed them their masks. "If you don't want them to see your identity, you might want to put these on."

"We will leave them off for now. With our disguises on, they will think we are only in town for this event." Trini picked up her uniform and turned towards the bathroom. "We'll be right back." they headed off to quickly change. Once they put their clothes down, she turned towards the Martial Arts mats. "Hey, Tommy and Jason are ready to begin!"

Liana stepped in front of them and smiled. "Wow, they are good!" She looked over to see Hank standing at the edge of the crows with a man in a wheelchair. "Who's your dad with Billy?"

"That's his godfather. He was a science teacher at the high school until he got sick." He smiled weakly down at her. "Do you remember Ernie? His wife died from the disease Mr. Benner has."

"That's too bad." She frowned over at the man. "Will he die too?"

"I hope not. I have been working on a cure for it and I hope to have it done in time for the science fair. Mr. Benner even let me use his work. We were both working on it." He patted her shoulder as his friends finished up. "Hey, let's go get the others warmed up."

Liana nodded and smiled. "So, did you guys think it over yet?"

Trini smiled over at Billy. "Yes we have. We won't tell you though until we are ready to begin." She followed them over to where a group of younger students were warming up. "Shall we begin?" They slowly started stretching as the gymnastics began.

"Hey Tri. Kim is up next." Billy motioned over to the mats as Kim stepped up to the beam. "It's her best event." He turned so he could stretch while watching Kim. "This should be good."

"Wow, she is awesome." Liana stood next to Trini and Billy watching Kim. "She still trains herself?"

"Yeah. Only she has a coach helping her get ready for the Pan Globals this summer." Trini smiled as Kim did a perfect dismount. "She will be training with the rest of the team down in Florida for a month this summer. Its around the same time we will be down there with Billy."

"Cool." She smiled as Kim left to change and turned back to the two next to her. "I'll be watching your races Billy."

"Good. Have you been watching every year?" He stood up as they finished stretching and headed over to his stuff.

"Yes, daddy and I both have. Mommy watched the last couple of races though." She smiled as Kim headed towards Jason and pointed over to them. "I think she recognizes us."

"Oh well. I wonder what they are saying." Trini smiled as they continued getting their stuff ready as Liana headed over to Master Chan.

In the crowd, Kim was turning to Hank. "Hey Mr. C., have you or Billy kept in touch with Liana?"

"No. He hasn't even set foot near the academy since the tournament." Hank looked up as Liana walked towards the center of the mats. "Hey, looks like she is joining the family business." He sat down next to the others in the front row as Jack got comfortable.

"Yeah, although I am surprised that Michael and Cleo are up there. They must be in town for the exhibition." He turned to Zack. "Is that right Darren?"

"Yeah. I just came along to keep them company." He smiled as Liana started talking.

"Hey Darren, are your friends going to be joining the group that is coming out now?" Maggie watched as the group took their stances and started their demonstrations. "Apparently not."

Rocky grinned as Cleo and Michael headed over to a small changing area. "Looks like they forgot something."

Aisha laughed as they reappeared with their masks on. "Yeah, they had to get their protection for their exhibition." She glanced over to see the group of students walking off the mat. "Hey, looks like the little girl has something else to say."

Liana stepped out onto the mat and smiled. "The last demonstration we have is from the advanced level. They prefer that we don't use their names but they will be joining our staff in the fall as instructors. They will not be demonstrating moves. They are going to be in a real match. We will call them by their colors." She walked off the mat as Billy and Trini took their places.

Hank stared as they matched each other move for move. "Hey Kim, does this feel familiar?"

"Yeah, its freaky." She glanced over to see Jack Benner smiling. "Hey Mr. Benner, do you like this stuff?"

"Of course! I used to fence when I was younger!" He smiled over at them. "These two made it to the ultimate level in their fighting. That is why they have colored stripes on their black belts. It signifies that they got the highest scores in fencing. In fact, I trained with that man over there. He is the new owner."

"Really?" Jason stared at Kim. "He's Liana's uncle from what I remember of her pictures. She told me that he and her grandfather got lances when they tested their high scores, only her grandfather bested him by one."

"That's right." Jack smiled as the two fencers continued their match. "These two look like they have lances that were specially made. Master Chan had a silver lance and the other was gold. Boy, these two are very good!"

"Yeah." Hank sighed. "I wish Billy were here to see this." He clapped with the others as the two finished their match in a tie. "Since they are done, why don't we go congratulate them."

"Yeah." Kim hopped up and pulled Tommy over to the two. "Michael!"

Billy turned around with a grin. He and Trini kept their masks on. "Hey."

"You guys are joining the staff? That's great! You can meet our friends when they show up!" Jason laughed as Liana ran over and jumped up on him. "Hey Lia!"

"Jason! It's been a long time!" She gave him a tight hug. "You guys need to come by and say hi to daddy."

"Yeah, we will do that as soon as we get a chance." Kim smiled as the girl got down and gave her a hug. "Who knows, maybe we can come some time when Michael and Cleo are there."

Mia Kwan smiled at the two fencers. "How long have the two of you been fencing? You were very good."

"We've only recently gotten back into it. We took a little bit of time off to concentrate on other things." Trini looked over as Kim stared at her. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine but your voice sounds different." Kim cocked her head. "It sounds familiar somehow."

"Your name isn't Cleo is it?" Jason raised his eyebrows as the others stared at the two. "Who are the two of you for real?"

Zack sighed. "I guess we better tell them." He stepped up behind Billy and Trini. "You go first."

Trini nodded and she unhooked her helmet and faceguard. When Billy had his unhooked, she nodded to him. "You can call us Masters Kwan and Cranston."

Hank stared as they took off their masks. "BILLY!"

Billy flinched as his dad gave him a hug. "Surprise!"

Kim smacked his arm as Zack took off his disguise. "You didn't tell me? I'm gonna kill you!"

Trini laughed as her mom shook her head. "We decided to have a little fun. Besides, we have spent all week and last weekend practicing and catching up. We took our certifications yesterday in case we wanted to teach in the future."

"Wow." Amanda looked at Zack and smiled. "That's all I can say!"

"Yeah." Alex smiled as they headed towards the changing areas. "Why don't you guys go change so we can go to Ernie's. You can tell us about it then."

"Ok, see you in a few!" Billy ran over to change as Trini did the same to the girl's changing area. A few minutes later, the group headed for their cars. "We'll meet you there! We have to get our stuff back to the academy."

"Billy!" Liana ran over to him. "Uncle says that he will take your sabers and uniforms back with him and put them in your office. When you come in next weekend, we will have the arrangements figured up and on your desk."

"Thanks Lia." He smiled down at her as she ran back to her uncle. When he looked up, his dad was looking at him. "What?"

"Your office?" Hank smiled as the others laughed.

"Yeah, I was given her grandfather's office. Her uncle said that if anyone deserved it, it was me and Trini." He smiled. "Next weekend we are going to go through it and see what has to be kept and what can be tossed. I can keep anything I want in there."

"That's great Billy." Mr. Benner smiled as he got into Hank's car. "Hey, we'll see you at Ernie's."

"Yeah." Billy hopped on his bike and Trini got on hers. "Anyone want a ride?"

"Absolutely!" Jason grinned as Kim smacked his arm. "What! Kat can drive my tracker."

Kat took his keys. "Go."

Kim laughed and looked at Tommy. "Do you mind?"

"Be my guest!" He smiled as she clapped and climbed on behind Trini. "Let's rock!"

Trini laughed as Billy did a burnout and sped out of the parking lot. "See you guys later!" She took off after Billy as the others laughed and climbed into their cars.

A while later, everyone was laughing as Billy and Trini told them about their weeks in Geneva. Zack added to the mix. But he gasped as he looked up on the stage. "Hey guys, do you see what I see waiting back in the wings?"

Billy looked up and glanced over to see Jason in shock. "Jase, tell me I'm not seeing that!"

"Dude! Why are your dad's back there?" Maggie frowned as Ernie walked onto the stage. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

Kim shook her head as her dad nudged Hank and pointed out to them. "Probably because I have a sickening feeling about it? Tell me they are not doing this!"

Trini grinned. "No wonder dad started dancing around the kitchen and singing when we moved! He said he used to be in a group in high school and college. Now I know who the rest are!"

"Same here I'm afraid." Zack shook his head as he saw his dad laughing at them. "And they are enjoying it!"

"Well, why don't we see what Ernie has to say about it." Billy watched as Ernie tapped the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, this is actually a welcome home party for our friends. Billy, Zack, and Trini have been away and have recently returned for good." Ernie smiled at them. "Jason has been back for now but this is also for him. Now, to start it off right, I have some old friends here to help me. They were here with me in high school and throughout college. Let's hear it for Annie's Angels."

Billy covered his face with his hands. "Here we go again Kim." He turned red as their dads walked out onto the stage.

"I know. I told him last night not to let it go too far." She closed her eyes as they began singing. "I can't believe they are doing this."

"Hey, they are great Kim!" Tommy put an arm around her and smiled. "I can see where you guys get your talent."

"Yeah well, they are doing more than singing!" Alex motioned to the stage. "Listen."

"Thanks for the applause. We use to do this a long time ago and because this evening is so important to us as it is to welcome home other students who left home and returned. We have a song that represents the five of us and we are going to ask a few special people to come and sing it with us." John Scott smiled and pointed to the rangers.

Robert Taylor smiled and stepped up to the microphone. "Zachary, Jason, William, and Alexander. Thomas, I know you know this song too. All of you come up here."

The boys looked at each other and joined the men up on the stage. Billy looked at his dad. "What song?"

Lee Kwan smiled and leaned over to whisper into Alex's ear. The other men did the same to the other boys. Billy grinned and nodded as the adults stepped behind them. "Guys ready to embarrass the heck out of the girls?"

"Absolutely." Tommy grabbed his mic as the others followed. "This is for the special women in our lives."

Zack smiled at his mom. "For Bethany and Amanda." He grinned as AJ blushed.

"For Christina and Kim." Tommy winked at his girlfriend.

Alex stepped forward and smiled. "For Joan and Cori."

Jason glanced at Billy and smiled. "For Mary and Kat."

Billy took a deep breath and stepped forward. "This is for Caroline, Mia, Jenny, Trini, and Annie."

Hank patted his shoulder and stepped back with his friends. "Let's rock!"

Trini grinned as one of Billy's favorite songs started playing. "Oh my gosh!"

"Looks like there's a new generation of Annie's Angels." Kim smiled as Tommy began singing with the others.

The irony of the song hit Trini and she gasped. "It's us! The song is us!"

"What do you mean?" Kat looked over at her for a second.

"California Girls." Trini pointed to the other female rangers. "We are from all over but where do the guys like us best? California! Their home!"

"The same with their fathers." Mia stepped up behind her daughter. "We were from all over but we came back."

Trini glanced up as the song ended and Tommy, Alex, and Zack rejoined them. "What are Jason and Billy doing now?"

"I don't know but Jason will be down in a minute. Adam, you are supposed to go up there with Billy." Tommy smiled at him. "Its really important."

Adam nodded as Jason rejoined them. "I'll be back soon I hope." He climbed up the steps to the stage as everyone watched Billy. "What's up?"

"I'll tell you." He led him towards the side of the stage and began to talk to him as Ernie stepped out on stage.

"Anyone who would like to sing or perform, come on up and sign up. Billy will be doing another number but after that, it is first come, first serve." Ernie smiled and headed for Billy. "You guys ready?"

Adam smiled. "Yeah." He followed Billy out to the mic. "We want to do a special song for us. It is in honor of our close friends and in memory of our even closer friends and siblings."

Billy smiled as the crowd murmured in confusion. "When we were ten, our lives changed dramatically. A car accident took the lives of the ones we loved the most. In memory of my mom and siblings Annie, James and Kaytee, and in honor of the two friends who were there for me. Jason and Kim, this is for you."

Adam smiled. "In memory of my twin sister Adrian and in honor of Rocky and Aisha who were always there for me." He grinned at Billy. "To close friends."

Kim's eyes teared up as she listened to her friends. "Through the years, that's us alright huh Jase?"

"Yeah." He wiped his eyes and glanced at Rocky and Aisha. "What about you two?"

"Definitely." Rocky put an arm around Aisha. "You ok Sha?"

"Yeah. I just love that song! Adrian did too." She wiped her eyes as they finished the song and jumped off the stage. Their four friends quickly engulfed them in a huge hug. "That was so sweet."

"Yeah, I felt like it was the perfect time." Billy smiled as he glanced over at his dad. He was wiping away a tear and nodding.

Adam nodded. "Yeah. While we are on the subject, anyone else care to take a whack at it?"

Kat grinned. "I have an idea. Let me talk to someone for a minute." She ran over to her parents and started talking to them excitedly.

Jason stared at her in wonder. "I wonder what she's thinking."

The Hillards stepped up to the mic and Kat smiled at the crowd. "Hey all, most of you know we are not from the US originally. This song reminds us of home."

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